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My name is Othieno but you can call me Tino :) . I started working as a freelance marketer after running my own e-commerce store and food based business. I did all the marketing myself and then used my skills to help others to build their social media.


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22 August 2019

Working with Tino was a pleasure. He understood my business and my needs and helped me build good ads for brand awareness.

5 June 2019

We need someone to do the social media for our real estate business (Thirlmere Deacon) and Tino applied. We chose him as he is a genuine young man who certainly does his best for his client and I was more than happy to write a review for him when asked.

29 May 2019

Being a young entrepreneur myself and having worked with Tino on his previous business I can certainly take the time to write a review for him as he is great to work with.

Thank you Liam, it was great working with you on your project and look forward to working with you again.

29 May 2019

Working with Tino has been a pleasure, this young entrepreneur has a great work ethic and he listens and actually cares about my business.

11 July 2015

Highly recommend to World....******+++++++#####1 ....Sandy.....+++Simon


A good website is one that is easy for customers to navigate and makes each customers feel unique in there interaction with a business. Too many websites are full of to much pointless information and jargon that clutters the mind of customers, website should be simple for customers to use.

Firstly I like to find out a bit about my client as I like to build relationships and talk about them and there life. Then I can ask them what is the vision for there project? What will this project do for there business? Where do they see there business in the next 12 months? If I can help them on there project how will that help them achieve there goals?

I love speaking to other entrepreneurs who have great ideas and want to take action to make it a reality. If I help you to achieve your goals then I have fulfilled my duty so its a win win for both of us.

I love using social media, and I noticed a lot of businesses neglected there social media profiles. I started to reach out to them and said I could manage there social media for them 365 days a year and my software would post for them 24/7 whatever they wanted, they liked it.

I dont want to be like every other agency on here. Working with me is simple and straightforward, lets not just build a business relationship but friendships also to achieve your goals.