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A more detailed enquiry from a client reveals that we are not freelancers.


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14 October 2019

Amazing service, great support got exactly what i needed, thank you TOPTAL

13 September 2019

Su competitividad en nuevas tecnologías

17 August 2019

Being the one who successfully went through the TopTal’s multilevel screening process, I can surely say that they filter out people with bad attitude. More to that, solving time-restrained tasks, live coding, developing and presenting a trial project — all this contributes to the goal of only onboarding people who can DELIVER. More...

31 July 2019

Great clients, fair compensation

4 July 2019

Free Lancer Is a wonderful

26 June 2019

Great experience with Toptal.

24 April 2019

Truly amazing top talent page and great posts. Share with everyone.

29 November 2018

I want toptal's freelancer.

19 November 2018

Awasome.... I am freelancer developer....Topal help me a lot...

19 November 2018

My website looks great, functions how I want, and the developer never hesitates to help me.

13 September 2018

Give me a job.I am expert.

13 November 2016

A best place to start working as a free lancer!!!!!!

26 October 2016

Great business growth business offering great services to Startup and SME businesses in London.

28 September 2016

I have learn a lot from Toptal blogs. The team is REALLY good!

29 July 2016

mydigitalleads activities are website and mobile app creation, Google ad words (PPC) keyword planner and campaigning, bing ads, display ads, video advertising, remarketing, YouTube marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, influencer marketing, content automation, campaign marketing, social media optimization(SMO), e-mail direct marketing, Traffic Exchanges, Blogging, e-commerce marketing, display advertising, e-books, and other digital medias such and as SMS and MMS.

19 March 2016

Don't know yet. Have multiple roles/hats/personalities. Reviewer not so much. It's to soon too tell. Might not be a good fit? Then again? We'll have to wait and see. More...

19 December 2015

Everything that brings the world together is awesome. #Toptal #Nepal #GirlsInTechnologyNepal #letSTART

9 November 2015

I have been both a Toptal engineer and have also hired other Toptal designer's and developers. We do hold up the name of the Top 3% on both fronts and deliver. If something has gone wrong for some reason, it's always made right. Some people complain about not getting what they expected from Toptal, but I can attest that it's more often an issue with the client not stating what they expect and subjective reacting to vague scope or requirements for a job and not because of developer quality. Also, if you aren't sure if you can manage top designers and developers; there is always Toptal Projects, and they will manage it for you! More...

31 October 2015

Feliz de haber encontrado un espacio donde las mujeres somos tenidas en consideración. Me apasiona la programación y sentarme en mi pc para enriquecer mis conocimientos es un placer. Felicitaciones!!

20 October 2015

Toptal changed my life forever. This company redefines how to work in IT industry.

19 October 2015

We are the best professionals from all over the world!

19 July 2015


2 July 2015

The best company with great colleagues and a spectacular recruitment process!

6 June 2015

It is great to work at Toptal! Best free lance software platform ever!

2 June 2015

Their weekly newsletter is always very relevant to the times. Thanks for the great articles and keep them coming, as I know it can be tough - it's hard work to keep rolling out new content. I feel every time I give them a good read it improves my knowledge base. More...

30 March 2015

Connecting best developers with best customers! :)

30 March 2015

Excellent way to work with the best people out there!

19 March 2015

Great place to meet developers all over the world !

8 March 2015

Toptal is the greatest company I've ever worked for. Not only do I work with the top developers and designers in the world, but the core team and leadership are simply brilliant. Imagine working on an awesome international group project where every person on your team kicks ass, top to bottom and everywhere in between...that's Toptal... simply the best in every aspect. More...

18 June 2014

The best developers... and the best customers!

7 February 2014

Brilliant model!

16 December 2013

Flash people in toptal ! ! Keep going foward

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A website should be able to accomplish one thing: to provide the basic information to the user.
To take things up a notch, a good website should also include a pricing page, social media buttons, and a good knowledge base.
When things are made as easy and user-friendly as possible, everyone wins.

Do they have a goal in mind,establish some clear metrics around those goals. Work closely with your client to determine what criteria will make the project
a success.
Every project has a deadline. Sometimes it’s arbitrary. Other times, it’s related to a meeting, campaign, or other big event that has a hard date. Using event project

Responsibility is primarily internal. Who owns what part of the project? Make sure your team serves
your client’s needs by staying organized and clearly communicating responsibilities.

The creative process can be divided into stages: preparation, incubation, illumination, and verification.
The most es of creativity?
Stages of the Creative Process Model. The Preparation Stage – absorbing information. The Incubation Stage – letting the subconscious do the work. The Insight Stage –

In the first stage, your brain is gathering information. After all, creative ideas don't come from a vacuum. o
In the second stage, you let your mind wander and stretch your ideas.

Project Management Questions
What Are We Actually Delivering? ...
What Are We NOT Delivering? ...
Is There A Deadline? ...
What Is The Benchmark For Success? ...
Who Is The Client…Really? ...
Who Is The Point Of Contact? ...
Who Is Doing The Work? ...
Who Is The Audience For The Work?

Collaboration. “We love out job because everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission. ...
Work-Life Balance. “We love that we have a great degree of control and freedom within my
Autonomy. “I like the autonomy I have because my bosses allow me to innovate. ...
Variety. ...
Culture. ...
Challenge. ...
Helping Others.

Owning and running your own business can be more satisfying and fulfilling than working for someone else. Many successful small business owners find they enjoy the respect they earn from their peers for having the courage to go out on their own

We want our clients to really understand the process
and we encourage them to ask any question no matter how ‘dumb’ their question may seem.

We make it a point to personally respond to questions within a business day and we spend whatever time is necessary to answer the questions to our client’s satisfaction.
“It comes down to priorities. We are in business to create lifetime clients because in my experience,
when you treat someone with care and respect, you get great referrals and word of mouth testimonies.