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Maureen Beville

30 October 2018

I just began working with Osky Blue about two weeks ago now and I am so happy with the services I've received thus far. We had a successful grand opening party this weekend and I cannot thank them enough for the quick turn arounds and great suggestions. The entire team is top notch! I highly recommend them for anyone looking for website and social media help! More...


Samantha Colby

30 September 2018

I initially contracted with Osky Blue for some website development work. I was really impressed with the results of the first project that I've continued to work with them for 2 additional projects. Kim, our designer, is top-notch! She delivers high quality work and is easily able to translate our business requirements into design. I appreciate working with an agency where the staff needs minimal oversight - the Osky Blue team has added a lot of value and taken a lot of work off of my plate! More...


Clair Skinner

28 May 2018

When we switched to OSKY Blue for our marketing needs, we had no idea the level of professionalism and first class service we would get from them. They go above and beyond on any project we need assistance with. The communication with us is first class from the monthly marketing meetings to the quick response to all questions and needs. Their ideas are amazing and we have seen an increase in all of our marketing metrics. They really took the time to get to know us, our business and our marketing needs. We would recommend OSKY Blue to anyone looking for a marketing team that can take them to the next level in visibility and consumer reach. We currently use OSKY Blue for our website development & hosting, monthly newsletter, SEO, social media, print advertising and all of our monthly campaigns and we could not be happier with OSKY Blue. More...


Elizabeth Gallagher

28 May 2018

Jon, the CEO, came and spoke at a class I'm attending at UTD. Very insightful and loved how transparent he was with how his company got started! Also, learned lots of practical tips on networking! More...


Jeremy Ridout

28 May 2018

Great folks! Hard working, innovative and the care about the success of their clients. They did wonders for my SEO.


Fritz Mowery

28 May 2018

This team of Tech professionals are the best. the created a beautiful website for me and were most accommodating with all of my elementary questions. USE Them.


Vince Liberato

21 March 2017

Fantastic CEO and amazing company. Highly highly recommend to anyone looking for quality work.


Blake Kimzey

21 March 2017

I recently saw Jon speak at the Social Media Carnival at Colin College. I learned more in an hour from him about SEO than I ever did by aimlessly searching on the Internet for advice. I've since implemented all of his advice and would recommend Osky Blue to anyone looking to boost their company's SEO. More...


Mohammad E

21 March 2017

CEO came and spoke to our graduate class at UT Dallas. Very knowledgeable guy and knows what he is talking about. Defenitley reflects in his company.


Ana Davidov

10 February 2017

Attended a conference where Osky Blue was advising small businesses on improving SEO on Google and YouTube and they were great! Amazing insight!


Jenna Reneau

28 May 2016

Amazing company! I got to work as an intern at Osky Blue and they are committed to their costumers and extremely hard working. They love to give back to the community, hosting free seminars that are very informational. Jon is amazing at communicating and Jeff is the web development genius. I would recommend this company to anyone. Great experience with them. More...


Ann Anderson

29 May 2015

Really enjoyed the seminar presented by Jon at the Frisco Chamber. Jon really knows what he is talking about and is passionate about social media. Best use of 2 hours! I'm still reviewing my notes. Thank you so much for giving of your time to help local businesses! More...


T Adley

29 May 2014

Awesome!!!! I attended a seminar held by Mr. Kendall and it was great. He provide a lot of knowledge in a very short amount of time. If you are looking to grow your business I would highly recommend Osky Blue if for nothing else the knowledge that he provided. Oh yeah, by the way a lot of it was information that he provided was: 1.You can do it own your on 2. Free! More...

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