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Tobi Trickett

I've known Heather professionally for many years. She's an excellent clinician. I highly recommend her.


Rachel Loren

Heather has been a colleague of mine for several years and I have witnessed her ability to inspire and motivate her patients. Her therapeutic style provides the perfect balance of empathy and accountability to help others reach their personal goals. More...


Mela Carter

Heather is an amazing therapist who creates such a comforting atmosphere that you can't help but like her and share your life stories with her. She's extremely insightful and will help you gain the clarity you need. More...


Gwen Mynewjoureybegins Young

Noone was there...


Elisa Dorrough Ewing

Highly recommend Heather if you are in need of counseling or life coaching. She is very easy to talk to and can help you identify and move past barriers to reach your goals.


Stacey Carr

Heather is amazing at what she does. She has really helped me and I would recommend her to anyone. I've seen several therapists and have never seen or felt the results that I have with her.


Shampa Saha Davie

I have worked alongside Heather for many years and she is a caring and compassionate therapist. I recommend her services highly and know you will come out a better individual prepared to take on the world. Make an appointment with her today! More...


James Fant

I've been going to see Heather for about 8 months now. I never did any form of counseling before and had no idea what to expect. She makes me feel comfortable about talking about whatever I would like to, whether it is something serious or just about how my week went. Highly recommended! More...


Samantha Karnbach

I've been a client of Heather's for over two years now. She is a great listener but also really good at pushing you just enough to get you to grow. She's very straightforward when I need it but also extremely kind and caring. When I first started going to her she was among the first to believe in me. Without her I don't think I'd have ever gone had the courage to go after my goals and dreams. More...


Mitra Asgarinik

Heather is an incredibly mindful, intelligent, patient, and respectful counselor. She creates a welcoming environment in which I feel comfortable disclosing my most complicated thoughts and feelings, and she actively listens to everything I have to say. Her approaches are client-centered and genuine, and she provides easy-to-implement guidance that addresses my specific needs, so I leave each session with a list of new thought processes or exercises to try.

Heather truly understands who I am and what I'm capable of achieving. She is incredibly down-to-earth, and she possesses knowledge and skills that instill the self-confidence and self-efficacy I need to make positive changes. I am truly grateful for the impact she makes on my lifeđź’«


Josh Hanson

Orlando Thrive Therapy offers the best solutions for mediation for divorce and overall mental health in the greater Orlando, FL area. As a practicing physician and after many conversations with Heather Oller, I can HIGHLY recommend Orlando Thrive Therapy. She is a caring professional who has the knowledge and ability to meet you where you are and make the necessary changes to improve your life.

I would recommend her to anyone in Orlando, FL looking for mediation for divorce and overall mental health services.

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