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Orangetree Design CC logo

Orangetree Design CC

Cape Town, Western Cape

Orangetree Design CC logo

Orangetree Design CC

Cape Town, Western Cape


Graphic Design
Logo Design
Vehicle Graphics
Vehicle Branding & Wraps
Branding and Display Systems
Domain Registration & Web Hosting
Web Design
Litho Printing: NCR Books, Continuous Forms, Book Printing
Large Format Digital: Wallpaper Art, Self-adhesive Vinyl, Contravision, Posters, PVC & Banners
Digital Printing: Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers & Folders


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User-friendly formatting are always priority in a well-planned website. Images and aesthetics, pleasing to the eye will attract more traffic if the features was not briefed to perform this function. Effective navigation, mobile compatibility, smooth loading. easy responding tools, awesome layout and exceptional imaging are what makes a website great.

Are you selling a service or product?
Have you navigated some website that envision what you demand from a website?
Do you have all the content and images for you website?
Do you have a registered domain and the correct hosting platform for your website?
Do you require social media integration?
Would you require SEO services to boost your online presence?

Capturing the composition and mood with the right lighting are fundamental in creating an awesome photograph.

Is this events, corporate., wedding or portrait photography?
What is the emotion, feeling and mood you want to capture?
Do you have images as a reference for the mood you would like to capture in your photographs?
Do you require a makeup artist?
Do you require studio time?
What do you want to stay away from in a photograph?
What are the things you have to have in your photograph?
What are you deadlines for files and prints.

You bring your wish list and I add a few suggestions. We discuss the job informally; the specifications, the price, your deadline, your concerns and maybe a few innovations. We agree on a budget and I give you a few concepts. We agree on a direction and then sign off a final artwork. The job is then sent through the production process and I deliver. You are always informed from start to finish where your job is in the process.

A little about the client and the company
The potential audience.
A design brief.
Branding and corporate specifications. (If any)
The deadline
The budget

The challenge of completing a job from concept to a finished product. Seeing newly finished branding project sparkle like a new toy. Dealing with clients who have this vision that they are itching to bring to life.

I have learned and experienced so much over the years in various industries that it would have been shameful to have stayed in one company doing one thing. Now, everyday brings a new job a new challenge, completely different from the day before.

I have lots of experience in almost all industries of design. Plenty of professional contacts to assist when a project has gone from ordinary to impossible. The experience to advise on a good direction for a project and the ability to see the job through with very little hiccups.