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Mark Teytel

7 May 2019

The new coach is phenomenal. She is soft, yet powerful in pushing me to reach my maximum potential for the morning session. Great grasp of the class with clear concise instructions. Also, I like the physical facilities. Great and clean showers and bathrooms with plenty of toiletries. It feels as some one cares. You are left with experience of visiting someone's home hosted by great and attentive owners. Surely, a place to be at 5:00 AM and fighting for a better me. More...


Rich Waldis

30 April 2019

Best part of my work day is leaving the office and going to OT


Julia Harrigfeld

28 April 2019

3+ years... Still love this place! Never gets easier, I just get stronger!


Tonya ODell

27 February 2019

Instructors and entire staff are awesome. I’ve only been a few months and each time I feel like I get the result I was looking for, and I'm super picky about my workouts. Great class vibe too.


Jay Rogers

30 September 2018

Natalie and Carla are awesome! This location is friendly, rocking, and clean! You get an excellent workout with plenty of treadmills, rowers, towels, wipes, and weight station room available! Sri divya is wrong, I was a newcomer (visiting from TN) and was treated very respectfully, both on the phone and in person. 5 stars More...


Cristina Vazquez

1 August 2018

I love the constant challenge within the weekly workouts as well the excellent service & commitment that the entire staff always demonstrates.


Brett Walters

2 July 2018

Amazing trainer. Amazing staff. Amazing atmosphere. Coming from someone who works in the fitness world, this was everything you look for. I’ll be back once a week for sure. More...


Bevin Grady

28 May 2018

Love it! The staff and coaches are great--they keep me motivated and correct my form when it needs adjustment. The music is always perfect and the coaches will turn it up to get us through our all-outs. Staff members are super friendly, patient and so helpful. Thanks everyone! More...


Marsha Free

28 May 2018

First workout = great start to my day! Loved the individual attention I received as a first timer! Definitely going back!Another great workout different than the one before! Love that!Class 4 today - I’m finally getting the hang of it and I love it! More...


Lea Harwell

20 November 2017

Love OTF classes. Always a challenge. Coaches are amazing. Feeling fit!


Anna Dunn

4 November 2017

I tell all my friends and family how much I love Orangetheory ALL THE TIME. It is such an effective workout (I consistently burn 500+ calories every time), and I love how every class is different. It's challenging, but I like how you can work out at your own pace. I've never felt pressured to do anything I'm uncomfortable with or unconfident about. I also love the Peachtree Corners location. The coaches are all great. I've been coming here twice a week since March, and I have zero complaints. Great staff; great workout! More...


Falicia O'Mard

2 June 2017

I love this place! The workouts are challenging and fast paced. They change daily so you don't get bored. The trainers at this location are awesome! My favorite trainers are Allie and Tony. They play the best music and help you with your form. Check it out! More...