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Taya A.

9 August 2019

I've been a member at OTF Assembly Row for a little over 4 months now and i'm loving it. I enjoy a class atmosphere because you are led by knowledgeable coaches and you don't have to think. The work out is already mapped out for you, and all you have to do is show up. There are 3 components to the class. They are treadmill, rower, and weight floor. You have the option of which one to start your workout on. I always like to go for the treadmill first to get it over with, or get my heart rate up from the start. When I took my first class, I thought that the treadmill would be tough for me. I've never been a runner and get winded very easily, even though I work out a lot. Much to my surprise, I went straight to being a jogger, and shortly after, a runner. It's amazing the progression I've made with my endurance. For example, running at 5-6 mph for 2-3 minutes used to be all I could handle. Now I can run at a push pace of 7 mph and an all out speed of 10 mph with ease. I'm able to go between 5.5 mph to 10 mph for half an hour which is INCREDIBLE to me. I think being around people makes for some friendly competition in that you want to keep up with your neighbor and it pushes you to try harder. Running also used to bother my knees, but my knees have never hurt while using OTF's treadmills. If you're only doing this class to burn calories, don't do it! You should do it to better yourself, your health, and to get stronger. I've found that relying on the calories alone is not helpful. I haven't actually lost much weight in OTF because when I first started, I always ate back the calories I burned, or ate more the day before class because I knew i'd be burning it off. This is not a healthy cycle to fall into. So, do the class for the class, not the calories :) I have made it a point to try out as many of the coach's as possible. They are all awesome, but some more encouraging than others, and some play more of the type of music I like. My favorite coaches are Jason, for the type of music he plays and his awesome encouragement, Gabe for his killer taste in hip hop and how he pushes us to go hard, and Kendra for her 5 AM motivation. Also love Jessica and how she helps me with my form. They are all great :)There are some cons, and some specific to this location.1. There are not enough bathrooms and showers. If you take a morning class you have to leave a few minutes early to catch a shower in time. It would be helpful if there were mirrors and sinks in the showers too. This morning some girl yelled at me for being in the bathroom for 7 minutes, but I had to blow dry my hair and get ready to go straight to work from there. The studio is definitely tiny and not the best set up for people who go straight to work in the morning after class.2.The heart rate monitor is an additional 80-100 dollars which they don't tell you about until you sign up. I took my free class and thought it came with a membership, but it wasn't until I signed up and came back for my second class that I realized the cost. It is definitely necessary in my opinion though, if you want to get the most out of the class.3. While I do love the combination of the all the workouts, I find myself having to do more weight training outside of class to balance out all the cardio. Not a huge deal though!4. Timing can be an issue sometimes. This is really just specific to my own schedule. For example, I'm not a fan of coming home after work, only to leave again for my work out. I had been doing the 5:30 pm class, but the coming home and leaving again thing was killing me. I wish that the class before was 4:30 instead of 4:15. 4:30 would be perfect for me to comfortably arrive from work and come straight to class, but with the 4:15 i'm always rushing and just barely make it in time. Again, this is super specific to me, but I do wish that the classes fit my schedule better5. Orange 60 vs Orange 3G. With orange 60 classes, there are half as many people and its much more comfortable to move about the room and just have space. The more frequent 3G classes are very crammed in my opinion, and sometimes they have you break up into partners which i'm not a fan of. The first time I experienced the partner workouts at OTF I felt like I was in 5th grade gym class and was scared of being picked last since I didn't know anyone. I'm prefer working out independently.  6. Cost. This is a pretty expensive workout. It costs $180 for an unlimited package, $120 for 8 classes a month, and $80 for 4 classes a month. This is honestly pretty standard for any kind of fitness class or high-end gym, but I wish the scheduling and amenities were a little better for the price.Wow, this may be the longest review i've ever written. At the end of the day, my health is worth it to me, and Orange Theory has pushed me to do better, be better and work harder. The coaches are inspiring and have really helped me excel. Love this place. So glad its right down the street!!! More...


J R.

8 August 2019

Love, love, love OrangeTheory! I'm a runner/yogi who needs a push to do strength training. With OTF, I get my speed and strength work in AND have fun doing it. Each class goes by super fast and is a different mix of running, rowing, and floor exercises. Plus, the coaches at Somerville are all great. They're helpful and friendly, but not forced friendly or cliquey like at a couple other locations I've tried. Knocking off a star for the crazy 8-hour cancellation window, which I totally get is a corporate thing. I just find it makes it hard to adjust if anything comes up. I try to troubleshoot that by only going to less crowded night or weekend classes . More...


John Slobodnik

24 July 2019

The coaches are great motivators and its a different tough workout every time. Excellent crew at Creekbank Crossing in Mississauga.


Odion Kalaci

17 July 2019

OTF is a great way to exercise differently in an environment where you feel motivated.Amazing workouts that can be your main form of exercise, or in addition to other workout programs (ie. weight training etc).


Karolina Zbitowska

17 July 2019

Best training ever!


Stanley Sequeira

17 July 2019

It’s extremely addictive and love the science behind the workouts. Everyone from the front desk to the trainers are awesome!


Michael M.

29 June 2019

I want to first say I'm a huge fan of the staff at OTF Assembly. They have been nothing but nice and accommodating. I also love going to class, the instructors push you and make you better. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a fun workout and a great community. More...


Alaina S.

26 June 2019

I'm going on vacation next week, so I was on yelp looking for an OTF at the beach and I realized not all studios have as great a reputation as Assembly - so I must be lucky! Figured I'd write a review while I'm here because I truly truly love it.I'm super unmotivated. Like I'd rather on my couch watching Lifetime movies with my dog than doing anything else. And prior to joining OTF, I'd never run over a quarter mile or so straight, ever. Even in school I used to cheat and cut through the woods on the presidential fitness test. Plus, I have a really high pressure job and regularly pull 60-70 hour weeks. So any workout that can keep me coming multiple times a week, for multiple months in a row, has my full endorsement.Others have described what's so great about OTF - for me, it's the coaches and the competition. First off, the coaches. Literally all lovely human beings, and all have their different styles. I personally love classes with Sam, Jessica, and Jason. The girls especially really look out for me and help me with my [dreadful] form and push me on my speeds. Even their motivation over the intercom while you're running is so powerful - I never thought I could do 10 mph, or run up a 10% hill, or run 12 minutes straight, but I just don't question what they say to do, I just do it, and somehow I'm still *shocked* that i can. I would never, ever do these workouts on my own, and I'd quit at least 30 minutes early if I left it up to myself to decide when I was too tired. But OTF keeps me going. Second thing I love is the competition. If the girl on the treadmill next to me is in the orange zone and I'm not, I'm pissed and I'm pushing up my speed. There's one girl in my regular classes who has a really similar body type to mine but is super fit, and I'm checking myself against her constantly. But what's really cool is that because it's based on heart rate, you can "compete" against people way faster or stronger than you, and still know you're working just as hard! Plus there's the internal competition: can I get more splat points than yesterday? It's the last all-out, why am I not in red? It really pushes me. On top of all that, there's goofy contests and theme classes and swag and great playlists and mimosas on Mother's Day and stuff like that - all fun and just makes it feel like a community. Plus the accountability of the 8-hour window makes me actually show up. Oh, and the front desk staff is so, so nice. All in all, best $179 a month I've ever spent. More...


Nina B.

21 June 2019

This is an awesome studio that supplies a killer workout. I recently moved to Assembly Row, and was looking for a fun, full-body workout where I could make some friends along the way. OTF provides just that! The instructors are knowledgeable and super supportive. The classes are customizable to your fitness goals and abilities. Personally, I'm hitting OTF to prep for my wedding in 10 weeks, and as a serial class-taker, I think this will finally be something I can stick to long-term. The owner, Paul, was very sweet and provided a thorough explanation of the studio policies and the reasons behind them. Everything makes sense and is based on what's best for the studio and the collective experience of all clients. There's always a lot going on during class- and I personally make it a priority to be early because of it. Those leaving 1 star reviews for arriving late/not adhering to policies aren't giving customer service a chance- try talking to the business first before being nasty on Yelp.Anyway hope this helps, and go OTF! More...


Beverly C.

8 February 2019

I travel to Summerville often for work and was so glad that there is an OTF close by. I scheduled two sessions, all morning workouts. I came in and was pleasantly surprised that a "welcome" sign was up for me (yay!). The gals manning the front desk are all amazing, very warm and friendly. Both coaches (Endira and David) were kick ass!! The vibe is very positive (similar to my home studio) and call outs were supportive. Brownie points: I was able to get some free swag for my OTF tribe back home. This studio is now on my OTF app as a favorite and will definitely be back once I return to Summerville. More...


Laice L.

10 January 2018

Orangetheory is my obsession. I have gone to gyms off and on for years, but I never really felt like I knew what to do or if what I was doing was correct. Orangetheory is not your ordinary gym. The combination of the upbeat atmosphere, heart rate monitor, and encouraging coaches make OTF unlike any other gym or workout. I love the combo of treadmill, rower, and weight room that the workouts consist of. The workouts are not monotonous in the least bit either! I joined in August of 2017, and I could not be happier with my results. Not only do I feel 150% better daily but I also am quite pleased with my results I have seen. Since August 2017, I have lost about 12-14 pounds and have seen significant lean muscle appear all over. I started out with 8 sessions/month then had to upgrade to unlimited because I found myself really wanting to go more often each week than just twice/week. If I travel to see family, etc. and I can't make it to another orangetheory, I start going into withdrawals! I have never been one to stick with a workout routine, video, gym, etc. for more than two weeks, but I have gladly stuck with Orangetheory for about five months now. The front desk staff and coaches at Summerville are always friendly, positive, and upbeat. The members who frequent the Summerville location have created an awesome atmosphere of a "fit family" that makes it even more easy to come in. If you are looking to change your life, make the first step and check out Orangetheory! More...


Hello M.

11 June 2017

Great studio! Very clean and everyone is so nice and excited to get in an excellent workout. Love Orangetheory:)


Emily M.

13 April 2017

I freaking love it! It's not just a normal gym. Normal gyms, I get lost and never know what kind of workout to do. At Orangetheory, the personal trainer leads the class, and keeps a strict eye on everyone in the class to make sure you are doing the workout correctly. Every exercise is also self-paced. So if you can't run as fast as the person next to you, it's perfectly ok! I'm so in love with Orangetheory!! More...


Josephine B.

25 March 2017

I joined OTF Summerville in September of 2016, but I wish I would have joined sooner. I absolutely love the high energy workouts and the heart rate monitors. The trainers are amazing and truly care about your success. It's an awesome place that you just have to see for yourselves. You won't regret it! More...


Sande D.

1 February 2017

Like no other gym! I've always hated the treadmill but the trainers excitement makes you enjoy your time on it! Luv the pace of my workout so you never get bored and also the music is amazing makes you wanna dance in between! Girls up front are amazing and caring and so helpful! Can't wait for my next workout! More...