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Kendal, Cumbria, Cumbria

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Optiport LTD

Kendal, Cumbria, Cumbria



Audio and Audio-Visual (commercial, public and domestic):
- Hire
- Sales
- Design
- Installation
- Management

Music / Event / Sound Services:
- DJ / Band Services
- Live Event Production
- Acoustic Design, Soundproofing
- Noise Management


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8 July 2019

A very prompt response to all our queries. Flexible with the schedule needed and quick to complete the work and all with a friendly and polite manner. Fitted our sound system, interactive whiteboard and projector. Very good standard of work. More...

30 June 2019

Excellent service, would recommend Optiport-Audio .

30 June 2019

Opti-port Audio are highly professional and extremely knowledgeable, I would go straight to them for anything related to sound. Whether it’s setting up and operating sound for a gig, kitting out public spaces, knowing about the best stereos or amps for your home or having the right audio cable. They have it all covered and have a really polite, friendly and efficient service. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. More...

1 March 2019

Optiport Audio were called on initially to potentially supply a radio mic module for use with an existing sound system; essentially a simple retail transaction. Their analysis of the overall system led to a comprehensive and demonstrably needed upgrade, support with the installation and with user training. The level of expertise with both equipment and, importantly in this instance, related legislation, was excellent. Complete satisfaction was the outcome. The sound system, including an induction loop provision, was transformed. Obliging and excellent throughout. More...

16 February 2019

Excellent service and good value.

16 February 2019

I would recommend this business.They provide an excellent audio service.They communicate effectively and keep to specific time scales.

16 February 2019

Optiport Audio provide the highest quality audio services at a great price. They are attentive and very customer focused. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

8 February 2019

We hired 2 x 50" screens to connect wirelessly to a laptop. It was fabulous the video transmitted perfectly without any jitters

29 January 2019

Totally professional guys. Very helpful. Got exactly what I wanted.

21 January 2019

Optiport Audio provided the 'sounds' for a large family party to our complete satisfaction. The service provided was exceptional. Optiport staff devoted a lot of time to understanding and then satisfying our exact and demanding specification for the sound track to our '1970's retro-disco', In addition, they provided equipment and support to facilitate our live band and an assortment of 'entertainments' from family and friends and, in liaison with us, created some bespoke background tracks.During the party itself their service went beyond that anticipated in terms of the behind-the-scenes support and co-ordination of the 'live' material, which took a lot of pressure off us in the smooth running of the evening.We would definitely use Optiport Audio again in the future and have no hesitation in recommending their services to provide a soundtrack for special events. We really enjoyed interacting with the Optiport staff and we felt their services represented great value for money. More...

26 February 2018

Optiport-Audio provided equipment and sound and light tech for our gig in a community centre. The band enjoyed high tech sound and Optiport-Audio were a joy to work with, very helpful and friendly with great attention to detail. I highly recommend them.

12 September 2016

Optiport-Audio offered a great disco hire service. They delivered and collected the equipment and have a large range of lights and sound gear. All of the equipment was easy to use from our iPad or Laptop and at a good price. Would definitely recommend to everyone! More...

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Immaculate sound, creative lighting in appropriate design, perfect preparation and organisation, and dynamic approach to the event - this all is provided as standard by Optiport Audio. The rest is just a professional attitude, polite and friendly appearance and attention to detail.

Our style is expert, skilful, creative and as much user-friendly as possible.
We focus on the final product, which for you is the clearest listening and/or vision possible.
Our experience helps us tackle the odds and enhance the obvious - all for the best possible artistic, aesthetic and business outcomes.

The changing environment, the vibe of arts circling around the projects, enhancing the already 'perfect', questioning the unquestionable, mesmerising the audience, making performers / gear more comfortable and involved ... and the everlasting constant learning curve - no two projects are the same.

Absolute and infinite love for music, sound and arts wherever it exists. To provide a route of evolution through sonic enhancement of our environments - for the world to be a better place to live, work, have fun and relax.

Optiport Audio are dedicated to work closely with our clients to listen to their needs.

With our in-depth knowledge and skills we can provide you with an amazing acoustic and audio-visual experience.

However, we don’t stop there – we provide after-sales care whether it’s training, testing or discussing issues with local authorities.

What motivates us is to create a world with less noise and better sound environment. The latest research has proven the importance of noise-managed life for the right development of our children and our ability to lead a more comfortable and less stressful life. We believe that to be a true expert is not about showing your abilities against the others and proving your best point. It is all about showing your abilities to the others and spreading the whole array of your best points to show the true potential and help choose from. Being a true expert is sharing one’s expertise with others and offering a wide selection of benefits from which they can choose in order to get the best value for their budget.

Experience - can-do attitude - know-how
Theoretical and practical knowledge
Audio and audio-visual expertise, methodology and technology
Diverse partnerships and research abilities
Polite, respectful, and jargon-free customer service
Customisation - added value - loyalty
Interactive, compatible and user-friendly devices
Free quotes - free demonstrations - free initial training
24/7 support - government liaison - consultation - tests and reports