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Optimum Dog

Mount Vernon, Wa, Skagit

15 hires on Bark.com
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Optimum Dog

Mount Vernon, Wa, Skagit

15 hires on Bark.com


Optimum Dog has over 30 years of combined training experience and we live helping our clients train with end goals in mind. We help owners create well adjusted and connected dogs. Check us out and read our reviews, we are committed to your success with your dog.


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Stephanie C

27 July 2019

We had previously been working with a different trainer, but our 7 year old dog still had dog aggression. Due to a change in our living situation, we were at a crossroads where we either needed to stop the aggression or rehome him. Rehoming was really the last resort option I would consider, so I contacted several trainers and ultimately decided on Optimum Dog. Jen taught me and my dog an entire new method to dog training using electronics. She and her staff use modernized and much kinder methods for training, which my dog responded very well to. Before training with Optimum Dog, he didn't like the electronic collar. After, he has no problem with it and excited to get out and work. I can't say my dog is 100% "cured" of his dog aggression, but he is MUCH better (he's interest has switched to mostly playfulness) and I now have the tools to redirect him effectively without causing him more anxiety. I highly recommend Optimum Dog! More...


Chad D.

11 July 2019

Do yourself a favor and if your looking for a professional dog trainer, optimum dog training is the best their is and you should defiantly hire her. My dog was very insecure dog and had become aggressive. I took my pup to another trainer and unfortunately was a complete waste of time and money and not to mention amateur hour compared to Optimum Dog training. My pup had bitten a friend and I was advised to put him down and really didn't have it in my heart to do so and by the grace of god I found Jen. When she came to get my pup it was only supposed to be for 16 days but my dog was/is a stubborn dog so she wanted to make sure he was solid when he came back to me so she kept him for 30 days, and after those 30 days I got him back I couldn't believe the difference and how well behaved he is. You do still have to work him and be solid with him but Optimum Dog Training is WELL WORTH the money. It's nice to see your friends and family who thought I had a crazy dog, to see the difference in him and how well he is behaved. Optimum Dog Training continues training after the dog is trained and the tough part is training me so I can be solid dog owner which is another great asset of this company in making sure the owners know how to handle their dog. If I get another dog I will without question hire Optimum Dog or refer anyone that needs a trainer. More...


Rich Beebe

9 August 2018

Amazing experience, I have two stubborn pups (English Bulldog mix, and a Cane Corso puppy) that Jen made fantastic progress with in just one week! Optimum Dog will produce results for you and your dog. More...



29 July 2018

I would recommend them to anyone. We were headed to fair in 3 weeks. My dog decided to get nippy and would not let anyone touch her. We decided to seek a trainer. After 3 training days the club leader was able to pet her. After 4th training the group members were able to pet her. So amazing.


D. D.

22 November 2017

Hi again!  I am writing today, where it's been two years since I sent my dog, Fred, to Boot Camp with his trainer, Jenn.  I promised I would update from time-to-time.  This is my third post and update.  I want to tell you that Fred is doing better than ever!  He continues to maintain his training and his great attitude!  In fact, we have noticed that when we go to the park and walk him, we've noticed that he is the most behaved dog in the park.  People continue to walk up to him and pet him without incident.  Dogs come up to him without any issues.  People come over to our home and we don't worry because Fred is friendly!  Fred's vet called me a couple of weeks ago asking for Jenn's number to give to his clients.  He has asked me for her number before and called again recently.  I have referred her to several co-workers.   I can't thank Jenn, our dog whisperer, enough for the turn around in Fred two years ago.  He is a senior dog now.  He is enjoying his old age in a more relaxed fashion.  He is a happy dog and continues to be that way.  Aside from dog training, Jenn also spends her time going on dog rescue missions.  She truly is amazing.  She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the health of our pets as well.  We highly recommend her! More...


Dogs...and people! We absolutely love watching the transformation as we change the relationship with your dog and you, especially those light bulb ???? moments when it all clicks and the communication is just right! What fun to see wagging tails, great doggy focus ???? and big smiles! ????

I started training dogs in my mid teens! I honestly have been sought out, helping problem dogs, even when only training part time due to other career commitments. At last, I am in a position in which dog training is my sole business and one that I enjoy each day! I like being creative with solutions and not bound by corporate constraints that limit what we can do to help our clients. The beauty of owning my own dog training business and contracting talented people under me means we provide great service and put our clients first!

We care and will truly listen to your concerns and needs. We offer everything in the trainers tool box giving you the maximum choices in solutions and how you want to train your dog. We inform, teach, show and keep coaching you, until you feel the difference in your handlimg skills and how it molds your dog’s relationship with you. We follow through and are flexible to work with and provide a great value for the time we invest in you.