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Optimized360 is a leading internet marketing firm for small business and healthcare professionals. We’ve developed a unique formula that produces effective and efficient web presence solutions.

Our expertise in innovative marketing trends has propelled our clients to the front page of search engine results and provided significant web exposure.


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Jennifer Anderson

27 May 2019

Optimized360 is the best! They take care of any problem you might encounter even before they happened. They make my job real easy when I was looking for a good company to redo our website. Optimized360 makes REAL custom websites from scratch. Other companies say they do custom websites like OUR OLD WEBSITE DESIGNER only to know that they were using a template which they CUSTOMIZE! I really thought that they were expensive also so I hesitated at first only to know that I got a really good deal! It was half than what others were asking from us. Ask for Joe, he made our deal so sweet and he is nice to talk to as well. Good job! More...


Randy Rothfus

21 May 2019

We wanted to get a new website for my wife's dental office so we read reviews and chose Optimized 360 as other people seem to really like what they had to offer and also had good experiences setting things up. We started slow, mostly because of our inability to decide on what we wanted, however, once Matthew Chau took over as our account manager things moved along very quickly and he truly understood what we wanted in a website and he delivered. It's bright, fresh, clean and very patient friendly. We were very happy with his professionalism and communication and we would highly recommend them (Matthew C. ;-)) for your next website! Thanks!! More...


Harpreet Bawa

7 May 2019

Had a great experience with Optimized, especially my account manager Matthew Chau. He was my go to person for everything I needed. He was very responsive and patient with me throughout the entire website development process. He made the changes in a very timely fashion and worked toward making the website stand out. I would highly recommend him/the company and look forward to working with them in the future! More...


Dr. Pinal Viraparia

7 May 2019

I worked with their team to build my practice website. Though project had bit of a rocky and slow start, it got fast tracked once Matthew came on board. He has been very prompt about making requested changes and translating my words into design. He made the website look clean yet visually appealing. I am almost at the end of my project and would definitely recommend a colleague to work with Matthew. More...


Katie Altoona

28 April 2019

Wow! So impressed with the entire process! We were shopping around for a new website provider that was more up to date compared to what we were using and Optimized360 blew everyone else out of the water! We worked directly with Suzanne and our communication from Day 1 was excellent!! She made sure I understood what was happening with our website and did any and all of the changes I needed! I was not aware of how many ins and outs there are for a new website being built and they made the whole process so smooth! We got a fun and professional website that fits our team culture! Thank you so much Optimized360!! More...


AndroGenX - Low-T Specialist Houston

29 March 2019

My experience with optimizes360 has been nothing but excellent. I was working directly with Charles B and he was extremely helpful through the entire process. He was very responsive and timely with implementing all the necessary updates that was recommended by my team and I. I could not have asked for a better point of contact than Charles. I will definitely recommend not only the company Optimzized360 but would recommend asking to be linked with Charles B. as your point of contact. He will make this stressful process very smooth for you and your team. More...


Dr Uffer

29 March 2019

I am in the process of developing my website with this company. I felt compelled to give a preliminary review because the person assigned to me, Matthew Chau, has been absolutely incredible. Matt seems to go above and beyond what you would expect of a website developer. He actually contacts me after official business hours for additional input. His technical expertise backs up his *CAN DO* mentality. On the rare instance of needing to *try* to do something, he somehow manages to get it done. He has incredible patience and is able to put up with (and seems to thrive on) my perfectionist personality. If the other employees of this company are anything like Matt then they have done a phenomenal job of hiring the right people!I also like that Matt is handling the entire project (not just handing it off to a developer). This succession of continuity with one person gives it a much more personalized touch--and it makes revisions lightning fast.I am anxious to see how the whole website looks when it is done! More...


robert haseman

27 February 2019

Perfect! So glad we chose Optimized 360!Charles B. and Danny N. at Optimized 360 are awesome, they really took care of the process of creating and designing a new website that not only looks great, but transitions great, loads super fast and is secure! They have great customer service skills, respond quickly and are great at what they do!A+++++ highly recommend! More...


Alicia Gasser

27 February 2019

We are so impressed with Optimized360! From initial contact through the entirety of the project, the team was communicative, detailed, and professional. We first spoke with Danny N., he was transparent and listened to our requests by then providing us with a personalized project proposal based on our needs. Throughout the project, we worked with our designer, Suzanne L. who consistently showed outstanding customer service. She was responsive, efficient, and delivered a website that directly reflected our requests. By far the most professional, efficient, and honest website dev company I have ever worked with - I could not recommend the team at Optimized360 more!! More...


Greenville Oral Surgery

27 February 2019

We worked with Optimized360 in creating our website. Michael was great to work with. The communication between our office and Optimized360 was great and their ideas were fabulous. Our website is beautiful!



17 January 2019

Optimized360 is top notch when it comes to medical web design. Danny, our account manager has been very helpful and informative, giving us all the information we needed to make an informed decision. Charles, our extremely talented designer has done nothing but exceptional work. He had our website up and running in just a few short months. Although we threw him a few curve balls and demanded quite a bit of attention, he was patient and treated us as if we were his only client. His patience and understanding was greatly appreciated. We highly recommend O360 for medical web design. https://bevhills.com

Thank you O360 team!


Mark Hagigi, DDS

6 July 2018

Obviously we are very disappointed with Optimized360. they charged us big time ($7000) for a website with lots of fanfare for their Gold package promising lots of goodies plus SEO optimization for a hefty monthly fee ($540)! but It turned out they're just a website-maker company nothing more nothing less! except a super expensive one! At the end even $7K did not get us a secure HTTPS or even couple of secure emails, they wanted even more money. About SEO performance? we did not see any optimization after 9 months! no surprise, many online directories were never updated with our information- they said it takes too much time to do that! No optimized contents provided, nothing was really done except sweet talk at the beginning from their contact person! no one ever contacted us after we paid them about! When we asked Danny about call tracking he said its useless:) and https? not needed it is for e-commerce! (even when google asking for it), when not hearing from him for several months we found out he is already gone without assigning anybody else to us! so really? $7000 plus $5000 for 10 months fees and now we have to go somewhere else! Mark Hagigi, DDS More...


Maggie Halaj

4 July 2018

We really love the website they did for us. Our patients also had given us compliments on it. Overall it was a very good experience. The company seems to be a smaller company that gives you a lot of personal attention. Real people talk to you and does not have that cold corporation feel. More...


William Okolotu

6 April 2018

It has been a rewarding investment to have had Optimized360 design and publish our company website. I regularly interfaced with the company representatives – Charles B (Sr. Web Designer) and Vivian G. (Sr. Marketer), who in our experience are the benchmark for professionals in their respective fields. Their attention to detail and the fact they never failed to deliver on any promise. Sincerely, If you’re considering website build and management, be braced for the Optimized360 best experience. Just imagine, we count our relationship with Optimized360 a great addition to our company. I look forward to working with them for years to come. More...


Mark Ajlouni

3 February 2018

Optimized 360 is next level!! I hired them for my new website and they delivered. They delivered what they promised and blew away my expectations.
To make it even better, I’m working with Brent to manage my SEO and do some marketing on a Google and the results are extremely good. Getting new patients the first week of our campaign. My dental office is dominating San Jose and I have Brent to thank. Definitely the best company and crew I’ve worked with in my 25 years of owning a dental office. Keep up the great work!!


Charles Kim

30 January 2018

I just purchased the practice in September, and without much marketing knowledge, I was clueless in how to grow the practice. Through recommendations, I called up Optimized360 and Brent DeGuzman has been really patient and helping me through with my website and marketing. He's very personable and easy to reach, which has been super helpful in learning and understanding dental marketing. They are great at what they do! More...


Shilpa Pankaj

13 January 2018

Our practice has been working with this company for a few years now, and we have had a great experience. They have really helped to set our website apart with a custom design and have been very responsive with their customer support. We have now expanded to utilizing them for our SEO and blog. I have enjoyed working with the whole team. More...


Taaj Lewis

9 January 2018

Great work and they simplify the process adequately. Something that stands out above all though is their always ready customer support. They always respond to me promptly and work with me through anything that might come up. I had the pleasure of recently working with Brent, and he has proven to be a virtuoso of customer service. Highly recommend Optimized 360 as well as Brent for any assistance. More...



14 December 2017

Working with Charles at optimized 360 has been amazing. First they cost about 35% of what other companies charge. Second he built a PERFECT website on the first try and has tirelessly worked to continuously change it to meet our specifications. Overall couldn't be happy or recommend Charles/Optimized 360 more!!! P.S. (we are a medical doctors office) More...


Sam M.

19 October 2017

Wonderful company. Had a great experience with our website and PPC marketing. Highly recommended!