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At Open Vision we cover all areas of Double Glazing as well as all types fibreglass and EPDM rubber flat roofing.

We mainly complete aluminium projects however we offer all other options too including Timber and UPVC.

We complete green oak new builds to create a beautiful new addition to your home



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I enjoy the personal friendships that we gain with each of our customers I also like it when we show the customer the finished product

I have alwaysed wanted to own my own business because when I was working for other companies I could not understand the lack of consideration and care that companies had for their customers all they seemed to be focused on was saving money and cutting costs even at the customers unknown expense.
I don't like being unreliable and my only way I could control it was to be my own boss
I also wanted to start my own business for one of the more common reasons of earning more money

We should be chose because we focus on providing the highest quality which naturally doesn't necessarily mean the lowest price, we see it as " if you're gonna do a job do, it right the first time " we always use the better products with our jobs sometimes it does mean that we loose contracts but we take pride in our work and won't change.
You can't provide an A1 job with a D4 product!!!