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Neil N Johnston

15 April 2019

Clare Roberts is great ... I'm a Landlord based in Edinburgh with properties throughout the UK including Leeds. Following recent changes to the Buy to Let market I decided it was time to sell my portfolio but as I had had the same tenants for the last 10 years, wanted to sell privately to maintain their tenancy. I first contacted Clare via BNI as we are both members and prefer to transact business this way. Due to the geography, we communicated by phone and email with the end result that Clare was able to secure a purchased quickly and for a price that I was happy with. I would therefore recommend Clare for future property sales and thank you again for fantastic service. Regards Neil More...


Cătălin Savu

26 February 2019

This review is more about Claire Roberts and less about Open House estate agents in Leeds (Morley/Gildersome branch). Words will do little to express my gratitude and appreciation of Claire. I saw the house on last day in March 2018. It was the only house I have seen together with my brother. Written on the wind if you'd like, had my name on it. Up to that point I had seen dozens of properties. The house was originally on for 80K, it was then quickly reduced to 75K, and lastly to offers over 70K. I put an offer for 67K (location was a great con, I would have preferred LS9, LS10 or LS27) thus that was reflected in my offer price. Claire did show reticence and understandably so, as when I initially saw the house it was on for 80K. But the way she did is commanding, she showed tact, understanding and handled hard conversations with care, compassion and dealt with it in a sensible manner. You don't need to be a sociologist, however, it’s common sense and noticeable from miles away that Claire is genuinely interested in people, in sellers and prospective buyers equally. One would have thought that an estate agent will mostly work for the seller’s benefit. After all, the seller will pay the agent the dues. That was not the case with Claire. She was impartial and acted equally as the seller's and buyer's conscience simultaneously. Long after the sale had completed, Claire proved over and over again her character answering courteously and being available on every occasion, on different matters (electric and gas supply, water stop tap). Claire remained true to herself and genuinely interested in helping just as in day one, when I was only one of (probably) dozens others interested in the house.
God bless you!

ps: thank you for the Christmas card!


Jacqueline Courtney

3 February 2019

Claire sold my house two days after it went on the market. That was three days before Christmas. Her photos and write up were second to none.
Much more reasonable than other agents too. Would highly recommend using Claire.


Lauren Arnold

28 January 2019

Great experience using open house Morley to sell my home, Claire was great and had a real passion for selling houses. In addition to this she was always available to give honest and sound advice when needed, listened to my needs and provided an excellent service which assured me the buyers were getting a great service too. Communication was excellent from the initial conversation all through to handing the buyers the keys and Claire made the whole experience a lot less stressful and instantly put me at ease knowing my sale was in her capable hands! All my viewings were handled by Claire and she covered evenings and weekends if nessecary too. More...


Adam Chandler

9 August 2018

Claire was fantastic - can't recommend her services enough. Don't try the rest just go to the best and that's Claire from Open House Morley.