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Dee Palmer

24 February 2019

I’ve been going from groomer to groomer since my old groomer closed down 6-7 yrs. ago, and I finally found someone I truly like! Miyoko (groomer) is very gentle and she seems to understand dog’s psychological issues. She calms your dogs down before she starts to do anything and speaks softly to them. I never like to leave my pets anywhere, but I definitely trust her and they like her as well. Canino Grooming is the best in this whole area as far as I’m concerned. Her prices are reasonable too and she will pick up and drop off your pets. . I love that! More...


Elaine Lowe

24 February 2019

My pooch Zac is a rather delicate dog who used to get ear infections if his ears got wet. Most groomers did not take the care required to prevent this. However, at Canino Grooming he never got ear infections and Miyoko did more than groom him. She gave me feedback on his weight, his coat, if he had cuts or abrasions on his skin....details l have never received from a groomer. In addition, he loved her and would be so eager to go to her, never looked back.I have moved to NYC and recently found a new groomer but no groomer compares to Miyoko and her team...l have lived on 3 continents and she is the best by far, a groomer with a very caring approach, it's more than a job, it's her passion. You will never want to go to anyone else after your first grooming session. Just explain your dogs needs and Canino Grooming will take care of everything else. More...


Susan Trigo

25 January 2019

We have been taking our dogs to Miyoko at Canino Grooming since we moved to New Jersey two years ago and we couldn’t be happier. In the past, our 16 year old cocker spaniel, Kaylee, has gotten so anxious and agitated that it has taken the whole day to be groomed. At one place two groomers had to take turns because she was so difficult. On several occasions Kaylee would be returned to us with tufts and patches that couldn’t be gotten to in the allotted time, or for fear of stressing her out too much. We had come to accept that she would just look a little wonky for a few weeks after a grooming. Miyoko was a whole new experience. Less than 90 minutes after we dropped Kaylee off Miyoko called and said she was done. We expected to pick up a frazzled dog with an very uneven haircut. But she looked fantastic. Her coat was even and Kaylee was calm—relieved to see us for sure, but happy! We couldn’t believe what we were seeing. We still talk about it. We also have an 80 lb coonhound who hates to have his paws held. Coonhounds have naturally long black nails, making it impossible to see the quick (the interior part of the nail that has both blood vessels and nerves). Once a vet tech accidentally cut the quick and now Dozer gets even more freaked out when his nails are trimmed. It used to take a trip to the vet with two vet techs holding down a extremely scared and agitated Dozer. Miyoko is great with him. She keeps him calm and makes fast work of it—minimizing his stress. Her manner, and a regular flow of treats throughout the session, make it a relatively painless endeavor for our sensitive boy. He is even excited when we get to Miyoko, which is a first. We highly recommend Miyoko and Canino Grooming. Our search for a great dog groomer is over. More...


caroline giraldo

25 January 2019

Miyoko is great! I brought my 8 year old dog who is always nervous when she is taken to a new place (understandably) but when I picked her up about 2 hours later she was so happy! She was running around and clearly excited. I will definitely return. More...


Olena Tsiganok

27 October 2018

Miyoko is wonderful, caring and professional. Will definitely bring Raven back


Rose Benshoshan

29 June 2018

Best dog groomer!! No stress for the dog and the groomer Miyoko was very knowledgeable about my pomeranian's coat. Will definately be using her again. So happy she's so close!


Tyler Patin

25 May 2018

Miyoko is great! She is extremely caring and loves all of her clientele. I highly recommend Canino Grooming.


Zsuzsa Foldi

25 May 2018

Canino Grooming (led by Myoko) is just the perfect place to have your pet groomed! We had our very furry golden retriever groomed and Myoko did a wonderful job. Her individualized attention to the pets, loving and calm personality made grooming into a great experience, also we're very happy with the results, our furry golden's coat is in great shape and looks wonderful. Will definitely return here for the next grooming again! More...

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