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Eric Ballew

17 March 2019

I have worked with the people of Onyx Cinema on several occasions. Michael and Georgia are delightfully warm people to work with. Wonderful people, wonderful company! More...


Rickie Lee M.

16 April 2016

I found Onyx Cinema by way of Alumiq Productions, and I became aware early on of the incredible creativity and devotion that Michael Shu and his team had for their craft. I was tasked to produce a short video for the aviation company that I work for to capture the history of the company. This video would be premiered at the company's 65th Anniversary Gala, and my hopes for the film were to captivate the employee's pride and connection towards their careers with the company. I distinctly remember how I described to Michael Shu what it was that I needed.I said to Michael by way of video conference, "I need for this short video to win an Oscar for Best Corporate Short Film."We both laughed then worked together for the next two weeks to deliver a piece that exceeded my original expectations. This piece brought so much inspiration to the company, it's been presented at airshows worldwide, and accurately depicts the company's foundations. Most importantly this film will remain a family heirloom to the Otto family.youtube.com/watch?v=2TzY…A few years following the success of the Otto Instrument film I reconnected with the Onyx Cinema team to produce another short film to introduce to the world my father's tequila, Don Juan Tequila. We had several offers from other production studios however, because I became a huge fan of Michael Shu's work I could resist not working with his team again. Onyx Cinema prepared again, an informative piece about our family's tequila.youtube.com/watch?v=G9Qu…I look forward to working with them again. I anticipate great things from this crew of abundantly imaginative individuals who absolutely love what they do. More...


Q Y.

28 March 2016

Michael, Georgia, and their team are absolutely amazing! We specialize in pediatric plastic surgery - Dr. John Reinisch is a world renowned surgeron in this field and performs reconstructive surgeries on children born with congenital deformities. Our plastic surgery office has done several marketing, documentary, and informative video projects with Onyx Cinema and we are impressed at their professionalism throughout the entire coordination of projects and creative talents in putting together the videos. They went above and beyond to understand what we were looking for and the results went beyond our expectations. Many parents from around the world were so moved they cried when they saw the docmentary video produced by Onyx. More...

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