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Desiree Davis

25 July 2018

Michael is an excellent trainer. I love their program and he workouts for the week they provide. It's a program I can manage on my own and stick to.
I have been working out with Michael for 8 months and will continue.


Michelle Byrd Althammer

14 February 2018

Michael is a fantastic trainer! My husband and I have learned so much from Michael. His fitness and health knowledge is out of this world amazing! We are so thankful to have found him! More...


Greg Althammer

14 February 2018

Michael is awesome! Michelle and I have been work with him and the program he's laid out for us and love it. Not only do we get a great workout, we get into the diet and life bio-hacks that really make a difference. I highly recommend and suggest anyone who wants to get serious about getting healthy call Michael! More...


Phyllis Bare

13 February 2018

These guys are the genuine thing. I can see why OnSpotFItness has grown so much over that last year..They deserve all the awards they received. If you are looking for a trainer that is truly focused on you and your goals don't wait another day to call Anagela. She is amazing. More...


Martin DePorres Harpen

23 January 2018

Truly the best group out in the greater cincinnati area.


Carol Bryant Lahke

6 October 2017

Angela is amazing! I love our time together! She is so positive and just a great person to talk to which makes my workout go so quickly! Not to mention she knows her stuff! I've lost 7 pounds and am at my target weight. Thanks Angela! More...


Jenna Gable

15 December 2016

I can not speak highly enough of Angel and Michael. They both truly love what they do and are passionate about it. They are my go to source for nutritional questions! For anyone looking for a trainer, I would highly recommend them! More...


Donese Hollis Carr

7 October 2016

Angela's passion truly IS helping others reach their desired level of health.


Angel Hicks

30 September 2016

Michael & Angela are fantastic trainers! They have perfected the home workout and are knowledgeable about all things health. I highly recommend them!


Clayton R. Hicks

30 September 2016

The team at OnSpot Fitness are on the ball. Big time trainers for everyday people. I'm 38, from small town USA, and they make you feel like your special. They are also people of integrity. They don't just tell you what to do and go do something else, they live the lifestyle as well. "Showers" not "tellers". Got great coffee too! More...


T.J. Coyle

13 March 2016

I have been working with Michael and Angela for a little over a year now. I have seen some amazing results and have done things I never thought I could have ever accomplished. They are two very compassionate people about what they do. They are also very personable. I worked once with a trainer at a gym and it seemed like it was just a job to him barely paying attention. These two make sure your form is good and take the time to explain things. They are available pretty much instantly if you have a question. They do not judge you even when you stray, they just remind you of your goal. I can be stubborn and have strayed more than I should have which I only failed myself during those times, yet not once felt like they judged me for it, they know it is a lifestyle change and it doesn't click overnight. I would recommend these two hands down if you want good one on one training, They can also do group work if you don't feel comfortable training on your own. They help with weight loss but also help with things going on in your life as well. They not only train but they listen so you are getting a pretty good deal working with these two. Their name is true to their business. They are serious about coming to you, or finding a location that works for you. They are flexible and work around your schedule. They are not only trainers but they become friends. They only want to see you succeed and become the person you are meant to be and want to be. More...

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