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We specialise in hair replacement techniques, for example hair extensions to suit all budgets from one day wear clip ins to top of the range Russian, triple drawn, remy, Russian gold standard virgin hair.
We also specialise in all semi permanent makeup techniques including microblading for sparse/thinning or non existent brows, lip blushes for better defined and plumper appearing lips, lip colours, freckles, lash enhancements and eyeliner.


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Dave Wade

Brilliant service. Would definitely use again!!


Cassie Louise Johnson

Absolutely fab extensions highly recommend xxx


Michelle Pawson

Excellent 5 star service , very highly recommend for all services - would never dream of going else where now I have found you - where have you been all my life Emma looking forward to seeing you soon


Samantha Sandford

couldn't thank you enough, given me the confidence as a woman to feel like one :) 10000% worth it! you are both the most understanding & lovely people ive ever met, wish you all the best and more <3 xxx


Lucy Burns

Never been so happy! Always struggled to grow my hair but Emma has made my dreams of princess hair come true for a very very reasonable price!

She's so very easy to talk to, a lovely woman who is honest and realistic with you.

I have had my extensions in for 5 weeks now and Emma has gone above and beyond what I could have ever expected! She has even come round to mine in her own time to check I'm happy with them and refit any that had fallen out in the first few weeks!

Again, I am so pleased with the results! Constant compliments (some from girls who get their hair done by the same company as the girls from love island which I'm chuffed about) with many people not even realising I have extensions in!

Cant thank Emma enough for her hospitality!


Claire Ridley

Well pleased with my eyebrows, Emma is fantastic makes you feel really comfortable and explains everything in detail, Thank you Emma love them x


Donna Barlow

Lovely lady makes you feel really relaxed. I had my eyebrows done and they look fab. So going back to have my lips done too. Very impressive work


Becky Bettinson-Roberts

Emma has done a fantastic job on my brows!! 100% recommend this lovely lady, she's so passionate about making a difference and exceeding your expectations �


Sarah Davis

Had my eyebrows micro-bladed with Emma. Was very nervous but Emma put my mind at ease and went through the whole procedure in great detail. When she showed me the finished results in the mirror I was astounded at how amazing and natural the brows looked!!! From having very sparse brows to then having a perfect pair with so much care and detail! Emma is a brilliant, talented artist and I would HIGHLY recommend her.� More...


Angie Dunn

Emma has totally transformed my awful brows to something I never thought I'd achieve and strives to perfection to make sure you are totally happy with the end result. Absolutely overjoyed with my new brows. I highly recommend this wonderful talented lady. Thank you so much More...


Rae Seng

Had my eyebrows microbladed today by the wonderful emma wow i have eyebrows again, i cannot explain how happy this has made me, i feel truely blessed to have had this lady do my brows today, looked at so many places but was afraid of looking like an old fool. Today i feel young again thank you so much emma cant wait for more treatments xxx thank you again Rae x More...


Sarah Booth-was Blanchard

Well what a find Emma is she’s literally fab at her job after a lot of research about microblading I come across Emma and just wow my brows are fantastic cannot reccomend emma enough not only is she fab at brows I’ve also made a brilliant friend � u em xxx


Izzy Hayes

Had my brows microbladed by Emma. Absolutely in love with them! Emma is a very talented, kind and caring lady that doesn’t let you leave until you are 100% happy with your brows. She did an amazing job and is extremely precise and detailed with her work!� Now time for some amazing lashes � More...


Wednesday Bergeron

Emma changed my life! After loosing my eyebrows to a medical condition about 4 years ago, I had considered getting semi permanent makeup but i was really worried letting someone do it! After a series of events that seemed to bring Emma and I together, we met for a consultation. Emma is incredibly knowledgeable...in both types of procedures (Microblading and machine). We spent two and a half hours discussing the pros and cons of both options as she really wanted me to understand in intricacies of what we could do. I had a patch test that day too...luckily no ears fell off! So fast forward three days and it was go! Emma spent well over the normal amount of time with me! Because I had nothing to base it on, it was a blank canvas that we needed to build a design onto. Then it was time to start. It took 4 and a half hours under the machine needle to perfect my new brows. In that time we had a couple of breaks between each pass where she applied more anaesthetic. The procedure from start to finish was great! Emma was great! A true perfectionist!!! I’m now a week on and I’m pretty much healed! Looking forward to my follow up appointment with Emma in a few weeks! So Thankyou Emma for giving me really great brows, it really has had a huge impact on my daily life!!! I have already recommended you to two people already, and will continue to spread the word!! THANKYOU! ��� More...


Irene Brown

What can i say.. what a lovely couple you are. Thank you Emma for giving me lovely brows today... after many years of very sparce brows ( was the fashion many years ago!�) I now have beautiful natural looking brows. I can highly recommend Emma at On Point Beauty Bar, she goes above & beyond to make sure you are 100% happy with the final result. I will be back.. . Thank you so much. Xx More...


Courtney Jade Driffill

I had a huge scar through my eyebrow that had left me self conscious for years, I wouldn’t go anywhere without filling in my brows first. I decided to take the leap and get them microbladed to try and help cover the scar. Emma was lovely from the very beginning and made it clear that there was a chance that the scar might not retain the pigment, but I went for it and took the chance. As soon as I walked into the room Emma made me feel at ease, as did her partner Chris. We talked for a while about how it would all work and what shape they would be and Emma made sure that I was happy with the shape before she started the procedure. I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the results, for the first time in 21 years I couldn’t see my scar.... it’s now been 2 days since I had my brows done and I’m still so happy with them, I can’t stop looking at them!
I highly recommend this lovely lady, she’s so amazingly talented!


Claire Milner

I had my eyebrows microbladed on Tuesday and they are absolutely amazing � I can not recommend Emma enough she really is a perfectionist, with her consultation and the help and advice she gives you to achieve exactly what you want and the out come you desire really is so brilliant and so professional. Emma is a lovely lady that puts you at ease the whole time your there, she is one of a kind and I can’t wait to visit her again for my colour boost ��� xx More...


Amy Overton

After having a previous bad experience I went to emma feeling very nervous.. upon my consultation she went through every option she could and explained these in great detail, at no time did I feel rushed and she gave as much time as it needed today I went for my brows to be done and again every option was explained and time was no object I was extremely nervous but wow I had no need to be she’s done an absolutely brilliant job and I left very happy � highly recommend such a lovely lady thanks again


Sharon Marron

This is a long post but I really want to tell every woman who has sparse or non-existent brows of this fabulous find tucked away in rural Lincolnshire. I’d been thinking and researching about microblading for a couple of years as I was getting tired of “putting my brows on” every morning only for them to wear off during warm weather or when I was exercising. I’ve researched the salons in Lincoln and their prices and it all felt a little out of reach but then Emma at On Point Beauty Bar popped up on my timeline and her before and after photos were enough for me to take the plunge and book a consultation. Emma is a lovely woman; warm, friendly and personable. I’ve had a lot of beauty treatments in the past but never anything I viewed as permanent. The consultation was without doubt the most thorough I have ever experienced. This girl knows her craft inside and out. She explained absolutely everything and answered all of my questions totally putting my anxieties aside about entrusting my face to someone I didn’t know. I love the fact that she has all of her professional credentials and insurance on show and she encouraged me to check her out on the local authority list of practitioners. So today I had my appointment, and WOW!!!! Emma was completely meticulous in measuring out my features, helping and advising me to select the my right shape of brow and advising me on colour. The procedure itself wasn’t painful, just a series of scratches which didn’t feel like much because Emma was totally on it when it came to anaesthetising my brows and checking in with me regularly, not to mention soothing words of how well I was doing. It’s a fairly lengthy process because Emma does her preparation so thoroughly. She didn’t come anywhere near me with the equipment until we were both happy with the position and shape of the pencil templates she drew before the process started. I absolutely love the look of my brows today and I know in a few days when they settle they are going to look even better. I’ll be booking my colour boost for around 6 to 8 weeks. I am so so happy I found Emma and wouldn’t hesitate recommending her to any of my friends. One word of note, there are other places that charge a lot lot more than Emma, however don’t be put off by how reasonable her fees are. She loves her work, she’s completely brilliant at it and gets a lot of satisfaction from helping women achieve a fantastic look. Her fees are most definitely not a reflection of a lesser service, skill or expertise. They are because her work speaks for itself and she has a lot of clients and doesn’t have to rely on a small client base to make a living like some practitioners. Thank you Emma, you have transformed my appearance and my confidence. � More...



Brow microblading is perfect for anybody with non existent/ sparse/ I level or uneven brows. Get in touch now for an amazing quote and the perfect brows you’ve always dreamt of 24/7 that won’t budge, smudge or rub off! Appointments 24/7 to suit you. Go on, treat yourself, you deserve it.

We specialise in hair replacement techniques, for example hair extensions to suit all budgets from one day wear clip ins to top of the range Russian, triple drawn, remy, Russian gold standard virgin hair. Come to our space or we can come to you. We work 24/7 worldwide. So get in touch now for an amazing quote, unrivalled service and hair like a goddess. Appointments 24/7 to suit you. Go on, treat yourself, you deserve it.

Whether you covet sun kissed freckles, plumper more well defined lips, perfect natural looking hair stroke brows, well defined ombré brows, subtle lash enhancement or the perfect cat like eyeliner, get in touch now for a quote. We specialise in semi permanent makeup techniques that will leave you looking your best all day everyday with a winning look that won’t budge, smudge or rub off! Appointments 24/7 to suit you. Go on, treat yourself, you deserve it.

We offer all types of lash extensions, whether you would like fun, flirty, natural, dramatic or cat like lashes, get in touch now for unrivalled service and a great quote! Appointments 24/7 to suit you. Go on, treat yourself, you deserve it.