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Ed Kim

24 May 2019

Great place to learn martial arts and fitness. They also host a lot of tournaments, seminars, and competitions. One of the best spots in the Richmond area, definitely recommend!


Yeva Minette

29 March 2019

The instructors are kind, they motivate you, and are fun to be around. This gym is what you need after a stressful day at work. Come take a class and the stress leaves your body while you enjoy the workout. The instructors are friendly, encouraging, and most of all... They teach you how to improve during every class. They will teach you at your level, which is nice especially if you have martial arts experience. You never have to lag behind your potential at omni. Steve and Dom are top notch in my book. More...


Andrews Ochoa

27 February 2019

Great environment for kids and adults. Advance and beginners.


Brooke Cannons

27 February 2019

I’ve been training here with Dom for about 3 months now and have progressed significantly in all areas of my Muay Thai and Conditioning. He has an innate ability to personalize his training to your body as well as your specific strengths in order to help you develop a personal fighting style while staying focused on technique. I highly recommend the studio and all the coaches/trainers in it! More...


Yanek Hakobyan

31 August 2018

I have been training at Omni for over a year now and it has been truly an honor. I have met so many new friends and amazing staff. After high school, I didn't have wrestling practice anymore... Now I have wrestling, jiu jitsu, boxing, muay thai and conditioning. Thank you for being a part of my life Omni Movement. A++++ More...


Dylon Myers

28 May 2018

The owner, Steven, is the man. Super generous.


Stephen La

28 May 2018

Great MMA gym! Owner and trainers are very hospitable and knowledgable. Going to come back.


Bowen Goh

28 May 2018

One of the best gyms in the bay. Great instructors, and a wide range of classes. I loved the strength and conditioning class taught by Steve.


Matthew Cordonero

28 May 2018

My home gym when I'm in the bay area. This an excellent place to get fight and sports training. Some weeks I'm here everyday, others I get too sore. There are no egos and everyone seems willing to help and be beneficial to your training needs. More...


Oscar Andrade

20 April 2017

Great place to bring your kids and adults for Jiu Jitsu class, Sensei Carter is the best, honest and his willing to help.


Jamerson Johnson

2 June 2016

Great all around place to train and learn...


Angela M

28 May 2016

I found out about this gym through a friend and wanted to try the Muay Thai Kickboxing and Strength and Conditioning classes. Both of the coaches, Ahmed and Steve, were extremely helpful and made me feel right at home. They both took time to give personal instruction. The environment and group of people you train with are all friendly and supportive, too! I'd definitely recommend this gym to anyone who is tired of using treadmills and want a different way of getting in shape. More...

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