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David Kramer

28 January 2019

Shawn is the best! If your goal is to be healthier, you want to sign up now! Shawn will listen to you, assess your needs/abilities then provide exercise and nutrition guidance just for you. He is a pro at motivating you! Be ready to learn a lot, and feel better than ever! More...


Rafael Torres

29 December 2018

I highly recommend Omni-fit. Shawn was able to work with my injury teaching me proper stretches and working me out. I fell better than ever. Thank you.


Calen Ryan

29 December 2018

Shawn is a nice guy and is trained in Patel Tsatsouline's Strong First body weight and kettle bell modules. Training with him helped me dial in my KB technique.


Rita Pollak

30 September 2018

Shawn was my personal trainer when he lived in Tucson. He made a huge and lasting difference in my life, especially in my attitude about working out, about nutrition and total life style choices. He taught me how to integrate working with him at the gym, taking that back home and on the road when I traveled for work, for a total appreciation of strength, flexibity, stamina and nutrition. Shawn is patient and smart, keeping up with science and i innovation.I miss him and would work with him again in a heartbeat. More...


Jean Kang

31 August 2018

After a 3 year lapse of letting go and gaining 30 pounds, I lost motivation to exercise and was tired all the time along with constant headaches. With lack of motivation, an hour session was never boring. He kept up with my pace and knew my limits. I've seen progress in myself both mentally and physically, having more and more energy each day with no more headaches. I'm excited to finish my sessions and see bigger and lasting results. Flexible scheduling and very knowledgeable. More...


Missoula Martial Arts

31 August 2018

I've had the pleasure of knowing Shawn and training with him for over 20 years. His concept of functional training, and proper nutrition are spot on. If you're looking at not only to lose weight, but make a lifestyle change that will improve your body, mind, and attitude I highly recommend giving Shawn Smith a call. More...


Nathalie Corbett

31 August 2018

2 days ago, I finished up my training sessions at Omni-Fit before moving out to Springfield. Back in January, I was at a low in my life and I decided to change that, and working with Shawn was exactly what I needed. Looking back at the progress I've made, the knowledge I've gained, and the person I've become from this experience, these past 8 months have been a blessing. 8 months ago, I was slightly depressed and couldn't get the exercise that I wanted without getting chest pains. Now, I feel whole again. My mental health is where it should be. Physically, I'm more fit than when I was a competitive tumbler. I'm able to tumble again, and have been able to enjoy biking and running, chest-pain free! More...


Cristina Santoro

31 August 2018

I started working with Shawn in February 2017. From my initial consultation, I knew Shawn’s coaching style would be a great fit for me. We set goals together and Shawn did a great gob of modifying my training plan to account for temporary injuries and lifestyle influences. I appreciate his approach to integrating scientific research and holistic wellness practices into his nutrition recommendations. In our time together, I have lost about 20 lbs and more than 10% of my body fat. More importantly, Shawn has taught me important injury prevention techniques and shared resources and information that will serve me in maintaining a healthier lifestyle for the long term. More...


andrew cheng

31 August 2018

I had some of my best experiences training with Shawn. He’s consistent, discipline and knowledgeable. I followed his training regimen, 3x a week.. within a month or two, I started getting compliments from people at the gym on my abs!! I highly recommend anyone interested in taking their health and physical shape to the next level, wherever you are at. More...


Kip Goodman

31 August 2018

Shawn Smith excels at what he does. He challenges, motivates, and inspires me to be my best in workout sessions. He designs workouts to keep my interest level high and the mix is always energizing. He has a strong background and is professional in his approach, and he is always looking to increase his knowledge base to benefit clients by bringing new and interesting elements to workouts. He's on top of his game - I feel fortunate to be working out under his guidance and have tremendous respect for his expertise. I have a great rapport with Shawn and I know he wants me to excel. I look forward to our sessions and leave every time feeling elevated, with a real sense of achievement. More...


Julie Banas

25 July 2018

Shawn is an incredible trainer. He provides personilized programs that are perfect for your needs as well as exceptional motivation skills. I achieved amazing results from my training. I always look forward to my session. More...


Rusty Carbaugh

25 October 2017

If you’re looking for a personal trainer, I can’t recommend Shawn enough. Not only is he a good person with a great sense of humor, but he also garners fast results!


Donna G.

25 August 2017

James Wood and Omni Fit is amazing! They are integral to Totally reshaping my physique. He is not only extremely knowledgeable but very patient, informative and analytical . He watches you and makes the recommended corrections with your gait, alignment and  movement. Corrective feedback is so key and my posture has changed dramatically. James is dedicated to his profession. His knowledge about nutrition and body mechanics is so vast. He has shared books and recommended articles that are so interesting and life changing. He is selfless and a diamond in the rough! More...


Michael Hollar

9 September 2016

Shawn is very personable. Your initial Shawn asks the pertinent questions to learn about your goals and reasons behind your desire to to work with a Personal Trainer. Shawn does a functional test which helps him plan out a personal program to accomplish your goals stated. Shawn mixes up the program to keep it fresh. It has been almost a year now with our partnership and I look forward to many more years with Shawn as my PT. More...


Brian G.

12 October 2014

I have been working with Shawn for only a few weeks and am already extremely pleased with his training. In a very short period of time, I already feel stronger, leaner, and energized. Shawn's workouts are very specific to each client. It doesn't matter how old you are, your individual athletic background, or what your personal goals are; Shawn will find a workout routine that is effective, personalized, and fun. Shawn is very knowledgeable about nutrition and healthy eating habits. His guidance and expertise have enlightened me to make better dietary choices. He will push you to stay competitive with yourself while simultaneously making sure you are being safe and mindful of what will help your body versus what could be harmful. It doesn't matter who you are or what you're specifically looking to get out of personal training, Shawn will make your goals realistic and educate you on the best way to get there. He is knowledgeable and easy to get along with. I would recommend Shawn's training to anyone. More...