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Karen Ollis Photography is a professional resource for consumer and corporate channels. For consumer projects such as head shots, graduation portraits, family photos, events and weddings I work in a manner that is non intrusive and endeavor to bring out the real story.



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I think it has more to do with feel then anything, being present enough to "get the photo". Camera angle, composition and lighting all provide the impact when capturing emotion to make a photograph memorable.

What is it you want the photographs to illustrate or capture the most?

Photography has taken me to many places where I have met fabulous people. Its taught me much about life and art. I love capturing true personality and emotion.

I am a self motivated person. I followed what I love to do and have learned along the way. It is a continuing process as technology changes and customer buying habits change.

Photography being my chosen craft, I have pride in high quality, impactful imagery. Its important to me to provide you with captures that are professional, well lit and lasting. I care about what you want and endeavor to provide that in photographic service.