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Company Description

Oli Prides himself on offering a tailored, professional and personal service to help you achieve the most with your dog.

Working with you, to set up a programme covering everything from preparation prior to the arrival of your new Puppy or Dog, House Training, Basic Commands right through to more complex Behavioural Issues. Oli is your man.

Being both a Clever Dog Licensed Trainer and fully insured, you can rest assured you are in safe hands. Only using positive re-enforcement and scientifically based force-free methods.

Visit Oli's website to see what his clients have to say about him or view his Google Reviews below.

Oli Juste Dog Trainer & Behaviourist Reviews

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Review of Oli Juste Dog Trainer & Behaviourist by Sarah
5 17/10/2016

Oli is the most knowledgeable person I've ever encountered when it comes to dog behaviour (and the science behind it). Our dog suffered with serious anxiety, and with Oli's help and guidance she has become a happy and confident girl who doesn't raise an eyebrow when we leave the house - something which seemed impossible to us! Oli is friendly, extremely professional and a very patient teacher to us humans too. We have learnt a lot from working with him - I really hope he writes a book soon! Thanks Oli!

Review of Oli Juste Dog Trainer & Behaviourist by
5 16/10/2016

Oil was fantastic for us as new dog owners his help was invaluable. Oli gave us so much confidence and was very supportive. I would highly recommend him.

Review of Oli Juste Dog Trainer & Behaviourist by Nina Hertig
5 17/09/2016

Amazing dedication and knowledge. Don't know how we would have done it without him

Review of Oli Juste Dog Trainer & Behaviourist by Eileen Coulter
5 10/06/2016

I contacted Oli to help me with my ball obsessed dog Eric. He would also yelp in a consistently, incredibly high pitched (ear piercing!) tone any time I let him off the lead, or he met any people he was particularly excited to see.
Oli arrived with an immediate aura of calm and patience, which Eric responded to immediately. He taught me training techniques and an understanding of doggy body language.
With a warm, calm, quiet and patient manner he's worked wonders for Eric and myself.
Thanks to Oli I have a happier, calmer dog ..... with a happier, calmer owner!
I really can't recommend him highly enough.

Review of Oli Juste Dog Trainer & Behaviourist by Inna Wilcock
5 10/06/2016

Oli has exceptional understanding of dogs, their character and motives. He is very good-natured person, patient and calm during the lesson. One can see results almost immediately, as the dog's response to his training approach is amazing

Oli Juste Dog Trainer & Behaviourist

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Google Reviews of Oli Juste Dog Trainer & Behaviourist

Google Reviews

Review of Oli Juste Dog Trainer & Behaviourist by Socrates Miltiadou
1 month ago

Oli has been a revelation.

We could not have coped without him. Our first two weeks with Amber were stressful, chaotic and we felt totally out of control. We were failing at every opportunity. We had no idea what we were taking on and Oli was like a knight in shining armour who immediately brought a sense of professionalism and calm back into all our lives.

Our only regret is that we did not meet Oli earlier, as it could all have been much easier, pleasant experience for us all.

We have just come to the end of our training sessions with Oli and have a very clear set of objectives that we are all working towards. With Oli's guidance the mist has cleared and we can all see the dog we always wanted.

Our family owes our sanity and eternal thanks to Oli.

Socrates Miltiadou
Review of Oli Juste Dog Trainer & Behaviourist by Hattie Yousefian
1 month ago

Oli is fantastic!!

We rescued a 2 and 1/2 year old dog Junior from Battersea and were having quite a lot of behavioural problems. It was getting to breaking point when we decided to enlist professional help.

After doing some research online we came across Oli and really liked the sound of him.

From the first contact with him, we knew he was going to be great. He engaged with us from the first moment and completely understood the problems we were having. We were quite overwhelmed with our dog as he was displaying signs of aggression and anxiousness. Oli met with us and broke everything down and explained to us simply what was happening with Junior and gave us some really simple exercises to work with.

Almost immediately we saw a big change. 3 months on and we have a different dog from when we started. We are still working slowly and surely with him day by day but when we began he was nervous around us and not very affectionate and now he is so cuddly with my husband and I and such a content and happy dog.

We now feel so much more confident having friends and family round as we can explain Junior's behaviour to them and recognise his body language and the right way to treat him to ensure he feels safe and happy.

Oli is very warm and approachable and was always at the end of the phone for us if we had questions.

I have already recommended him to a friend who is having great success!

Thanks so much Oli for helping Junior and us !

Hattie Yousefian
Review of Oli Juste Dog Trainer & Behaviourist by Giorgio Olivari
4 months ago

Oli has been incredibly helpful in setting us and our puppy up for success in the first few months. From puppy-proofing the house to having the right set of rules from day one we have found his training tips extremely useful. On top of this Oli is also super reliable, fun and friendly. We couldn't be happier of the service we received. Would recommend to anyone!

Giorgio Olivari
Review of Oli Juste Dog Trainer & Behaviourist by Chantal Noel
5 months ago

I'm so glad we found Oli! As first time dog owners, there's been a lot to learn and Oli has given us both the tools and the confidence to really enjoy settling our puppy and getting off to a really good start. Oli is evidently very knowledgeable about dogs but he teaches with a wonderfully light touch, managing to be both animated and precise at the same time. Oli cares as much as we do that our puppy is happy and well-behaved and I have really valued his constancy and care throughout the process. Thanks Oli.

Chantal Noel
Review of Oli Juste Dog Trainer & Behaviourist by Gemma Taylor
2 months ago

Oli has been absolutely amazing with our ex-Romanian street dog Draculesti - he really seems to understand what the dog is thinking and why he is acting a certain way, and the tips and techniques he has taught us have been so effective. Our dog is now much happier and calmer, and I would highly recommend Oli to anyone looking to understand their dog's behaviour and work on any challenging issues.

Gemma Taylor
Review of Oli Juste Dog Trainer & Behaviourist by Ben Wilson
1 month ago

Oli was amazing helping me with my Rottweiller. I learnt so much about keeping my little monster on the straight and narrow:)

Ben Wilson
Review of Oli Juste Dog Trainer & Behaviourist by Ben Digby
4 months ago

Oli has been amazing. He came in to help me with my 8 month old pup who had no training and I had no experience with training a dog, nor having ever owned one.
Thanos is very hyper, and I wanted him to not jump at people and to be able to walk with him off his lead. After 3 sessions, first one being at home and teaching me the science and the psychology behind a dogs behaviour, technique and reward system. The second was taken outside where I was able to implement what we had gone through and the last was to finish with Thanos off his lead guiding me how to recall Thanos on command and also be at heel when I was walking. I couldn't have been more happier. Job done!

After a month, Thanos had then started to pull more on walking and barking at people whilst on his lead, I was able to call Oli, we went through our routine and again helped me understand why certain behaviours had happened (my fault partly) and that I as the human had to change certain aspects. Once I put these changes in place, Thanos now walks on his lead at heel and has stopped barking at passers by.

I highly recommend Oli, not only for his calm manner and friendly approach, but his insight into what is needed and to pass this knowledge over in an understanding way for the owner to progress with on their own.

Ben Digby
Review of Oli Juste Dog Trainer & Behaviourist by Sophieclaire Armitage
7 months ago

Oli is utterly brilliant. He was kind and patient with our puppy as well as with us. He taught us different positive and effective methods needed to keep her happy and occupied as well as behaving on the lead and in the park. We were also able to iron out a few bad habits she had picked up with his gracious guidance. I cannot recommend him more highly.

Sophieclaire Armitage
Review of Oli Juste Dog Trainer & Behaviourist by Kat Hodgkinson
3 months ago

We got in touch with Oli to help us with our one year old pomsky Matilda. Her recall was more miss than hit and I wanted to be able to walk her off the lead in parks but she had the stubborn husky attitude and would only come back if it suited her. From the first session with Oli it was brilliant. He is so good with both the dog and the owners. He explained clicker training and Matilda loved the sessions right from the start. After our final session in Holland Park Matilda happily showed Oli that she would come back when called and even heeled which was a miracle! I can not recommend Oli highly enough he is brilliant and thank you so much for everything.


Kat Hodgkinson
Review of Oli Juste Dog Trainer & Behaviourist by Ap Innes
6 months ago

Oli has been fantastic at helping me with my dog Magnus. We'd tried group dog training sessions and one to one training before but Oli has really made a difference, I only wish we'd met him earlier! Oli has been great at explaining Magnus' behaviour (and mine!) and giving us excercises to help make Magnus less vocal and improve his recall and make walks more fun! I would definitely recommend Oli!

Ap Innes
Review of Oli Juste Dog Trainer & Behaviourist by catherine english
6 months ago

Highly recommend Oli! Our dog is happier and more obedient. We couldn't have done it without Oli and feel so lucky to have his expert guidance! He's patient, fun, effective, kind and great with dogs (and people!).

Our 1:1 sessions are fantastic! Each has had clear focus and purpose which left us feeling confident and prepared to work with our dog.

We needed help with separation anxiety, loose lead walking and socialisation of our 6 year old adopted Staffy Normann. Using positive training methods Oli helped all these things and so much more!

Oli also taught us a lot about dog body language, clicker training, positive rewards, appropriate play and nutrition. He uses video examples, practical training exercises (at home and in the park) and anecdotes to make it all easier to understand.

We were very impressed with Oli and made progress with Normann's behaviour from session one!

catherine english
Review of Oli Juste Dog Trainer & Behaviourist by Giulia Vallone
7 months ago

We absolutely love Oli, and he has helped us a lot with our young lurcher Louie, Oli's methods are based on positive reinforcement, so no physical punishment or anything we were wary of, and sessions with him are always extremely useful and fun for our boy. Oli is great with dogs and you can tell he really does love them all, and is always able to find something special in each one them. He is also really good at providing owners with useful information on how to 'read' dogs and understand better what goes on in their heads. Finally, Oli is always extremely helpful and he is there for us whenever we have any queries, he really goes above and beyond to help both owners and their pups!

Giulia Vallone
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Lorrimore Rd, London SE17 3LZ, UK

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1-to-1 Dog Training

Dog Training Sessions in your home, office or local park. Covering issues such as Puppy Training, Basic Commands, Loose Lead Walking, No chewing - No Biting - No Jumping, Crate Training if needed. A minimum of 3 sessions is required when booking. 3 Sessions - £160 (Saving £20) 4 Sessions - £215 (Saving £25) 5 Sessions - £270 (Saving £30) 6 Sessions - £320 (Saving a whopping £40) Further one-off 1hr Sessions can be booked at £60/hr

Behavioural Course

Have you already got a dog that has picked up bad habits or could do with some guidance? Oli can assist you with tackling issues such as: Separation anxiety, Dog to Dog interaction, Aggression towards dogs, Aggression towards humans, Aggression on the lead, Excessive Chewing & Biting, Jumping up Issues, House Training Issues, General Knowledge of Dog Behaviour, Excessive barking and many more... Behavioural Work requires a minimum booking of 3.5 hours which includes a 1.5 hour Assessment Session and 2 further 1 hour sessions. £290 - Behavioural Course of 3.5 Hours £80 - Further 1hr Sessions if required

Pre-Puppy Pack

5 Hours - £270 (Saving £30) This includes: 2 hours - Prior to Puppy Arrival 3 x 1 Hour - Training Sessions This pack is perfect if you are just about to get a puppy and need some help and advice to make them feel welcome and safe. Oli will guide you through it all from getting the puppy home on the first day and what to expect during the first night/week to House Training and Socialisation/Habituation.

Pre-Puppy Pack Deluxe

8 Hours - £420 (Saving £60) The same as the Pre-Puppy Pack with the added bonus of a post Puppy Arrival visit of 2 hours (usually within a couple of days of arrival) and an extra 1 hour Training Session.

Dog Pre-Arrival Pack

5 Hours - £270 (Saving £30) This includes: 2 hours - Prior to Dog Arrival 3 x 1 Hour - Training Sessions The perfect pack if you are just about to get/rescue an adult dog, and need some help and advice to make them feel welcome and safe in your home. You may know about the dog’s early life, you may not but Oli can help translate your dogs' behaviour to you, as well as clarifying how dogs perceive your own behaviour. The sessions are set out in the same way as the Pre-Puppy Pack but tailored more towards rescues.

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