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Edward Jones

28 May 2016

These guys really walk the talk. A bit skeptical at first but all answers to my question were thoroughly explained with pros and cons and the best practices to follow based on their experience. They did not hesitate to tell me exactly what to do without hesitation. I knew better that it would not be that simple to go at it alone so I hired them for our corporate branding and website development and outperformed my expectations. Simple computer fixes were offered as a bonus for hiring them. More...


Jose Sosa

28 May 2016

Very knowledgeable staff. My biggest ordeal was the tech gave us a time and he called within 15 minutes of our scheduled time and said unfortunately might be 10-15 minutes late due to some accident holding up the palmetto expressway but was right at our exit. They still made it in time. That goes along with me as the old saying goes if you are on time you are late. two thumbs up. More...


CORWheelsUSA .

28 May 2016

These guys really pulled it off for our company going above and beyond outside the scope of our project. Overall they separated major issue into phases and in the meantime gave us more ideas and easy implementations to our infrastructure without having to make major modifications. Also enjoyed the simple methods they taught our team in a small classroom session on using the computer for our business. More...


Meylan Garcia

29 May 2015

They did an excellent job for our corporate branding including the website , social media, and business stationery. The owner loved it and he can really be picky. They worked with us on design changes and explanations till it was right. Thank you guys. More...

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