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Oddlife Designs

Cape Town, Western Cape

Oddlife Designs logo

Oddlife Designs

Cape Town, Western Cape


Website Development, Web / Hybrid app development. UX consulting, BA consulting. UI Design and Development.


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Intelligent, well thought out User Experience, combined with well communicated content, and finally an appropriate, visually engaging User Interface.

What's your budget?

What time frame do you expect?

What are the key features of your site supposed to be?

What are you visually trying to communicate to your audience/target market?

What kind of functionality will the site need to support?

How do you want the site to aid your business goals?

Design and Development analysis and problem solving. It's like being a mad scientist, without the risk of explosions.

Honestly, we felt we could do it better than the industry currently offers.

Simply put, we are very good at what we do and have been doing it for a long time. (p.s. We win awards every now and then... Not to be boastful.)



Design of UI and UX for websites

Design of UI and UX for hybrid web applications

Provide consulting to assist companies define the Business Logic to achieve the goals they are targeting through the use of web software.

Development of code required for Websites

Development of code to create web/hybrid applications