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Octavo Reviews

Review of Octavo by Charlotte Kolowska
5 23/05/2016

Fast turn around & very easy to work with.

Charlotte Kolowska


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Screen Printing

We apply an impervious photo-sensitive emulsion onto a stretched mesh, then take a positive of your artwork and use a high-wattage light source to burn the artwork onto the screen. The dark areas on the positive keep the light from passing through, leaving those areas of the emulsion soft, which is perfect for washing away and thus giving us our stencil. Ink is then loaded onto the underside of the screen and forced through the open areas, transferring it to the printable surface by means of a capillary action during the squeegee stroke. This service is perfect for bespoke art prints, garment printing and runs in complete harmony with our illustration service.

Offset Lithography

The antiquated definition of lithograph is "print from stone". Although the materials and technology has moved on, it's principle is much the same today. In our modern pressroom we use a Computer to Plate system, which furthers the quality and accuracy when we reproduce your artwork. What happens to your artwork? The process of printing is incredibly involved, and we take every care at every stage starting with pre-press production. This is where we ensure that all files are correctly processed and finalised in preparation for printing; including converting to the CMYK colour model. We then use a Computer to Plate system to communicate your file to the Topsetter, which uses a profusion of light-emitting diodes to burn your artwork onto aluminium plates; one for each colour used on your original. The plate is fed through a developer, punched and then shaped ready to fit into our 5 colour Heidelberg Speedmaster DI and transfer your images onto paper. Why Litho? The beauty of it. Of all our print services, Offset Printing is most befitting for producing commercial quantities of consistently high quality, cost effective prints. The outcome is sharp images and precise type, which is achieved more comfortably than other methods as the rubber blanket obeys to the grain of the paper. Our extensively revised technique and top of the range equipment means that we could attain run lengths of more than a million impressions. Ok why not then? Makeready time and costs for the litho press setup could squander your budget if your project requires a small quantity, typically below 1000. For this, we would recommend using our digital service. For some example jobs that suit this process see the Offset Litho section of our blog. All we need from you: A Pdf file of your materials, alternatively we can assist you in the creation and finalisation of your project, just get in touch.

Print Finishing

Your project is all printed but the true impression is on your final product. We offer a range of post press print finishing: Guillotining. At Octavo, we cut your print media using a fully programmable high-speed Polar 92X guillotine. This gives us complete precision and a clean edge for your material. This task is conducted to remove extraneous edges containing colour swatches and registration marks, and to separate pages which have been ganged up on a single sheet. Folding. Directly from the press, the printed sheets are taken to our Stahlfolder-Heidelberg Buckle Folder. This device uses a formation of plates to slightly, like it’s namesake, force a sheet to buckle, which allows it to be pulled through a set of high friction folding rollers. The end result is that your printed sheet has now been turned into either a signature, ready for stitching or a folded leaflet. Stitching. We employ our Muller Martini saddle stitcher to collate and stitch multiple signatures to form one complete booklet, brochure or magazine. The machine then uses it’s knife unit to cut the stitched signatures with extreme precision so that the pages can be flicked through at your clients/audiences leisure. Creasing. We have a dedicated and fully automated Creaser, which stamps a crease into a sheet of paper as a means of indicating the position of folds as well as encouraging complete accuracy when making those folds. Perforating. This is where we punch tiny slits or holes in a sheet of paper or other substrate. Perforating is performed either on press or off press using perforating dies. Your materials are perforated either to allow a portion to be easily removed (such as an order form or coupon), or to allow air to escape from folded signatures, which helps prevent wrinkling. The amount of paper between the perforations—called a tie—can be adjusted. Perfect Binding. In this methiid of binding, we utilise an adhesive to hold pages together. Perfect binding, also known as adhesive binding, applies an adhesive to the spine of gathered pages which, when dry, keeps them securely bound. Commonly, a soft paper or paperboard cover (or paperback) is attached over the binding adhesive. Perfect bound publications have rectangular backbones. Publications that we have produced, bound by perfect binding include paperback books, telephone books, catalogs, and magazines. Die-Cutting. We use a series of metal blades or creasing rules mounted on a plywood dieboard, used to cut a particular pattern into the printed sheet, or to cut the printed sheet into a particular pattern. Diecutting is used to create pop-up books and games, and to cut flat printed sheets into packages or boxes for later assembly. For some example jobs that suit these processes see the Print Finishing section of our blog. Hand finishing. Direct Mail – Pack and Post Storage, Picking and Packing Packing of pre supplied goods into cartons Assembly work Assembling cartons and packing them. Compliation of brochures Sticking Premiums /Credit cards to letters and magazines Fixing CDs to brochures Boutique bag handle affixing (Plastic and Paper) Stringing of Swing Tickets (Tied or Untied) Fitting Belly Band to Brochures Affixing self adhesive pockets Pocket stuffing for brochures Tent Cards Wobblers and Pop-ups Any specialised packing

Garment Printing

We use the silkscreen method of print making to produce our garments. We believe that this process realises the highest quality and most versatility when printing on darker colours. It gives an extensively longer print lifespan than say, vinyl transfers and allows for a softer, more natural touch. It also achieves much higher vibrancy than direct to garment printing. All printed garments are heat cured, allowing the ink to weave and bond with the fibres in the fabric, not just sit on top.

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