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Ocean Wellness

Solana Beach, California


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Samantha W.

7 October 2019

We had the best experience with Dr. Chelf - we were referred to her by both our lactation consultant and dentist after her tongue tie and lip tie had been released at 2 weeks old.  My baby also had slight tortilcollis on the right side of her neck, all of which was impacting breastfeeding.  Dr. Chelf is extremely gentle and takes a holistic approach to her practice, which I love.  She was able to make recommendations that helped to improve breastfeeding, called out a dairy intolerance in my baby and also showed a general interest in my health and well-being - not just my baby's!  Visit after visit, we continued to see improvements in my daughter's latch and mobility at home and in the doctor's office.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Chelf for any of your chiropractic or craniosacral therapy needs.  She is so gentle, kind and is an absolute wealth of knowledge! More...


Janna A.

30 September 2019

We were referred to Dr Chelf by our pediatric dentist for treatment of our twin boys who both had a tongue and lip tie. She started seeing them as of 3-4 weeks of life and supported us through the process of the tongue and lip tie procedures (which I was so hesitant about as they were so young!) But throughout everything, Dr Chelf was supportive of our decisions and helped with the body work that would aid their healing. We ultimately had both of the boys tongue and lip ties corrected and I am so glad I did! Their latch has improved greatly and one of the twins jaws looks completely different as well (previously it seemed retracted and too tight but now moves much more freely like its supposed to!) Dr Chelf is super warm and down-to-earth and has such a kind heart. I would highly recommend her to any mom who is having breastfeeding issues as she is able to work wonders. More...


Glaucia B.

3 September 2019

Dr. Chelf worked on me during both my pregnancies and worked on both babies. She always made me feel comfortable and loved. My body always felt great after an adjustment and she always gave me tips on what I could be doing to help the pain. With the babies she worked on their stomach and with the last one his torticollis. He's never been straighter! More...


Marissa F.

8 June 2019

Our family has visited Dr. Chelf at Ocean Wellness for a myriad of issues and have always been impressed with her personalism and professionalism! Our youngest daughter initially visited Dr. Chelf to help with exercises to enhance her healing process after a tongue, lip, and cheek release. Our daughter was back to nursing like a normal infant in no time! This same child also recently saw the doctor for some late walking/hip issues. Her crawl-scoot suddenly progressedto walking and now running in just a month or so. Dr.  Chelf has also assisted with sleep and diet issues with our son, as well as determining certain food sensitivities of my husband and myself. Dr. Chelf's wellness plan and supplement recommendations have made a huge difference, especially for myself. I  suffered from serious and sudden onset inflammation shorty after meeting Dr.  Chelf. Thank you for helping us transform our lifestyle, particularly through a massively modified diet, and helping us get well! More...



6 May 2019

Truly a unique and special place. When I found out I was pregnant I was so excited, but as I advance in my pregnancy, my wellness professionals (chiropractors, acupuncturist & massage team) would not work as much on me out of fear of possibility causing a miscarriage. As the pregnancy continued, I was in more and more pain due to my growing body. This was when my brother suggested Ocean Wellness. Dr. Bridget and her team helped put a pregnant mama back together. I no longer had pain when I slept and walked. The prenatal massages, acupuncture & chiropractic helped get my body back to alignment and prepare me for the birth, along with address the shootings pains in my legs and the numbing pain in my hip. Post birth, Dr. Bridget worked on my son and helped adjust his head back to normal, which stopped the eye infections he was having. They also helped me increase my milk supply. I’m so thankful for this team of professionals and for them helping me through my pregnancy and the birth of my son. Everyone there has a heart to help & heal and itnis such a special place!! More...


Kel S.

11 April 2019

Dr. Bridgette not only does amazing body work but also is just so kind and tender to the soul. She's been working with my 4 month old daughter after getting her tongue tie revised and it has made such an incredible difference in her latch and suck while nursing. My daughter is always such at ease when working with Bridgette. Bridgette also truly cares about you as a person and it shows. Would recommend her to anyone! More...


Michael W.

24 February 2019

Dr. Chelf starts out every visit by reminding our baby girl that she's "... the nice one".  And honestly, it couldn't be more true. Dr. Chelf is kind, caring, and so supportive. Although she is there to help our little babe, she takes the time to check in with us and make sure we are well. She has depth of knowledge and approaches everything from a holistic vantage point. I always walk away learning something new.Dr. Chelf is a perfectionist when it comes to her craft. She always works to make sure everything is just right He we couldn't be more pleased. Dr. Chelf has been working with our babe since she was 4 weeks old. She starts the session by taking our baby through a series of baby-level stretches and massages. I feel like our baby is thinking "...you really are the nice one" throughout the whole session based on how relaxed and happy she looks. More...


Julie I.

15 February 2019

Unreal experience. It was worth every dollar and the staff is amazing. I honestly was hesitant on the cost benefit as I'd never had experience with cranial sacral but it exceeded any Hope. We took my son there for a high pallet / latch issues with breastfeeding and within 4-5 appointments he was done with his treatments and it made all the difference. Dr. Bridgette is amazing both professionally in skill and personally with you and your family. She truly cares about your well being and wants the whole family to be thriving. She doesn't just look at the one task at hand , she looks and cares for the whole picture. More...


Ami P.

14 February 2019

Dr Chelf continues to be a strong instrumental part of our family and well being. We worked together to build a strong foundation for our son, we trusted her expertise. Today our son thrives and continues to grow with healthy habits. Through the years, Dr Chelf has always been available when questions arises. We are forever grateful to her! We recently had our second baby and we continue to rely on Dr Chelf! We thank her and her practice! We highly recommend her! More...


Sheri C.

8 January 2019

Dr. Chelf deserves 10 stars!  She is not only amazing at what she does, but she's also just a fantastic person.  She is honest and makes you feel totally comfortable, almost as if you've known her for years.  She truly is one of a kind.  That said...  if your baby is struggling with tongue tie or torticollis (or both, like my little dude was), don't hesitate - book an appointment with her now - you won't regret it... More...


Jaime G.

2 January 2019

This review is overdue! I found Dr Chelf and Ocean Wellness by way of pediatric dentist after my baby was born. He had a tongue tie and I was clueless to all that entailed. I am forever thankful we were sent to Dr Chelf. The office is warm and welcoming. As a new Mom I was navigating so much and I felt like I got honest answers, information, and Dr Chelf took time to explain everything. My little guy is thriving now. Selfishly, the best part were the hugs and reassurance that I was doing a good job. There was no question too stupid and no hurrying me out the door. I even got a chance to be adjusted (aching mom back) while My baby hung out at the front desk swaddles and sleeping, amazing!! Dr Chelf has also helped me through the various daycare colds I've gotten and is always available to answer questions. So thankful to have found them. More...


Alexandra D.

21 December 2018

Dr. Chelf came very highly recommended. I went to see her for my 3 month old baby and I was so impressed with her vast knowledge. Dr. Chelf notices things that other doctors miss. She really has helped my family in so many ways. I went to her thinking my daughter had colic and reflux but Dr. Chelf realized she had tongue tie and lip tie. Something that 4 other pediatricians that had seen her for the same symptoms missed. She also did cranial sacral therapy on her and afterwards she slept for 14 hours straight! You could tell my baby felt so much better afterwards. Dr. Chelf is very easy to talk to, trustworthy and listens to your concerns. She has great recommendations for other specialist in the community depending on the issues that come up. She is a great resource for so many reasons and I am so fortunate to have her as someone I can call to ask questions about my kids.I am so lucky to have met her and so are my kids! More...


Joanna V.

7 November 2018

Dr. Chelf came highly recommended to us by a colleague, and we are so glad we paid a visit to Ocean Wellness!From the moment we walked in through the doors at Ocean Wellness, we've been treated with nothing but kindness, respect and genuine empathy. It's clear Dr. Chelf loves her work and her patients. She's truly invested in the total health and well-being of both mamas and babes, and our lives are better for it.Originally, we booked a session to resolve some breastfeeding issues (Dr. Chelf ended up referring us out to an excellent lactation consultant), and instead our sessions focused on craniosacral work with our newborn as well as troubleshooting postpartum issues for my wife. Dr. Chelf is gentle and patient and has such vast experience that she is able to pinpoint and diagnose issues quickly and effectively. We're grateful for our positive experience with Dr. Chelf and the whole Ocean Wellness team! More...


Tatiana H.

26 October 2018

Dr. Bridgette and her entire office are one of a kind in North County. I was seeking further care than my primary pediatrician could offer for the regular flu/cold/ear ache and emotional care for my babies and I found it when I went to her! Her office is 1,000% kid friendly and warm, which helps so much when your juggling the kids on your own. Dr. Bridgette has always been so warm, diligent, and  helpful when treating my children. I'm so grateful for her care and would recommend her to any of my friends. More...


Rick C.

6 October 2018

Dr. Chelf saved my family. If could give a thousand stars I would. We brought our baby girl in and Dr. Chelf noticed from her posture that our baby girl had both a lip tie and and tongue tie. These were things that both the delivery hospital staff and attending, and our pediatrician missed. Because we visited Dr. Chelf, we caught it early and were able to schedule corrective surgery.While examining our baby girl, my 2 1/2 year old son was playing nearby. My wife and I knew something was different about our boy, but having visited many other doctors and specialists trying to figure out what was wrong, we had no answers. From a distance, Dr. Chelf noticed that our son exhibited symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder. She gently gave us the information we needed and helped us take the steps and get the evaluations necessary to help my son heal and develop properly. Additionally, we were able to do genetic screening and optimize both of our children's diet and nutrition to suit their needs. Dr. Chelf is the reason both of my children are now developing well. She caught things that would have otherwise seriously affected them their entire lives. I trust Dr. Chelf. She caught things many other medical professionals missed. Without her, my life and the lives of my wife and children would have been substantially worse. I am forever grateful for her help. 5 giant stars and a big thank you! More...


Maggie J.

1 October 2018

She is wonderful! The treatments have been super helpful in alleviating my neck pain. She also identified some nutritional deficiency that were affecting my energy. I have also had her treat my children. Highly Recommend!! More...


Suzie K.

25 July 2018

After suffering with Pulsatile Tinnitis for the last few years, I was referred by a friend to Dr. Chelf to try cranial-sacral therapy.  After approximately 6 months of treatment, I'm relieved to say that my tinnitis is not a problem anymore.  No more annoying pulsing sounds in my ears or sleepless nights! In addition to working on my jaws, she has also given me chiropractic treatments for my hip, neck and shoulder --  which have helped me immensely.  I especially appreciate that appointments are not rushed like other chiropractors I've seen.  Dr. Chelf is also very thorough during the initial intake meeting; really trying to understand the needs of the patient.  I live approximately 30 minutes from her office, but it's worth the drive and traffic because her treatments are so wonderful! More...


Crystal D.

11 July 2018

Dr. Chelf is absolutely amazing! I first went to her in 2016 after she was highly recommended by a dear friend of mine, who has raved about Dr. Chelf for as long as I have known her. When I first came to her my daughter had just had a frenotomy which led to a nursing strike that led to my milk supply tanking. She was able to get my daughter nursing again, unfortunately my supply never recovered. We continued to see her because my daughter was so much happier after being seen. I started seeing her when I was pregnant with my next child and developing pubis symphysis dysfunction. What relief she brought me, not only physical but mentally and emotionally too. She also helped get my transverse baby back in head down position. She started working on my current baby on day 6 and he loves it/her so. It has made such a difference in his nursing, digestion, and disposition as it did with my previous child. Dr. Chelf has been such a guide for me during ties and frenotomy fears. She was/is just really there for me and my family. She is so much more than just a chiropractor/CST. She is a gentle, calming, caring, and reassuring comfort during a very vulnerable and raw time in women's lives, at least she was for me. She has been such a blessing to me. I can't recommend her highly enough! She is the best at what she does and is passionate about the care she gives. As a mother of five and birth professional there is no one else I'd send friends, family, and clients to. More...


Christine D.

21 June 2018

Dr. Chelf is an amazing practitioner!  My only regret was that I didn't make the investment to see her sooner during my pregnancy. After my son was born, we had to have his tongue and lip ties revised. Dr. Murphy did the revision and suggested we see Dr. Chelf for cranial sacral therapy. Even though his ties were revised, we still had issues with his latch because his palette had been formed around the ties and was shalllow as a result. Dr. Murphy said she is the best in SoCal and I couldn't agree more. After seeing her, our son's latch is perfect and my milk supply has improved to where he is exclusively breastfed 98% of the time. I also have seen her as a patient myself and it's made a huge difference for me. She really knows her stuff, is compassionate, caring and effective. I know she truly cares about me and it's well worth the money to see her. I can't say enough about how highly I think of her and I've seen a lot of chiropractors over the years. Last, she is also highly knowledgeable about functional medicine which includes nutrition. You won't be just supported from a strictly chiropractic standpoint, but also nutritionally as well. More...


Anne A.

12 June 2018

Dr. Chelf is an absolute gem.  Not only is she brilliant at what she does, she is a genuinely kind, caring person.  My first daughter had a lip and tongue tie revised in 2016, but torticollis and tight muscles meant nursing was still not working for us.  A few weekly CST visits with Dr. Chelf and our breastfeeding relationship was saved!  I don't know if I could have continued on without her help.  Instead I happily breastfed for 14 months.  Fast forward to the birth of our second daughter, also severely lip, tongue, and bucchal tied with torticollis to boot.  Even though I do not live in San Diego anymore, I am happily making the 3.5 hour drive each way to see Dr. Chelf.  She advised us on a stellar doctor to do the laser revision, and has been working her CST magic on my daughter.  In addition, she saw how worn down I was and immediately started treating me as well.  She also offered and willingly came in on both her day off and on a Saturday and Sunday to have appointments with us, because it was easier on our schedule.  Talk about above and beyond! She is a born healer, and I would recommend Dr. Chelf and the equally caring staff at Ocean Wellness to anyone without reservation.  Do yourself a favor and make an appointment! More...


Tasia C.

10 June 2018

Dr. Bridgette Chelf is amazing! I was on the verge of giving up breastfeeding altogether. We suffered a bad latch, painful nipples and sleep deprivation with my son. We consulted with a pediatrician and 2 LCs about him possibly being tongue and lip tied. We were told no all three times. My mommy instinct told me that something wasn't right. Several of my friends recommended Dr. Chelf to me and I am so glad they did! She recognized his lip and tongue tie right away as well as tightness on his right side and in his jaw that was making it difficult to breastfeed. With her guidance we now have a great breastfeeding relationship. My little one is sleeping 5-7 hours straight at night at 7 weeks!!!!! I couldn't say thank you enough. More...


Jessica D.

22 March 2018

There is no way to adequately express how grateful we are for Dr. Chelf and her practice at Ocean Wellness. She is experienced, compassionate, patient, loving and so dedicated to the wellbeing of her patients. She's not only a huge part of our baby's physical health, but she is an invaluable source of comfort for new parents, especially moms, navigating the often challenging and anxious territory of parenthood. She has helped us through breastfeeding and tongue tie issues, natural remedies for getting baby well when sick, keeping baby's physical development on par and making excellent recommendations for other specialists when needed. Not to mention our daughter who is 5 months and has been seeing her since she was weeks old, absolutely loves her. We will be with Dr. Chelf as long as she let's us, we adore her. More...


Flo G.

15 March 2018

Bridget has become a trusted member of our family. She entered our lives when my newborn had torticollos, difficulty turning her head, nearly thirteen years ago. My baby fell asleep on the table because Bridget's hands were so gentle (and she only required one or two visits). She has seen us all through emergencies, routine care, and every panicked call from this worried mama. We feel completely safe and loved in her care and know that we are in the very best of hands. Bridget listens, understands and reassures. She gets us better quickly so we can get back to our full lives doing the things we love. I have no other provider that I can rely on as I do Bridget, who really gets what it means to be a mother and wants to provide the highest quality of attention and treatment to ease our minds and make life easier. She's just the best and I am so grateful to have found her so early in my children's lives. We all absolutely love her. More...


Agatha W.

8 March 2018

When I found Bridgette my twins were just 2 months old and we have been through a variety of doctors for their tongue and lip ties. I was still on the fence about the procedure and had felt pressure from all previous caregivers about what we needed to do. When I walked into her office, the first thing she said to me was, "whatever decision you make, I'll support it and we will come up with a plan for the twins based off your choice." I instantly knew I was in the right place. We did end up doing the procedure and Bridgette went above and beyond to support me in the the process and the weeks afterwards. Bridgette also treated my son for his neck and head, and because of her we didn't have to put him in a helmet and at 2 yrs old his head and neck are perfectly aligned. She continues to be the first phone call I make when something is up with our children or ourselves, she is a wealth of knowledge and solutions for almost any ailment- and her chiropractic adjustments are always exactly what the doctor ordered. She is kind, caring and gives herself fully to all her patients and for a new mom she has made the journey into motherhood so much easier and filled with laughs, warmth and much needed knowledge. More...


Nicholas A.

8 March 2018

Our family began regular visits at Ocean Wellness over two years ago through a referral from a friend in our yoga community. We feel so fortunate because of it.  There is so much knowledge, love, support and care within those walls, it is difficult to quantify in one digital review.  Bridgette provided our newborn twins with regular cranial sacral support in their early stages of development and provided us sound guidance that helped us make difficult decisions regarding surgical procedures that affected their overall health and well-being.We placed a large amount of trust in Ocean Wellness to help us grow and nurture healthy, strong, and aligned babies, and we feel extremely fortunate that we did, and continue to do so. In addition, Bridgette has provided cranial-sacral support and chiropractic adjustments to both me and my wife during the two years she's worked with our kids.She has personally helped me navigate multiple shoulder and back injuries as well as provided incredible support through her efforts in my battle with cluster headaches. The practical holistic approach provided at Ocean Wellness just feels right, both physically and ethically.  Bridgette is able to see ailments through multiple lenses and really works to understand the origin of symptoms for long-term healing and overall betterment of the body and mind. The team is also incredibly kind and welcoming and the atmosphere of Ocean Wellness is safe and secure. If you are looking for a practical, supportive, trustworthy provider with a holistic background, I strongly recommend Bridgette and the team at Ocean Wellness. More...


Jean C.

7 March 2018

Chiropractic adjustments kinda freak me out, and yet I trust Dr. Bridgette Chelf to treat me.  She is a gifted, compassionate Chiropractor and Cranio-Sacral Practitioner who is constantly expanding her knowledge and repertoire to best serve her patients.  Her expertise in Functional Medicine has benefited me tremendously, and I trust her implicitly. More...


Tiffaney H.

3 March 2018

Dr. Chelf has treated me for almost 6 months now, and I couldn't be happier. She has helped me so much from helping me identify a condition to working with me on my path to healing. She has a genuine care for her patients and is so knowledgeable when it comes to the body. The staff is super friendly, too! Also, I appreciate that Dr. Chelf is always on time. I never have to wait more than a couple minutes to get into my appointment. She is an amazing, trustworthy doctor, and I'm so thank I found her! More...


Rusti R.

3 March 2018

Dr. Chelf is wonderful.  My baby had tongue tie and lip tie.  His pediatric dentist, recommended Dr. Chelf to us for cranial sacral work as our baby needed additional help for issues caused by the tongue tie and being a big baby cramped inside the womb.  Baby loves his Dr. Chelf.  He is now doing so much better and is on track for a happy, healthy childhood.  Dr. Chelf is also a huge support to me and has even been willing to see me after office hours when I was on the verge of mastitis.  We feel so grateful to have found her. More...


Gretchen L.

20 February 2018

There are no words to fully express our gratitude to Dr. Bridgette Chelf. She is absolutely amazing, through and through. We first saw her after our first baby had her tongue-tie clipped at 17 days old. As a new mama, with absolute determination to successfully breastfeed, Dr. Bridgette gave us all the support (emotionally and physically) that we all needed to continue our nursing journey through age 2. Six years later, we have three little ones and Dr. Bridgette plays a huge role in keeping our family healthy. She is our first call if anyone is sick, our kids absolutely love visiting her office, and she truly cares about healing - not just ushering you in and out of the office, and checking you off the list as you'd often find in a traditional medical practice. Her energy is so healing and calm, she puts a mama's heart at ease the moment you step into her space. More...


Kelly M.

2 June 2017

Dr. Bridgette Chelf is a born healer. Her whole practice is geared towards Helping Babies and Mamas.She has worked on myself as well as both my children since days after birth. My first born had a very tough birth where he was stuck in my birth canal for 5 hours of pushing against my pelvis, he was on his left side face up and crowning.  Not the ideal position for delivery.Since the cord was wrapped around his neck twice he couldn't get out.  His poor little head had a huge dent in the temple and it was cone shaped back wards.  She changed the shape of his skull and helped him be able to breastfeed without discomfort. As well as hold his head and neck properly for his growth and development. She also helped my second baby who had a tongue and lip tie and was very colicky for the start of her life.Dr.Chelf is amazing. She is so calm and supportive especially to new mamas facing any kind of issue.  As my children have grown she continues to help with their health and wellness. My children look forward to their appointments and seeing her at each appointment. I sometimes have a hard time getting them to come home with me. Since the practice cares for many children...she has a lot of fun toys to play with.Dr. Chelf truly cares for her patients and their families. She is a rare find and completely worth seeing if you need help. More...


Aleigh B.

31 May 2017

Bridget Chelf is a fantastic chiropractor with an innate understanding and compassion for mothers and babies. After a very difficult labor with my first born I began seeing Bridget with my second pregnancy. She helped me tremendously throughout my pregnancy with hip and back pain, and when my little one was born the labor and delivery was beautiful, peaceful, and quick! I truly believe having my body and hips in line the second time around made all the difference. My babies have also benefited from her healing hands through all the various stages of their infancy and now early childhood. Bridget is a wealth of informal and knowledge; I highly recommend her!! More...


Rikkie H.

30 May 2017

I had the pleasure of watching Bridgette (Dr. Chelf) magic when my son Grai's hip was dislocated shortly after he started walking. I noticed something was off when he whimpered while trying to stand, whimpered when I put him down, grabbing his groin and whimpering after taking a short step. This was so unlike my happiest boy!?! I panicked called Dr. Chelf and she immediately made room in her busy schedule to see my son. She was so gentle and nurturing to him and later that day he wasn't whimpering, he was still cautious with movement, but by the next day I was in tears of joy. He was walking and back to his joyful self. I only took notice because I have delt with the same issue my whole life. And the way he was moving was so familiar. Dr. Chelf has helped me throughout my pregnancies and postpartum with not only my own health issues but the three little loves of my life!! With colds, illnesses, achy parts, etc...  She is a true jem! And I am so grateful to have her as a part of my health team!!! More...


Rachel M.

18 May 2017

We live in Chicago but were in San Diego for a visit with our kids, including 6-month-old Charlie, who's had horrible reflux his entire life. We've gone to lots of different doctors, who've put him on a variety of medications, made modifications to my diet, and suggested invasive procedures. We happened to strike up a conversation with a family seated next to us at a restaurant who recommended a visit to Dr. Chelf, and we were lucky to get an appointment the next day.Dr. Chelf was so comfortable with my son, and he was so comfortable with her. She did some craniosacral therapy and she checked him for a tongue and lip tie, which I'd suspected was the source of at least some of his issues. Since we've been home, we saw a specialist (she got us his name), who confirmed what Dr. Chelf saw, and we've since had the ties fixed. He's a different kid. I credit Dr. Chelf with empowering us to seek a formal consult and finally get to the bottom of our little guy's issues. If we lived in San Diego, we'd be regular patients. More...


Krisztian K.

30 April 2017

Our family has been seeing Dr. Bridgette Chelf over the last 7 years.  We've seen her through 3 pregnancies, a myriad of health issues and taken our children to her as well.  There are so many chiropractors to choose from these days (and we've seen oh so many!) but let me tell you that she is the best in San Diego.  Her knowledge and expertise have guided us through the worst of times but what stands out the most is her compassion and kindness.  We can't recommend her enough! More...


Morgan G.

28 April 2017

Dr. Chelf was so instrumental in helping my newborn and I establish a solid breastfeeding relationship. We were still struggling after having tongue and lip ties released (elsewhere), and Dr. Chelf worked with my daughter and I to do some craniosacral therapy and help me identify some dietary triggers (dairy, gluten) that may have been affecting my daughters ability to digest my breastmilk well.After just a couple sessions I started to see vast improvement in not only my daughter's ability to latch well, but her overall comfort and happiness too. Like, she literally seemed like a new baby.On top of all that, Dr. Chelf is so warm and inviting. I felt like I had known her for years upon first meeting. She really cared about us as people, as a family, and wanted to see us all happy and thriving. I cannot say enough good things about her, and everyone at Ocean Wellness. I am forever grateful. More...


Glaucia B.

5 January 2017

I love Dr. Chelf and Becky Gonzalez! I started going to both of them during my first pregnancy and it helped so much! I used to have a lot of back pain but during this pregnancy I felt little and I think it was all the cracking and rubbing these two did! Check them out! Thank you both!


Catarina A.

10 July 2015

Dr. Murphy and Grace Magill are truly a blessing! I just took my 2 and a half week old son to them for his tongue and lip tie and the care my son and I received was above and beyond what anyone could ask for. Dr. Murphy asked tons of questions to really understand everything we were going through with the tongue and lip tie so he could help us to the best of his ability. Breastfeeding was instantaneously better. I can't wait to see the changes to come! I can't thank him enough. More...


Luna C.

26 March 2015

I brought then 5 month old son to Dr. Chelf in order to fix the shape of his head. Thanks to her treatment the shape of my son's head became so much better within several months. Her technique is so gentle, and you can tell she really cares about your baby. I also receive her chiropractic treatment.  30 minutes session includes stretching, massage, and adjustment. Very gentle way to get a body adjusted. As she doesn't accept insurance as well as she is out of my insurance's network it's expensive, but it's worth it. More...


Katie D.

11 February 2015

When my third son was born I knew after the first day that he was tongue tied like my first child had been.  I was relieved to discover that Dr Murphy, who had helped me a few years earlier with my first child, had started his own practice!  My voicemail was received, and they called back even though it was a weekend. I got an appointment for Monday and had the tongue and lip ties revised.  He was careful, let me stay close to my baby the entire time, and showed me, very specifically, how to care for the wound to get the best results. Breastfeeding was immediately easier for both of us. We had three follow up appointments where I got one on one time with both lactation consultants.  It's now been over a month since the procedure and my newborn is CLEARLY gaining weight, healthy, chubby, and exclusively breastfed thanks to ocean wellness! More...


Dawn D.

8 June 2014

Love love love dr Chelf.  My son was tongue tied and I came to her after his tongue was clipped because he wasn't feeding properly.  She said his upper lip was tight. She sent me to an amazing doctor who lasered it and she continued his cranial sacral therapy.   He lived it and I loved seeing her. She is so caring at a stressful time and really has a calming and caring demeanor.   The laser didn't work right away but several weeks later with the therapy he was finally able to breastfeed at 3 months!   He is 6 months now and still breastfeeding exclusively, no bottles!!!   I do miss our "therapy" sessions.  We would talk while he got his therapy and I just love Dr Chelf.  She didn't just treat my baby she took care if me too and when u have a new baby she is exactly the kind if person you need! More...


Kamian B.

22 August 2013

I took my son to Dr. Chelf starting at 10 weeks for cranial sacral therapy. We didn't know about his tongie-tie until 9 weeks, got it lasered right away, and started therapy the following week. We went about twice a week for 3 weeks and then once a week for another month. She completely corrected his suck! His incorrect use of his tongue was causing weight gain issues and nipple soreness before. She also showed us some stretches to loosen his neck muscles so he could turn his head to one side easier, since he favored the other side. As a first-time mom dealing with the mystery that is the newborn, I found her to be extremely encouraging and uplifting. I looked forward to driving to Solana Beach from Poway to see her for his visits. And as she was massaging my baby, she would ask me about things we discussed at his previous visit, like my dog or my transition back to work. She was just as much therapy for me as she was for my son. I will definitely be bringing my next baby to her just to check him/her out! More...


Lauren C.

6 May 2013

My four year old bichon-poodle, Pearl, injured herself jumping off of a bed or couch.  After two veterinary visits and a misdiagnosis,  I was told that she may have slipped a disk.  She would lay on the floor to eat, she couldn't run, and she dragged her back leg.  Her quality of life was much less than it had been, and it was heartbreaking to watch her that way.   It was recommended that I take her to a neurologist for an MRI and possible surgery.  According to my research, this would've been VERY pricey.  I decided to try a chiropractor for her first and see if the more natural way worked.  Pearl basically limped into Ocean Wellness last week.  Although I wasn't sure if chiropractic would work for Pearl, I was very hopeful after seeing Bridget.  She suggested that Pearl basically got whiplash and threw out her mid back, not that she had a slipped disk.  Two visits later, Pearl is herself again!  She can jump on the couch and is dying to go on a long walk.  (soon!)  Thank you so much to Ocean Wellness for helping my sweet dog.  We are looking to many more healthy years with her. More...


Heidi J.

28 October 2012

Bridget Chelf is a miracle worker! My awesome pediatrician recommended Bridget to us after my then 9 month old daughter had chronic ear infections that weren't resolved by multiple rounds of antibiotics. I was a little weary of using chiropractic on a baby but Bridget was fantastic in showing me everything she was doing before doing it on the baby and demonstrating the incredibly light but remarkably effective pressure she used. Lo and behold, after a month of treatment, the ear infections were gone and have not returned over a year later. Bridget has a very calming effect and a wonderful energy. She is such a pleasure to be around that I started going to her myself. I cannot emphasize enough how much she changed my daughters life and how much we appreciate and respect her work. She is a true healer. More...