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Anna Yao

27 September 2019

I came to Nat to get a headshot for my LinkedIn account. Nat was very professional and thorough during our appointment and made sure we were on the same page about what I wanted to achieve with the photo. We took photos against both black and white backgrounds to see which one worked better for my skin tone. He sent me all the photos almost immediately. I am super happy with how they came out and would recommend Nat to anyone looking to have their headshot taken. More...


Marian Palmer

7 September 2019

The experience was amazing and Nathaniel was super encouraging! The pictures were great and professional for the price! Thanks again!


Miguel Arce

22 August 2019

This was an amazing session! Love how professional and knowledgeable nathaniel was. He helped me find the right posture for me to come out my best !! Thank Nathaniel for the unforgettable experience! More...


Alicia Rodriguez

8 August 2019

I highly recommend Nathaniel's photography services for professional headshots! The process of booking the session was very easy and straightforward, with no hidden fees or surprises. The quality of the photos is extremely high, you receive all of the photos he takes shortly after the session, and he takes the time to understand the intended use of the photos so he can modify the types of shots he takes. As an attorney, I've had headshots taken previously and this was by far the best experience I've had (as well as my favorite photos). The setting is a cozy and Nathaniel makes you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the process. Very happy! More...


Kevin Lin

24 July 2019

Excellent headshots, and you get hundreds of them a couple hours after the shoot. Honestly we could have stopped after 30 shots and there would have been many great choices. Comfortable process and very affordable. What more is there to ask for? More...


John Baxter

23 July 2019

It was a great experience. It was the best cost. He was very professional and my head shots came out amazing. I highly recommend him.


Qiyang Xu

9 July 2019

I had a great experience! Nathan is very professional and nice!! I am very satisfied with the headshots taken! It’s of great value. Highly recommend this headshot spot! More...


Alfred Cabrera

2 July 2019

First time getting headshots and it was cheap, simple, got a ton of great photos. Nat is great


Mauro Nissan

21 May 2019

Nathaniel is very kind and professional. I'm not such a photograph persona, but he could make feel much more comfortable. His studio is cozy, on a very good location in midtown Manhattan.The final result, considering the raw material which is me, was very good and the price was a very solid deal. More...


Delilah Feliciano

14 May 2019

At first I thought everyone’s comments were to good to be true but Meeting nat it was exactly what everyone been saying . Totally worth it ! Dont debate, come to him for headshots . Great !!! More...


A Google User

7 May 2019

Great experience!!! Nat was professional, courteous, and extremely talented. The makeup artist he works with is amazing too!!! If you are looking for professional headshots at a reasonable price, NYC Headshot Spot is the place to go! Nat took so many great photos I had a hard time narrowing it down. I would highly recommend you give him a call. Thank you NYC Headshot Spot!! More...


Zixuan Liu

28 April 2019

Nat is professional, courteous and extremely easy to work with. Just check my profile pic. The quality of that headshot speaks for itself.


Jacqueline Fabrizio

28 April 2019

Nathaniel was a pleasure to work with. He was professional and incredibly experienced. I researched many companies for a corporate headshot and this offered the best service for the right price. I am confident with my new headshot and would recommend Nathaniel to anyone seeking a headshot for any reason. The quality of the photo is great. Could not be more pleased! More...


Soprano New York

27 February 2019

Excellent photographer and a really nice guy! Works hard to get the best picture possible! Sends you samples the same day! Fantastic price!! 100% recommended! More...


Samantha Bartlett

27 February 2019

Absolutely loved coming in for my appointment at NYC Headshot spot. Nathaniel's work is of exceptional quality and he is a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him highly to anyone looking for a professional headshot. More...


Chen Jing Jiang

27 February 2019

I chose to go to NYC Headshot Spot was because the price is a steal, the work looked professional and money back was guaranteed if you don't like the work. So I decided to give it a try. I am writing this review is because of the quality of the work, but more importantly is their professionalism. Nathaniel is really good at knowing your demand and helping you to get your best shot. His partner will retouch your photo and even slimmed my face to make me look skinnier. At here you will feel that you are respected and valued. I would definitely recommend this place to people who need such service and I hope more people can support Nathaniel's business. More...


Shevone Adams

28 January 2019

Nate is excellent! He is an expert at his craft and makes you feel completely at ease in front of his lens. The pictures came out great, extremely hard to choose. For my first headshot, I am happy I got the right photographer. Thank you Nate! More...


Andrew Pastor

28 January 2019

I work in the real estate industry in Manhattan and a quality headshot is VERY important. After an extensive Google search to find someone to take mine, I came across Nathaniel Welsh. His work is absolutely outstanding! What’s great is that he doesn't overcharge like most professionals as well. Nathaniel is an extremely nice guy and fun to work with! He helps you to find that perfect angle where you look your best and the quality of his work is unreal. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for the perfect headshot. He is very professional and talented at his craft. I'll definitely be a returning client- More...


Dawa Lama

7 June 2018

Photo shooting with Nat was great. I highly recommending connecting and getting your picture taken by him. He knows what is he doing, and patiently works with you. He is also very interesting to talk to. More...


Jay Sandys

1 June 2018

Great value. Nat is very professional. The process is seamless; appointments are easy to schedule, pics and touch-up are top quality, with a quick turnaround to boot. I was very pleased with the results, highly recommend. More...


Timo Staudinger

25 May 2018

Had a great experience! Nathaniel did an amazing job guiding me through the whole process, gave great suggestions, took his time with me, and was very skilled at making the shots look good. Highly recommended.


Marc Romeo

21 May 2018

I found Nathaniel Welch to be both professional and friendly. My pictures looked great and the price is right. I recommend him highly


Lucas Bi

26 April 2018

Talented, Experienced and Professional.

Nathaniel helped me with my headshots yesterday. They look gorgeous!

His expertise is intoxicating. You may find his masterpiece on his website, which are creative and brilliant.

With his extensive work experience, he would make your headshots not only look perfect but also portray the person who you really are innerly.


Rontarius Foushee

17 April 2018

Nat was awesome. We are new to NYC and there are plenty of photographer's in the area. I'm so happy I went with NYC Headshot Spot for my son's first set of professional head shots. I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome! it's very refreshing to find a photographer that produces photos just like what you see on his website and for such great price. Thanks Nat you are my son's photographer. We will be back! More...


Filomena Nigro

25 March 2018

I had a great experience with Nathalien, my photo shoot was very professional and a lot of fun at the same time. He was extremely helpful and worked around my schedule. Highly recommended!


Jean Vrola

7 March 2018

I would highly recommend working with Nathaniel. He is an incredible photographer, and is a pleasure to work with. He is very skilled at putting you at ease in the process and providing direction/suggestions that ensure you are able to get the best head shots.


Daniel Gaztambide

16 February 2018

Nathaniel was a pleasure to work with--he knows how to put you at ease and draw out your style and personality for the shoot. And the stories! He's clearly an expert in his field, and makes the process really fun and dynamic. Will book for shoots in the future for sure! More...


Victoria Blackwell

25 January 2018

I was a little hesitant walking in and realizing that Nat works out of his home. He was incredibly inviting and could tell that I was a bit apprehensive. We sat and talked for about 30 minutes before we started shooting and learned a bit more about each other which really helped in a smooth shoot.

He is a true professional and I'm really pleased with his work. I highly recommend him. Thanks Nat!


sandra lomotey

20 January 2018

I had an amazing experience! Nathaniel was nice and very professional, he took his time to make sure I got perfect headshot! The pricing was perfect for my budget, other places would have charged an arm and a leg for this quality of work, and the variety of photos I was able to keep for future use. I would definitely recommend others to get their photos taken here!! More...


Anna Jinjolava

18 January 2018

I am so glad I found Nathaniel. He worked very hard to deliver amazing results. The whole process was much more enjoyable than I expected. He puts you at ease and brings out the best qualities. My family and friends are already booking appointments with him. I can't recommend Nathaniel highly enough. More...


Jasmin Manalac

17 November 2017

Nathaniel sets you at ease and directs you to make tiny adjustments that have a big impact. His work is worth more than he asks and he ensures your photos will look like a million bucks! The Retoucher then finishes the job with the appropriate tweaks. You will be pleased with the finished product and be proud that the your collaborative efforts represent you in the best possible light. More...

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