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"Gemma is a light on earth. Gemma possesses this special ability to walk straight into your heart. She does not take your BS, but she let’s you know in a gentle and kind way. Gemma has a great ability to listen, also to the things you are not saying.



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The biggest understanding comes when you realise that as you lighten up your body, you lighten up your mind and spirit. My course gives you a direction and focus that is above and beyond a healthy diet. I see it more as an awakening!

I love people's stories. It always helps me to move someone forward, because food plays a major role, but so do our emotions, stresses and state of mind. People tend to refer to me now as a life coach as I never focus on food alone. Seeing the confidence shine through from my clients in such a short space of time always gives me goosebumps.

Nutrition helped to dig me out of a very dark hole over a decade ago.

However, it wasn't just my body that changed. My whole mindset shifted through the nutritional program and the techniques that I learned and then developed for myself. I feel fully transformed.

I am now more than a decade on, and have heard so many stories all of which show how much we all endure through our lifetimes. I am now thankfully able to move forwards with a lightness, a confidence and a positivity that I love to share.

With a family of four children I also love the flexibility to work from home via Skype or Messenger.

I believe that when people come to me for nutritional advice, it is rarely just about nutrition. People are stuck, they need direction and focus. The diet plays a big part of that, but when you come to see me, I give you so much more than nutritional advice. I tend to change lives.

“Gemma is an inspiration, she has anchored my beliefs and rebuilt my knowledge through inspiring stories, gorgeous recipes, light and laughter.” Soph, Brighton

“This is amazing - life changing and Gemma is not only extremely knowledgeable, but just lovely.” Vicki, Brighton.

"Gemma you talk in a way that I have never heard anyone talk before". Ada Jos


I am a qualified Nutritional therapist. However, the course that I took was called "Cellular Awakening" by Barbara Wren. Her work is life changing and it has profoundly altered the way that I view the world. I have developed my own way of working with nutrition. I use it to shift stagnation at a cellular level and it is my belief that when we make these cellular changes it reflects on our outside world (and vice versa). So my nutritional program is not just about food it is always about where you want to be in your life. I look at the world quite differently from most people I have been told. I am empowering and will be a positive force for change in your life.