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Numbers Plus specialises in providing virtual numbers for every UK dialling code and service numbers such as Freephone or 03 national numbers which can intelligently forward calls to an existing landline, mobile phone, or use the latest VoIP technology.



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Town and City numbers for all dialling codes, Freephone 0800 and 0808 numbers and National 0333 and 0345 numbers

All of our numbers can be forwarded to your home of office landline or to your mobile phone or VoIP phone/app (or a combination of these) A certain volume of call forwarding minutes is included with each of our packages to help you manage your costs. If you have more than one destination number where calls can be delivered, this option allows you to have more than one route, so if a call is not picked up on one line it can be diverted to alternative numbers including mobile phones. Ideal if you have multiple home workers or if you are often away from the office and require overflow calls to be delivered to your mobile or an alternative contact.

Once your number has been allocated, you will have access to make changes to your service via our online console. Any change you make is instant and this means you do not have to wait for a customer service team member to make changes for you. You are in control at all times. Of course, we are always willing to assist and quick to respond to your needs.

At the start of each call a welcome message can be played to the caller such as “Thank you for calling ABC Company. Please hold the line while we connect you” The caller will know instantly that they have called the right number and the impression given is one of a professional company offering a quality service.

Route your calls to a computer soft-phone, VoIP desk phone or Smartphone App. We also offer SIP trunk routing and outbound VoIP calls. See www.numbers-plus.com/sip_trunks.aspx for details or call our Sales Team. Routing via VoIP gives you an added benefit of keeping your other lines available without the cost of an extra fixed line or mobile.

Our voicemail service can be personalised with your own outgoing message and will deliver the callers message to your email account as an MP3 file which can be played through any media player such as iTunes, QuickTime or Windows Media Player. This service is compatible with smart phones as well as PCs or laptop computers.

If your business is not open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, you may wish to set office hours on the number so that calls outside of these times can be dealt with differently. The most common use is to deliver out of hours calls to a voicemail message that confirms the business hours, web site and useful information. Callers can then be called back during business hours.

Call Whisper is another useful way to identify calls through the virtual number. When the call is connected we play you a short message (which can be personalised) before connecting the call such as “this is a business call” or “this is a London call”. The caller does not hear this message but you are then prepared to answer the call appropriately. The service also has an “accept/reject” option which requires a “key press” to take the call or an alternative key press to reject it. If you elect to accept the call then the caller is put through. Rejecting a call simply moves it to the next destination in your routing plan or to voicemail if there is no next target. It is ideal for home-office workers where a member of the family may pick up the call in error or for preventing calls being delivered to automated voicemail services which are common with mobile phones allowing the call to be moved on to another destination.

Incoming call statistics are vital for measuring the effectiveness of your marketing giving a clear picture of the calls coming in to your business. Use a different virtual number for different advertising media and you can see at a glance which adverts are producing the highest level of incoming enquiries and make the best of your advertising budget.

Route calls to specific destinations or departments based on a key press. “Please press one for sales, two for customer support or three for accounts”. The menu options and audios can be fully personalised and can include sub-menus to add layers to the service. If a caller chooses one option, it is possible to then narrow down the call routing by offering further options. Each menu routing offers fully independent routing options, whispers and voicemails.

Whether you need to record your calls for regulatory reasons, for reference, or for staff training, our recording package will save each conversation as an MP3 file that can be sent to an email address or FTP address and to an online archive in your web console. Each file is referenced for ease of retrieval.

Each call you receive is important. Any missed call might be that next big order that you were depending on. Keep callers on the line by using the Numbers Plus Call Queuing service and make sure your sales or support teams speak to each and every caller.

The web monitor shows the current calls in progress and the calls that are queuing in an easy to read snapshot format. The website automatically refreshes to show up-to-date information. Ideal for call centre operations where call monitoring is an essential part of the operation.

You'll never miss a call again with our notification service. We can email or text each time a call is received or each time a call is missed.