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Whatever the concern maybe such as over indulgence,
cravings, addictions, fears, stress relief and more.

It is our priority to provide resolutions to these by customising
every single treatment individually. With more then 1
solution being provided for better results.


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murph loria

28 May 2017

Thanks Manny, I was told that, 'I did the best presentation', even better than some of the staff they were already using. After your confidence treatment, I feel happy and in control instead of the panic.


Michel bark

28 May 2017

After only 1 session I noticed a big change and have been really surprised by the results of just two sessions. I definitely recommend these hypnotherapy services to anyone wanting to be healthier.


Anna Kuldworth

28 May 2017

Wanted some counselling and unlike others I have been to, the hypnosis also gets better results, so there is no need to keep going to see them, allowing you to be more independent and get results for the long term.


Karren Riley

28 May 2017

Manny helped me overcome, my fear of flying and I just had the best holiday in the Caribbean. Thank you very much Manny.


Stacy Kendricks

2 December 2016

WOW, After seeing you my life has changed completely. I am happier, have more time for myself and never get stressed, thank you so much.


Adin Prakashe

25 November 2016

Thanks Manyy for the recent help to lose weight, I have made some changes already after only seeing you on the 1st session, thanks a lot.


Johnathan Millwall

21 November 2016

5***** stars for you Dr Hira, you have saved me over £3000 a year. I no longer smoke cigarettes, thank you.


Stephen Tyler

14 November 2016

Can't say what was being smoked, but am less stressed and smoke free, Thanks Many.


manoj hira

1 November 2016

Treating people from superstars to people on benefits, these guys are great. Thanks Manny x :)


Chris Coleman

28 May 2016

HIghly recommended! Very professional, discrete and we have found that it works not only immediately but also in the long term. More effective than fad diets and better for your health overall. More...


Denis Hiller

29 May 2015

Thank you dear friend, you are a good professional and know their job well, thanks again


Nar G

29 May 2015

Many thanks for your help. Even quit smoking electronic cigarettes)) I wish you health and your family.


Andranik Harutyunyan

29 May 2015

after a few visits, I can feel the change for yourself. I do not regret that come to you. I hope with your help to stop smoking.


Shelley Froyster

29 May 2015

I lose a stone like in a month and I am very happy because this is my first time I tried hypnosis and it is very effective. I couldn’t believe this! Thank you so much for helping me lose weight I give "Manny" a better then perfect rating. More...


Samson Hakobyan

22 January 2015

Thank you dear friend, you got me very helped, i'm really grateful to you mr. Hira

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