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At Novus Dog Training we believe that training should be fun and interesting for everyone involved - us, you and, most importantly, the dogs. This is why we teach using positive reinforcement and, more specifically, clicker training. We believe that all dogs learn at their best when they are happy and comfortable, which is why all of our training is force free.

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Fran Shaw

23 July 2018

Iv seen Sarah train her own dog he can do a lot of tricks and is well behaved if you need help call sarah


Kimberley King

23 July 2018

Incredible clicker training methods with such an amazing knowledge of dog behaviour. Could not recommend Novus Dog Training enough and Sarah explains everything clearly.


Becky Fletcher

23 July 2018

Would definitely recommend - was so helpful with out Springer spaniel as we were having problems with recall and pulling on the lead . He now walks beautifully and is a pleasure to walk and comes back without any problems More...


Nikkii Johnson

23 July 2018

I have used Sarah many times for dogwalking and one on one tuition for me and Bailey. She is patient and makes sure that I am walking him the best I can be with positive reinforcement and repition. I trust her completely and Bailey is so happy after walks and cuddles! Highly recommend! More...


Jackie Shaw

23 July 2018

Sarah has three dogs of her own .They are all different & needed to be trained in different ways.Ive seen her train her dogs she is a great trainer .Her dogs are well behaved great trained they can do tricks she uses clicker training .Sarah is a lovely young lady she work hard & she will work round your times she will not let you done . Please call Sarah if you need any help with your dog .She will give you advice plus show you how train & work with your dog . More...


Dionne George

23 July 2018

Absolutely couldn't recommend this woman enough. She helped me with my dogs when I bought home a massive dog to live with my chihuahua. Within a very short time, Sarah got the two dogs friends and now they're best buddies, she supported me with my Rottweiler too. Always there at the end of the telephone with reassuring methods and guidance. Nothing is too much and she will travel. Calm and caring approach works best for any family pet. Can't praise enough. Xx More...


Diane Shaw

23 July 2018

Sarah helped me with training on walks with my dog (pebbles) as when was younger got attacked by another dog and she found it very hard to walk past other dogs this became a nightmare to walk her Sarah tought me how to keep my dog carm and feed treats while other dog passes now its a plesure to walk pebbles. Sarah also helped with the command leave it and toliet training great trainer and nothing it to big or small defently get 5* service from sarah More...


Kimberley Sanford

28 May 2018

I can say that Novus Dog Training is the best dog training company in Coalville! Sarah knows so much about dogs and how they communicate. She uses positive training methods, mainly clicker training, which my dog picked up instantly. I can't believe this little click could help us so much, but it has! Need a trainer in Coalville? Go straight to Novus. More...

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When we gain clients that really want to make training work and commit time to their dogs daily they speed through training. I love seeing them progress and learn so quickly. When this happens the client is always so proud of what they have accomplished with their dog and the dog has enjoyed every minute of the learning process. I love to see their partnership grow and develop into something really very special.

I worked for a dog trainer in a different area but after a house move I was way out of range. I missed my clients and their dogs very much.

At Novus Dog Training we offer more than just training sessions. We believe we never stop learning. New information becomes available and better methods are found to teach our dogs in a way that is humane, fun and effective. We want you to be a part of our journey to continue learning and staying up to date with everything new in the dog training world. We offer a membership to clients so they can gain unlimited access to our library, blogs and video tutorials so even after they have finished their training sessions, if they fancy teaching their dog something new, they can visit our website and find plenty of resources to help them continue their education.
Other than training, we also offer a dog walking service and home visits.


Book a training session

Book block training sessions at a discounted price per session. This package comes with NDT membership so you can access the members' section of our website. This area of the website is updated weekly with new blog posts, training tips and video tutorials.

Book block training sessions at a discounted price per session. Each session you will learn something new, we cover all basic training plus a play session with our mascot Merlin so we can show you how to spot subtle body language and give your puppy the socialisation that he/ she needs to develop. This package comes with NDT membership so you can access the members' section of our website. This area of the website is updated weekly with new blog posts, training tips and video tutorials.

30 minutes individual walk with one of our trained instructors

We can pop in and make sure your dog has fresh water, food, play time and a toilet break