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Nordstrom Reviews

Nordstrom Reviews

Review of Nordstrom by Alyssa Woodruff
5 11/06/2018 Alyssa Woodruff

Always friendly service! Always clean! The employee's are always right there to help you if you need it and don't follow you around like some sales people do. They give you space. The bathrooms are lovely and the building is always clean. Very nice store.

Review of Nordstrom by Julie Wilcox
4 30/05/2018 Julie Wilcox

Quality you'd expect from Nordstrom. Recently rearranged so a little hard too find stuff. No as big a selection as some of their stores. Attentive and nice customer service but not overbearing.

Review of Nordstrom by Kristina M
5 19/05/2018 Kristina M

I believe he said his name was Holden (it says Robert P. on my receipt)- he was a blonde gentleman working at the Charlotte Tilbury counter on Friday May 18 after 4PM- he was the sweetest man. He was so open and kind and helpful and I bought 3 items from him. The five stars are for him and him alone. Two female associates however were the opposite. One was standing at Lancome was so snobby to my friend and I, acting like we were not worth her time. Another older blondish-woman standing near the intimates department was staring daggers at us for no reason. I feel like these two were judging my friend and I based on how much money they thought we couldn't spend.

Review of Nordstrom by Mike Brad
5 13/05/2018 Mike Brad

Nordstrom's at Stonebriar mall is a great place to shop as long as you have pretty good credit line. Most items in the store are expensive but there is plenty to choose from so you likely get what you would like. Shoe shopping is probably one of the main advantages of Nordstrom's. Since the store is at the Stonebriar Mall there is plenty of parking.

Review of Nordstrom by Chrystal Spiva
1 05/05/2018 Chrystal Spiva

I was initially just walking through on my way to another store (because I'm not really a fan of Nordstrom, thanks to past experiences), but the mall construction going on at the time limited my access. But then I saw a gorgeous pink Trench coat on a mannequin and it was exactly what I have been looking for! Unfortunately, true to their style (apparently), despite walking through the entire store, I couldn't find the coats anywhere... and not a single salesperson ever offered to help (or even acknowledged my existence)! I don't know if they are unfairly prejudging people's purchasing potential or what, but it sure feels like it and it definitely makes me want to take my business elsewhere... No matter how much I would have been willing to shell out for the item I have been looking for for months! It bugs me just as much when I go shopping in label-less jeans and a t-shirt and get treated like I'm poor as when I go shopping in designer suits and people expect me to shell out for stuff that doesn't really suit my style just because I look like I can afford to blow my cash. Having money doesn't mean I have to throw it around. And that works both ways. Sometimes, I want to dress up. Sometimes, I just want to be comfortable. Either way, I always want to be treated with the same courtesy.

Review of Nordstrom by David Lake
1 03/05/2018 David Lake

Pushy staff and products are excessively highly priced for mid-range quality products. 100% not worth the price for the sub par, out of date, low quality products. They think over pricing items makes people feel special, but you can shop elsewhere for higher end, latest trend, clothing at a much better price point for upper class gear. Dont ever waste your time here. If you absolutely need the ego boost of purchasing from Nordstrom to boost your self esteem, go to Nordstrom Rack. At least you can get ripped off for a slight discount.

Review of Nordstrom by Maria Elisa Duque
5 11/04/2018 Maria Elisa Duque

Shopping here is a great experience. They have a great variety of styles and a broad price range. Customer service is very good. I love they don't have a date for return policy.

Review of Nordstrom by Nels Hogberg
3 13/03/2018 Nels Hogberg

Called to inquire if they had the brand moschino. After the phone operator caught drift that I sounded in my 20’s I was met with disrespect as if I was waisting her time. Not impressed, I’ll stick to north park.

Review of Nordstrom by Ramla Aamir
5 11/03/2018 Ramla Aamir

Awesome service, I always get compliments when I wear something from here, the most comfortable heels, clothes and bags, comparable prices. I am so glad we have one closeby.

Review of Nordstrom by Peter Nguyen
4 22/02/2018 Peter Nguyen

I mean you go here when you need something. Or you don't. Standard nordstrom

Review of Nordstrom by Amanda White
5 04/02/2018 Amanda White

I have had nothing but pleasant experiences visiting this store. This review is especially for the always friendly and helpful staff at the Service Desk by Topshop who have probably seen me several times now for returning some sizes that didn't work out. I often order items online due to the stores not carrying Petite sizes, but never once was I ever made to feel like I was inconveniencing anyone when I went in to return the items. I've shopped in the ladies and Topshop section upstairs once too, and the salespeople were very nice and helpful. Even the beauty section manager herself personally helped me during a visit there. Overall a very nice department store with friendly associates. I just wish this location carried more of my size, then I could shop here more often!

Review of Nordstrom by Humera Nayeb
1 06/01/2018 Humera Nayeb

I would just like to start out by saying that I have been a dedicated Nordstrom customer from the day I was born. Nearly every member of my family has a Nordstrom card, and it is our prime destination every weekend and a multiple days during the week. So I was so very disappointed today when I encountered the RUDEST employee I have ever dealt with in my entire life: ROBERT P. at the Charlotte Tilbury counter at the Nordstrom at Stonebriar mall. While I have witnessed a slight decline in the quality of the employees in Nordstrom stores in the last couple of years, I draw the line at employees who are downright rude to your face.
I came in to shop today, but also had a return at the Charlotte Tilbury. As I walked up the counter, employee Robert barely took the energy to look up and acknowledge me, I had to confront him. I then proceeded to tell him about my return, he didn’t even listen but simply grabbed it and walked to the register. As he did what he did on the computer, I pulled out a Nordstrom gift card I had and asked if he could put the balance for the Wonder Glow primer on the gift card instead of back on the Nordstrom card it was originally purchased with. He ignored me and continued to deal with the computer. I repeated my request for him to place the balance on the gift card again, only to have him tell me he can’t do it. Which is a straight out lie, considering this is something that is always easily done. At this time I noticed he wouldn’t be cooperative, so I kept my mouth shut and let him finish his business. But as he handed my receipt and rudely said that if I wanted it on the gift card I would have to go to customer service and “maybe they could handle it”.
But this wasn’t even the rudest part of the encounter. As I walked away, he shouted after me “I’m sorry you didn’t like the magic cream either” in a RUDE, SARCASTIC, and UNPROFESSIONAL tone. He was implying to me that he noticed on the transaction history that I had also returned the Charlotte Tilbury magic cream. To which I can only say, my skin, being as sensitive as it is, reacted poorly to. But perhaps something that he didn’t notice, is that I kept everything else on the over 500 dollars transaction. A fact I shouldn’t even have to mention. I should never have to defend or justify myself to an employee in fear of judgement or criticism.
To Nordstrom, I would just like to say, it is employees like Robert P. that are hurting your brand and the amazing customer service that you are always known for. I was honestly so hurt and offended by his actions today. And I would just like to mention that if you take one look any member of my family’s purchase history with Nordstrom, you’ll know that we are dedicated customers, yet it is incompetent, lazy, and RUDE employees like Robert P. that are driving lifelong customers away, like myself. I don’t think I will be taking my business to Stonebriar Nordstrom ever again. I’ll stick to my regulars at Northpark and Galleria, where they know how to handle customers with class, dignity, and basic human respect.

Review of Nordstrom by Johnny Le
1 10/10/2017 Johnny Le

Just came in to return a pair of shoes, sales person Sarah L seemed unhappy, unfriendly, unwelcoming, etc. if your policy is ‘ we are not happy with you returning things you purchased ‘ then please state it on your site & in store. Train your employees to care & appreciate all customers, buying or returning. You were VERY happy when we bought things at your store. This location continues to provide poor customer services. It reflects on the Mgt team who do not care. We will stop shopping at your location.

Review of Nordstrom by Jessica Hill
1 29/08/2017 Jessica Hill

Tips for shopping at Nordstrom at Stonebriar...

Wear tons of gawdy gold jewelry and have a fancy handbag so the staff will notice you and want your money. (They respond to shiny objects)

Head straight to the sale rack, because then you're obviously too poor to be here, and you're probably going to steal something!

Review of Nordstrom by Ayman Syed
1 29/07/2017 Ayman Syed

I called multiple times yesterday to get info on the MAC event, national lipstick day. I wanted to make sure I had the right timings! The operator kept assuring me the gates open at 8, even when I told her online it said 10am! She said no 8am if you want the lipstick since they have limited supply. My mom and I woke up early and stood outside their doors along with many others, who were told the same thing, for a good hour just to find out that they didn't open MAC till 10am. Just like I why was I told 8am multiple times? Why wasn't the operator informed of this event? I am very disappointed.

Review of Nordstrom by Tiffany Jackson
5 26/07/2017 Tiffany Jackson

I had a great time shopping here with Cynthia my new personal stylist she made my shopping experience so pleasant for my birthday .I love that Nordstorm hires women who love to shop and style! I had been to 3 stores since then and thankfully stopped inI'll be sure to come-back to do the anniversary sale and the helpful sales woman. Stacy also did my makeup for birthday in MAC downstairs. So incredible! 5 star location!


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