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Experience therapeutic cuddling session in our therapy room in Highgate, North London or at the comfort of your own couch.

We provide platonic cuddle sessions, which are tailored around our clients. Each session will follow a similar format, starting with some gentle breathing and relaxation exercises, before we hug.


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Leith Scott

27 April 2019

Going going ....nice small place and politely crafted


Lyn Rajah

31 January 2019

I recently had a session with Kristiina. She was amazing! She is a very warm soul! It was my first Cuddle Therapy session, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but she put me totally at ease. Since the appointment, I have felt more relaxed, I have been sleeping better and I have given myself more self-care. Thank you so much Kristiina! :-) More...


Richard Li

23 July 2018

I had a one-hour session with Rebekka recently.This was my first time to try this treatment and I was intrigued.
This was the most relaxing hour ever and felt 100% comfortable and at ease with the whole process.
2 hours for me next time!


Danny Pardoe

27 May 2018

Massage me in London is a very easy to use website with a large variety of massage contacts. I found it very simple and easy to find what I wanted.


Mark Rice

27 May 2018

Found a superb Thai Masseuse listed on Massage me in London


ellie engel

27 May 2018

this website changed my life! I am a massage therapist and my clientele has grown immensely since i advertised


Victoria Lee

26 August 2017

I was in London the other day and used this website to find an outcall therapist to my hotel. A great easy to use and feature packed website

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Sharing a safe and non-judgemental space for healing and growth with clients and fellow human beings.

Having control over my life and being able to contribute all the good I have received back to the world.

I am a genuine person who's interested in hearing and learning about people's lives, stories and experiences.
Our moments together will be filled with rich conversations either peaceful introspection. I truly believe every person is a unique character, and needs to be treated in that way.