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"Get the memories, to last in images "
My name is Peter and I work as a photographer at Drawing the Light I'm London based but happy to travel. I enjoy dealing with my client it's one of the best parts of my job and I love to see the happy faces they have when they see the results of my work.



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Well many things contribute to this but the basic ones would be timing and noticing the moment to take the photo this is perhaps the biggest things and the hardest as there is a certain amount of unpredictability. But it also makes it so much more rewarding when it provides a great photo.

Tell me what you want?
What are you looking for?
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Meeting people from all walks of life they are from I find it an enriching experience both professionally and personally.
Also of course taking photos which is my passion and i'm lucky enough to be able to do it as a job.

I had an idea in mind of what I wanted to do for a long time but found the best way to get to where I wanted to be was by doing it myself.

Well here's the big question we all ask whenever we want to buy something or pay for a service. In my case i deal with every client as an individual no two clients are the same. I enjoy providing my clients with the result they are looking for or perhaps even with a result which exceeds their expectations. wh n this happens it is the most rewarding experience I have in my business.



Individual, group and family portraits offered

This has several packages to pick from Package one- only the ceremony Package two- the ceremony & reception Package three- the full day including everything involved.

These can be anything from an hourlong to all day or multiple days whether it building a portfolio, doing a set thats needed for work or promoting items you've been given by a store, brand or designer.

For you actors or extras out there I provide Actors shots including head shots for agencies my headshots are used regularly on Spotlight

Behind the scenes photos of events to capture the things normally not seen by the main photographer or the people at the event

I offer boudoir photos to my clients.