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No Evil Foods

Asheville, North Carolina


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Angela Kendall

15 November 2019

Plant based pulled pork was good, I'll eat it again. Made sliders for dinner tonight!


Casey Lynn

13 November 2019

Best meat substitute on the market


Hayette Bouras

25 October 2019

Hands down the best vegan meats around!


Pete H. Gastelum

6 October 2019

Great alternatives to animal based foods coming from this company!


Cathy Rand May

3 October 2019

Delicious plant based product that vegans, vegetarians and carnivores will love!! This company gets TWO "thumbs Up" from me!


Patrice Lenhoff Anita

15 August 2019

Their plant meats are absolutely delicious!!


Cynthia Sampson

8 July 2019

I especially recommend the shawarma dish at Baba Nahm on Paige Street in downtown Asheville. It has the chickenish one from No Evil Foods and other delicious ingredients too many to name! It's actually a pita-bread sandwich but way overflows the bread, so best to get it in compostable carryout bowl with bread on the side. More...


Amanda Wagner

22 June 2019

Delicious! Need I say more?


Leah Richards

19 June 2019

Just tried out The Stallion all the way in Abu Dhabi, UAE! Texture and flavor was great!


Joe Light

18 June 2019

I tried the hot Italian sausage today. Wow, great flavor and texture. Thank you.


Kimberlee Crooks Silva

17 June 2019

The texture and taste of all your plant based products are delicious and very easy to substitute for meat products. My meat loving family can’t tell the difference.


Stacey Margules Gallagher

8 June 2019

As a vegan bikini competitor I am always searching for cruelty free options that meet my macro needs even on prep. No Evil is my saving grace! I eat The Stallion and Comrade Cluck daily and Pit Boss as part my weekly BBQ refeed meal. I can’t say thank you enough for saving my sanity during prep! More...


Bobbi Sizemore

7 June 2019

Their plant based meats are EXCELLENT!!! I also really appreciate the environmentally friendly packaging! Good job No Evil Foods! ❤️


John Cusie

13 May 2019

For those who are whole food plant based no oil, the Italian sausage is for us. 1g of fat and no Sat fat. No pea or soy isolates and no weird bacteria creating heem. Just a fabulous product with readable known ingredients. More...


Jenn Studaker

2 May 2019

Thank you for making an amazing veggie Italian Sausage! The other products aren't available at my local Whole Foods (yet hopefully) but can't wait to try them. Also, you have a good graphic designer the packaging structure and design are More...


Cynthia Tonseth

16 April 2019

The flavors and texture of these products will impress any of the meat eaters. Not low salt but otherwise great ingredients. My company will love this.


Tamara Lujan

2 April 2019

You know you have a winner when picky 8 and 12 year old boys ask if they can have “ That No Evil plant food” for dinner :) Awesome job! Your making the transition to plant based much easier. More...


Claire Kerby Danielson

19 March 2019

Fabulous and delicious! Even if you aren't vegan, give these products a try!


Andy Seff

16 March 2019

just tried the BBQ pulled "pork." awesome.


Tori Carrasco

1 March 2019

I can’t say enough about the excellence of this company. They produce delicious plant meat with huge attention to quality. Their employees are amazingly awesome! I love NEF and am so proud to have them in Asheville! More...


Bil Pfaffendorf

12 January 2019

Amazing good!! Thank you all.


Natalie Faulkner

14 December 2018

I am really digging the flavors! You guys nailed it! Thank you for providing a tasty meat alternative and being local to Asheville!


Cynthia ILi Delgado

30 November 2018

absolutly its amazing very impressed


Marti Foster

28 November 2018

Chef’s choice! I’ll share my new creations soon!


Lisa Becker

25 November 2018

Yes I tried The Pit Boss tonight! Delicious! Can’t wait to get all of your other products! No Evil is a perfect name also!!


Lauren Eller Vaught

16 November 2018

Love their mission, and all products are delicious!


Antoine Zen

14 November 2018

I'm eternally grateful for the Pit Boss from No Evil Foods. Before I was Vegan I thought I could never give up BBQ pulled pork sandwiches because I have said it is Southern tradition and culture to eat it. But No Evil Foods has taken an INCREDIBLY innovative, environmentally conscious, and ethical approach. And now I can enjoy the taste and textures of pulled pork without the unnecessary violence, suffering, and death. THANK YOU NO EVIL FOODS!!!! More...


Halina Dodd

3 November 2018

I saw your brand for the first time yesterday at my local Whole Foods (Houston, Texas). Bought the sausage and found it super tasty. I'm originally from the Sausage Motherland aka Poland, and although it's been years since I've eaten meat, I found the flavor really satisfying. More...


Mona Amsden

24 October 2018

Delicious offerings. Don’t try it as a substitute for meat; eat it for it’s absolute yumminess! If you want to also not cause harm to another creature in the process of filling your belly, all the better!


Chuck N Cam DeFries

21 October 2018

Amazing!! Thank you for being the needed change!! �


Hayley Grantham

16 October 2018

The taste and texture to the "no chicken" are AMAZING. The flavor is wonderful. I cooked it with some fresh garlic in Earth Balance butter, then dashed with Tony's. Simple to cook and delicious to eat. I've been vegan for over two years and Comrade Cluck is the best I've ever tasted! LOVED IT More...


Gina F. Yates

13 October 2018

Love Pitt boss!!! Was so good I ate the entire package at one sitting! My expectations were definitely exceeded. And I bought it at my local Walmart, which is often my only choice in my rural area. Thank you for this great product. Will try them all. More...


Paulette Benjamin

30 September 2018

Best plantbased meat products on the market!! I can't handle their spicy, but I so love their sweet. That Pit Boss is THE best! And the Pardon for holidays? The best roast I've ever made or eaten! Thank you, No Evil! More...


Ziena Ali

16 September 2018

Hey, just tried your chicken, very good. I think its the closest to real chicken I have tried so far! great Job


EM Binah-Atarah

30 August 2018

I just tried the "sausage!" OMG!!!! So freaking GOOD!!!


Natalia Zecca-Naples

29 August 2018

I just tried The Stallion for dinner tonight, and as someone who has been meat-free my entire life, I can say - with no reservations whatsoever - that this was the BEST, most delicious, most flavorful, vegan “meat” I have ever had! Out of this world!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ More...


Kelly Gallucci

28 August 2018

Had the pulled pork tonight.... Oh my gosh delicious!!!


Marty Walker

26 August 2018

Ive only tried one...the Pit Boss....I will be trying them all very soon. Extremely impressed!


Tessa Julieta

15 August 2018

Oh my goodness the comrade cluck is the best ever. Going to make it so easy to transition to plant based eating. Their cardboard and minimum plastic packaging is awesome too. YASSS.


Heather Mittelmeier Conrad

13 August 2018

Hi, my name is Logan and I'm 8 years old. I've been vegetarian since I was 2 years old. Your No Evil products are the best plant-based meat I have ever had. So far we have tried Comrade Cluck and The Stallion. I love No Evil foods!!! My name is Heather and I am Logan's mom. Thank you for sharing your great products and making it fun for my family to eat healthy plant-based meals. We are so excited that your products are being sold here in the Cleveland area at Heinen's stores. Keep up the great work! Sincerely, The Conrad Family More...


Irene Reeves

30 July 2018

Slow cooker creole no chicken and sausage recipe is fabulous. Also great is sweet chili sesame no chicken. Made without broccoli and used for a lettuce wrap. Highly recommend both.


Craig Robb

30 July 2018

Picked up the Pit Boss pulled pork and made sandwiches with slaw. By far THE BEST plant based pulled pork and sauced to perfection! Can't wait to try all the other products! More...


Clifton Superdad Rice

30 July 2018

By far the best Italian sausage! I have bought all the products available thus far and also bought online with the pick 6 deal. I received my package very timely. I haven’t lived the lifestyle long but I started looking for for all soy free products. The Italian sausage was my first product which led me to all the others. By the way the pulled pork was great. I’ve been in this since the second week of December 2017 and if it wasn’t for No evil products, I probably would have gave up on this life style change. Texture and taste mean everything to me when it comes to food. You guys Rock! I got friends and family buying after cooking some products during the holidays using No Evil! Customer for life! More...


Donna Gregory Lamble

4 July 2018

Very good food. You won’t be missing any meat here!!


Jer Bear

1 July 2018

I've only tried the Pit Boss, but it was fantastic! I will be trying others as well!


Joseph Scott Bayne

26 June 2018

Absolutely loved their chorizo! I found it better and more flavorful than most meat chorizos I have eaten. Amazing product.


Ma Chérie

24 June 2018

No Evil Foods was a vendor at a Veggie Festival I went to yesterday. The food smelled and tasted great so I bought their churizo "sausage". I love smokey/grilled food. I used to be a meat lover before going plant-based last year, so I do enjoy my meat substitutes. That is, when I can find a good one that actually tastes good and isn't heavily processed. Anyway, I literally just cooked some of the churizo in my soft tacos for lunch. Tastes amazing. Will be a regular customer. Honestly, with meat subs like this there's no excuse not to go plant-based (if taste and satiety is what you're worried about). More...


Tibby Dozier Steedly

17 June 2018

Just tried the Italian sausages!! Awesome! Can't wait to try all the products.


Cody-John Marks

10 June 2018

The Italian sausage is the best I’ve ever had! Forget any other brand, this is the best substitute I’ve ever tasted!


Ellen Cohn

23 May 2018

I am in love with the Comrade Cluck. Awesome over salads!


Casey Nicole

1 May 2018

Absolute best seitan meat sub out there. All the varieties are amazing.


Jaryd Rentz

29 April 2018

Shameless plug for a small local business doing some really big things. I have identified professionally as a "chef" for 10+ years now. As I grow as a human, the need for sustainability and mindfulness within the industry becomes more and more apparent to me. Why do we "grow" conscious animals at the mass level for the sake of protein harvesting? The long term idea would be a way to isolate the protein without the living creature, right? This company is producing great plant-based alternatives that are delicious and making strides in the direction of goodness. Have I forsaken all meat and saying you should too? No. But there's a need to be aware of where your food is coming from, and how it could be done better. Dialogue is the first step towards reform. More...


Steve Bender

27 April 2018

I just discovered these last week and after I tried the sausage and chorizo samples, I couldn’t wait to go shopping and buy the whole package. Delicious!!!


Amy Weaver

24 April 2018

The best plant-based sausage I've ever tried! It will be a staple in our home as long as our local commodities shop carries it.


Lita Marie

23 April 2018

Best plant "meat" I have ever tried! LOVE IT!! Great job


PJ Stuart

8 April 2018

Okay, so I'm a newbie vegan, and I totally miss meat. I bought the "comrade cluck" at the local store, and when I opened it I totally freaked out. My friend was on the phone with me, and I said it looked disgusting and expected to write a bad review. Well, a little oil in a pan and a good crispy frying, and I have totally changed my mind. It is DELICIOUS. I can totally see this with some bbq sauce and coleslaw for a fabulous sandwich. Keep up the good work! More...


Buffy Butler

8 April 2018

I checked y'all out at Nashville VegFest. So good!


Dev Kranz

27 March 2018

Fantastic meat alternative! Highly recommend! Delicious.��


Beth Emms

10 March 2018

we just tried the comrade cluck. i made chicken tacos. this stuff is so much like the real deal in terms of texture and mouthfeel that i feel kinda guilty. and the seasoning is subtle enough so that it could be used in a variety of ways. i'm SO excited! thank you, no evil! More...


Gisele Assink-Barnes

22 February 2018

Comrade Cluck is just the most delicious meat substitute ever created! thank you


Joshua Awesome

1 February 2018

I LOVE WHAT YOU DO! Keep up the amazing and delicious work :)


Warren Wheeler

23 January 2018

Delicious all natural plant-based foods. Healthy. See the ingredient list--no chemicals! Time to get off of junk food. Feed your body what it deserves. Try it, you'll like it.


Sarah Elizabeth Leary

17 January 2018

Absolutely as good as it gets! I hope I can have their jerky again at VeganFest!


Wolf Patrick

18 December 2017

OK so the chorizo is delicious in a quesadilla...but the real star is the turkey "pardon"...omg, it tastes so much like the real thing...you guys rule!!!!!! love eternally! More...


Jason Milton

12 December 2017

I've never had better meat substitutes than from this company! Awesome!


Patti Posner Daboosh

24 November 2017

We made the no evil “turkey” with the vegan gravy for Thanksgiving. Both were great. Today “turkey” sandwiches for lunch.


Karen Tennant

21 November 2017

The products are amazing! The Italian Stallion grilled on a hoagie roll with sauteed onions and peppers will change your life :)


Brandy Brown

11 November 2017

Just sampled at the Atlanta VegFest, my picky 8 year old begged me to buy some for lunch! I am a huge fan, so yummy!!


Melanie Morris

24 October 2017

Just made some vegan chicken salad with No Evil Food's Comrade Cluck and I am so impressed! I usually steer away from fake meat because they usually aren't easy for me to stomach but the texture and taste was on point. Very excited to try The Pardon when it's officially out! Keep it up! More...


Linda Marie

16 September 2017

Just left the Baltimore convention, yours was by far the best vegan meat products I tasted!!!! Thank you!


Barbara J Naylor

4 September 2017

This is a game changer for me! Love NO Evil Foods!


Patrice J Carter

2 September 2017

Me and my love, Dalton met these guys at the VegFest in Durham last weekend! We sampled the chicken, pulled pork and the italian "stallion" sausage. Oh M Gee! SO freaking yummy! We bought the Italian Stallion and made them today! I am in vegan sausage dog Heaven! I have missed sausage dogs with peppers and onions- well the wait is over. We have found our vegan 'meat' nirvana! GREAT JOB GUYS! Thank you SO MUCH! This week we're trying the pulled pork with vegan slaw and homemade baked beans! More...


Bruce Cohen

28 August 2017

Best food period...plus it's vegan. Highly recommended by Big Bruno


Michelle Hughes

18 August 2017

HANDS DOWN DELISH!! even my meat loving hubby loves this stuff. Great job and thanks guys!


Sarah Jones

27 July 2017

First found them last year at triangle veg fest. Got a bumper sticker and have been rocking it from here to Iowa and back. When I got back to Fayetteville I was happy to see that my local Apple Crate started carrying their stuff! Of course I bought them out! More...


Marcie Morgan

13 July 2017

Our family fell in love with this amazing food. If your looking for wholesome delicious nuriouishment this is a must !


Terry Wynter

11 July 2017

It's unbelievable, Kay does not eat meat at all, but with all their products, she is able to enjoy the same meat taste that I love. I give " no evil foods" a 10.


Christina Cary

16 June 2017

New to this lifestyle, I was worried I would not be able to find a delicious variety of foods. Especially foods that aren't over processed. I stumbled upon No Evil Foods and I am so incredibly impressed and HAPPY! I'm amazed how delicious all of their products are. The best I've had yet. I am hoping to find their products more locally in the near future. BRAVO and thank you. More...


Steven Klimen

8 June 2017

This stuff is the real deal.....SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!!!


Jennifer Kelley Becker

1 June 2017

Stopped through Asheville on our way up to VA and ate at Wholefoods there... I was surprised to see they offered a vegan pulled pork sandwich! It was hands down the best plant meat I have ever tasted :D Even my husband who is a meat eater couldn't stop picking at the pieces that fell out of my sandwich. I'm working on converting him still LOL. I was bummed to see that I couldn't get No Evil Foods at home (Saint Augustine / Jacksonville, FL) but I ordered some of everything and can't wait for it to get here. THANK YOU No Evil Foods!!! More...


Nicole Estevez

10 May 2017

A rep from this company was at Earth Fare in Greenville today so I had the opportunity to try this product. Wow! It is so good and best of all, it's 100% plant based. After I left the store, I panicked because I forgot to check the nutritional info before purchasing it and sometimes vegetarian meats contain very little protein and way too many carbs (I thought surely this was the catch...). To my surprise, the nutritonal info is great! 18grams of protein in 2.5 is and only 7 grams of carbs. So impressed! More...


Nikki Nowlin Valentine

6 May 2017

Just tried the sausage and BBQ at the Greenville market and I could not believe how good it was. Excellent product, will definitely be buying in future.


Bethany Salisbury

30 April 2017

Wow amazing flavor and spice in the sausage and jerky products! I could sell my meat loving friends on this stuff!


Christopher Katechis

25 April 2017

The best plant food out there! Thank you for changing my life.


Beth Ann Skeen

11 April 2017

We were introduced to No Evil Foods at the Nashville VegFest this past weekend...and OH MY GOSH, these folks are on to something! This stuff is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. And 1) I'm normally one to turn my nose up to anything "faux", just preferring to go with good wholesome foods and 2) I'm comparing this against my own JackFruit BBQ which people rave about...so that was already a pretty high bar! LOVE the ingredients. LOVE the fact it doesn't contain soy. and the flavor, texture, etc. is phenomenal! We brought some home and so far have made BBQ & slaw sandwiches and wraps with it. Delicious! & its incredibly exciting to start seeing HEALTHY "plant-based" becoming the norm! So, BRING it on! Thank you for working hard to make this healthy, delicious and cruelty free product available and keep up the good work! More...


Greg Davian

16 March 2017

Just ordered more Prepper and El Zapatista, glad We live in SC to get free shipping - stores here are always sold out. The family has been eating No Evil for almost 2 years and LOVE it! Keep up the good work and thank you. More...


Hulya V Johnson

3 March 2017

Thank you for an amazing produts.. they are delissius


Jenni Koch

11 February 2017

I'm personally very picky on my pho-meats and this by far is my most trusted source! First tried their products at greenville sc farmers market and have been so ecstatic to see them at my local Earthfare and Whole Foods!


Kristi Stahl

19 November 2016

First tasted their products at ATL veg fest. Awesome! I don't like any other meat alternative and had almost given up. So thankful for you! Looking to try the "turkey" soon.


Karen LyBrand

14 November 2016

Everything is Amazing! Can't wait to try the turkey!!!


Leslie June

13 October 2016

I love seitan and all the work you guys do to bring more options and information to the public.


Olivia Reppert

11 October 2016

Best vegan Italian sausages i have ever had!!! I wish somewhere closer to us sold them!


Michael B. Wms

6 October 2016

Great product! Chicken, chorizo, and Italian sausage! Yum.


Jenny Roberts

5 October 2016

Have tried the "chicken" multiple ways and LOVE it!!! Inspired by this brand.


Jennifer Spivey

26 June 2016

Just grilled the prepper (round of seasoned gluten). Cut in in 1/2 so it wouldn't be so thick, brushed with olive oil and grilled over mesquite. Sliced it up for tacos and ended up nibbling it straight. Great the next day and the day after. It's a keeper! More...


Christine Sandberg

19 June 2016

By far, this is the best vegan line of products on the market today. After eating meat for the first 37 years of my life, I am so grateful to have No Evil Foods for the next 37. #veganforlife


Corey Frost Marino

20 March 2016

Excellent product - love the texture, taste and versatility.


Catherine Parker

11 January 2016

Amazing! We first tried No Evil Foods sausage at the Mother Earth News Fair through one of the food trucks. It was SO amazing that my husband and sister (who are meat eaters) even loved it! We were thankfully able to hunt it down in a cooperative grocery store in Black Mtn before heading home. And I'm thrilled to find out that they ship to your door as we have NOTHING like that in rural eastern NC! More...


Chris Stevens

26 November 2015

Got my Pardon yesterday. Im so excited to try. Thanks again for all you guys do and your wonderful products. Have a Great ThanksLiving.


Sarah Segal

22 November 2015

Love the vegan chicken salad wrap I had at Atlanta veg fest : )


Julia Shaye Kuhl Johnson

20 August 2015

Awesome taste and texture. With products like this it may be easier to persuade die hard meat eaters to the other side! Loved meeting this couple at vegan festival in Asheville, really nice folk.


Sara Funderburk Fink

5 June 2015

One of the best plant based companies around. All of their products are amazing.


Kayla Rae Worden

3 June 2015

Delicious! I adore No Evil Foods!!! Such creativity and tasty products! Rock on!


Michael Scardaville

27 November 2014

Just celebrated Thanksgiving with your simply amazing Pardon. The best “turkey” we’ve ever had. Sign me up for next year.


Emili 'Davidson' McMakin

6 August 2014

We love this and use it in everything. I love how it naturally browns and the texture is better then any other meat substitute out there. Every sausage they have is amazing. I have been able to cook some recipes that I had long forgotten because I again have a sausage/meat (substitute) that works perfectly and tastes amazing. More...

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