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Here at NMB Dog Training i work with all Dogs of ALL shapes and sizes.
I use Positive Reinforcement to get the best out of the Dogs I work with.
I work with Dog and Owner so that we can get the best out of the Training.
I also work with ALL Training Needs and Issues.
I have a Facebook Business Page, please feel free to have a look and read my reviews.

  • 36 minutes average response time
nm.beacher@gmail.com Reviews

nm.beacher@gmail.com Reviews

Review of nm.beacher@gmail.com by Melissa 'Jaffa' Johnson
5 Melissa 'Jaffa' Johnson

Our dogs attitude was Improved after only an hour with this brilliant dog trainer, would highly recommend as he knows exactly how to assess dogs on their body language and use the best method for the dog and owner! Xx

Review of nm.beacher@gmail.com by Steve Aldread
5 Steve Aldread

Nick came and spent time with us and Frankie was a different dog with 30 mins no more pulling no more going off to be fussed by other people and the adolescent nipping and barking sorted lovely friendly honest bloke knows his stuff can't recommend Nick enough

Review of nm.beacher@gmail.com by Dawn Dupre-Picken
5 Dawn Dupre-Picken

Nick came out today to see us and our two dogs, one 7 month old and one 17 month old who some separation anxiety issues. He gave us some excellent guidance and demonstrated various techniques to us. He even had them walking to heel within literally minutes. He also helped me with my confidence in walking the boys together. Great guy, brilliant advice, we are looking forward to seeing him again over the coming weeks. Absolutely first class, would highly recommend!

Review of nm.beacher@gmail.com by Sophie White
5 Sophie White

Amazing, talks through everything really well and it’s willing to work with damaged dogs! Nick had made a huge difference to my shepherd after Just 2 visit cannot recommend him enough.

My mum has also used nick and was very pleased “ in just an hour he has worked wonders on Derek our staffy who we were beginning to think was a lost cause. He has showed us how to walk him on a slip lead and he was like a different dog. Whereas before he couldn't walk past another dog without being aggressive and after half an hour of of practice with the slip lead he could walk past his dog without doing anything and then even walk side by side with it! Brilliant!!”

Review of nm.beacher@gmail.com by Fiorita Mcgowan
5 Fiorita Mcgowan

I would highly recommend Nic. We have a 4 year old Lhasa Aspa dog who would not walk on a lead, she had not been taken out for walks on a lead by her previous owner. When she came to us in November what ever we tried didn't work this meant only my husband was able to take her out on short walks. Nic came to visit Maisie and gave us lots of practical suggestions to try, The very nest day we went ahead with the advice and it worked straight away. This was a week ago, since then as a family we have all had the pleasure and opportunity to take her out for a walk. She is like another dog,THANK YOU

Review of nm.beacher@gmail.com by Kaz Tracey
5 Kaz Tracey

Just had Nick out to see our very nervous but very noisy Cavachon Millie. Millie is a nervous barker, not only at guests who visit the house, but at random noises around the house. To say it's been frustrating is an understatement!! Nick walked in and had Millie sussed straight away. It sounds mad but at the end of the session she was so much improved. I'm feeling really hopeful that we might solve the problem if we follow the techniques we were shown. Thanks so much Nick �!!!

Review of nm.beacher@gmail.com by Jo Ell
5 Jo Ell

We contacted Nick for some advice and guidance on our incredibly shy little rescue, Alf. Alf has never really approached me or my boyfriend for fuss however within a few minutes of Nick arriving Alf was sat at his side. We will work on everything Nick has told us and can't wait to have him back in a few weeks to see Alfs progress. I cannot recommend Foxy's enough and will be spreading the word to anyone who will listen! Amazing guy!

Review of nm.beacher@gmail.com by Katie Steve Marshall
5 Katie Steve Marshall

We had our first session today with Nic who came to see my 4 and a half month old German Shepard Jett. She would try to dominate and start biting for no reason. As soon as he walked through the door she knew. He showed me what to do and how to manage it if she started to bite again. I've put it into practice She is much calmer . He was very professional and friendly What a difference he has made up to yet. Looking forward to the next session thanks

Review of nm.beacher@gmail.com by Karen Sadler
5 Karen Sadler

Day one really for us but I am already so excited to see what the future holds for my dog and her massive anxiety problem. Holly started responding to the training immediately and with a lot of practice and doing what I have been shown I already think that this problem can be turned around and the next few years will be less stressful not only for holly but myself. I will let everyone know how this goes in a few weeks time.
Massive Thanks to foxy s dog service! So wish I had heard about your service sooner.

Review of nm.beacher@gmail.com by Emma Lowe
5 Emma Lowe

Had our first session with Nic today to help with our Lurcher, Sally. We needed to go back to basics as previous to us rehoming her she'd had no training; she greeted people by jumping up them and trying to lick their face off and she pulled on the lead, getting her knickers in a right twist when she met other dogs! Nic soon had her walking to heel and taught us the simple techniques needed to calm her behaviour, we just need to practice, practice, practice now until it's embedded. He's a friendly, genuine guy who knows his stuff, give him a call, you won't be sorry!

Review of nm.beacher@gmail.com by Rainy Bevan Liversidge
5 Rainy Bevan Liversidge

Had Nick visit our Belgian Shepard this evening.

We were having difficulty walking him and controlling him. Within moments of meeting our dog ( Pablo ) Nick had him under control.
Very impressive to see him control pablo so quickly.

Pablo was uncontrollable with pulling and trying to get across the road to people or other dogs etc but again within maybe 100 yards nick had pablo walking side by side comfortably with no sign of pulling.

Nick handed the lead to me and with his instructions I had a nice relaxed walk instead of been dragged left right and centre. I highly recommend Nick and have already booked future sessions with him to help with other issues.

Thank you so much Nick! Looking forward to see you next week.

Review of nm.beacher@gmail.com by Emma Baker Mann
5 Emma Baker Mann

Brilliant service, had a follow up today after being helped with behaviour and lead work with my 2 coli x labs. Both have improved dramatically with Nicks help and instructions and are now a pleasure to walk. Like others I had been to different dog trainers who had been a waste of money. Nick treats the dogs as individuals and caters training for their needs. Also great how he comes out to train the dogs in their homes and see them in their own environments.
Highly recommended. �

Review of nm.beacher@gmail.com by Ami Buzzeo
5 Ami Buzzeo

Contacted Nick due to our dogs pulling on the lead and one seeming to be aggressive to other dogs whilst she was on the lead. Second session and it turns out one of our dogs has slight behavioural problems meaning the reason he isn't perfect on the lead is due to him dominating us. That was this morning.. after a few tips and advice he's like a new dog in the house this afternoon. Although we have much work to do on our own we're all sat relaxed in the living room with the cat in with us a problem we also mentioned to him. I would highly recommend him, Cooper & Harper can't wait for a dog walking session on Tuesday & I look forward to the next session with Nick next week where hopefully he can see the difference in Cooper with all the hard work we've put in �

Review of nm.beacher@gmail.com by Enya Robson
5 Enya Robson

Can't believe how much Tyson has changed! he's had a massive problem with visiting the vets being very aggressive towards the vet and not letting them any where near him, which became very challenging when needing a simple check up of looking in his ears etc. Every time without a doubt the vet would understandably request we put a muzzle on Tyson (which putting a muzzle on a frenchie is not the easiest thing) after just 3 sessions with Nick he's now more than happy to be in the vets, he's so calm and no longer trying to bite the vet which is amazing and much better for Tyson as he is no longer intimidated or stressed when at the vets. Just wanted to thank Nick for his work and defiantly recommend for any dog behaviour related issues � x

Review of nm.beacher@gmail.com by David Chantry
5 David Chantry

I can not recommend nick enough we’ve been having problems with our 1 year old beagle being boisterous and jumping up, one session it’s like we have a different dog for the better. The knowledge that nick has is absolutely mind blowing it’s instantly changed our lives he’s no longer jumping up and scratching doors nor barking, I’m over then moon with what you’ve done for us and can’t wait for our second session with you for off the lead walking �

Review of nm.beacher@gmail.com by Josephine Wilkins
5 Josephine Wilkins

Nick came to train our 2 miniature Schauzers this morning. Our youngest dog was a nightmare on the lead, constantly barking at everything, half way through the session nick demonstrated the correct way to correct her behaviour in a firm but fair way. By the end of the session Nick had us walking her by our side without barking at anything and even walking along side his own dog with no problems. Fantastic service, would highly recommend, nick is very knowledgeable and knows exactly what he’s doing and his techniques are are fair with great results. Thank you

Review of nm.beacher@gmail.com by Nigel James Driver
5 Nigel James Driver

Nick came out today to see my lurcher Barley, in an hour he had completely transformed my dog, he showed me how to walk Barley, that must have only taken 10 mins max. He showed me what to do if Barley barked at another dog or cat, on the way home we saw a cat, problem solved, we started recall training and Barley responded immediately, with practice that will be fine I know.
Nick is a very likeable and talented chap and I would recommend him to anyone, In fact he is going to see my Daughter and her dog this weekend.
Thanks Nick you have helped us tremendously.

Review of nm.beacher@gmail.com by Lottie Elizabeth
5 Lottie Elizabeth

We've had the same issue with our dog since she was a pup...Although she is friendly she chronically jumps (usually with 4 legs) at anyone and everyone. We've tried multiple strategies and dog trainers but nothing has worked. Nick was very understanding, he provided a good balance of instructions, explanations, demonstrations and coaching that have left my partner & I feeling 100% more confident with dealing with this behaviour. Although we are only at the beginning of our journey, thanks to Nick we understand how to work towards training our dog out of her jumping up. I highly recommend Nick if you have any problems with your dog. He's a lovely man who is clearly good at what he does. From both Penny & myself.... Thankyou!

Review of nm.beacher@gmail.com by Sabrina Cooke
5 Sabrina Cooke

Exemplary, Nick came over for the first time today to address behaviour issues between our dog and other dogs. He definitely lives up to the label ‘Dog Whisperer’ in one session he got our 6 year old Staffie Cross to firstly stop pulling on the lead but then to prevent him reacting to other dogs. He then made sure we were fully aware of how to use the techniques and practiced them with myself at the lead and I was so shocked and delighted when my Staffie stayed to heel and walked briskly by the dogs that would usually send him off in a frenzy. Cannot highly recommend him enough. Professional and skilled service. Thank you!

Review of nm.beacher@gmail.com by Nikki Thornton
5 Nikki Thornton

Nick has been out today and had his first meeting with our 2 & half yr old lab collie cross Zak who is mr super excited whenever anyone walks through the door, who barks and jumps at his lead whenever he sees it and pulls on his lead with his nose glued to the floor on walks! Zak also has other dogs barking and growling at him when out. Within moments of meeting, Nick had Zak much calmer and the jumping reduced massively. We have a different way of using his slip lead which worked wonders & Zak even walked with Nicks dog Foxy side by side with no grumbles, it was bliss! Nick is coming back next week to help with recall. Lovely friendly guy with lots of good tips and competitively priced for dog trainers, would recommend �


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nm.beacher@gmail.com Q&A

nm.beacher@gmail.com Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

I love to work with Dogs and people and by having my own business I get to work with both at the same time. I love to meet new people and I love to help dogs.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I served in Army as a Dog Handler and Trainer. When I left the Army I wanted to carry on working with Dogs.
I kept coming across people saying that they had Trainers to help but didn't get anywhere with it or they did like the methods the Trainer was using.
So after some thing time I decided to start my own business with my own Positive ways of Training.

Why should our clients choose you?

Clients should choose me because I put 100% into my work. I am punctual and easy to get along with. Clients should also choose me because I use Positive Reinforcement to get the best out of the Dogs I work with. I am also patient and understanding to the Owner/Dog needs.

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