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I normally cover the wedding day from the getting ready prep images, and stay throughout the day to include speeches, dancing etc.

Clients have a choice of either a memory stick, with an option of a carefully designed wedding album.
No two weddings are ever the same, so we can certainly decrease or even extend the coverage to individual tastes.

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8 October 2016

We commissioned Nigel for our wedding in ScotlandI think that we both take photography seriously and were very careful with our final choiceWe were literally over the moon with the photosNigel made us feel at ease and the photos just flowedAmazingly creative photographer whose images are cso creative and individualHighly recommendedSarah

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Imagination and being there at the optimum moment!

The most important ones are.
Times, Locations, Themes, & Their ideas.
Its essential that we shoot in a style that our clients are happy with.

It's frankly the excitement of my clients, when they actually get to see the images.
A number of past couples have become good firm friends.
It's a hedonistic job!

Although I have shoot many subjects over the years its people photography that really inspires me.

I started off in 1990 having been an advertising photographer, subjects ranged from shiny Italian sports cars to food and aviation..
Over the years I have refined a style in wedding photography that is both elegant, informal and innovative, I try to put a creative spin on certain images.

Published work has appeared in, Your & your wedding , Cosmo, Hutchinsons wedding book & Kentish wedding magazines.
Nikon cameras have used a few of my wedding images for their 100th anniversary video.

Despite being based in Kent, I have shot weddings in many London landmarks , The Ritz, Savoy, London Eye, Royal Society of Arts,
and many other unique locations from Castles to University.

I am relaxed and quite humorous in nature with never ending patience and passionate about my role.

Formal photographic qualifications.
L.M.P.A L.B.I.P.P. L.S.W.P.P L.R.P.S and member of Elite wedding photographers.