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What's up everyone! I am currently a media student at Niagara college, and looking for some freelance work in videography, and photography! I've done a bunch of cool things on my own, but I want to expand my skills and put them to use for others.



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Capturing the moment in time so you can cherish it later. The point of a photograph is to stop time, when time keeps going. These digital images are then kept for a lifetime of memories that you will always have. The only thing that's certain in life is now, and the moments we are given. If a moment can be captured by a camera and kept forever, I think that's the most important element to taking photos.

I want to know what they want exactly. I would ask them what they want and need. And the reason behind it. Sometimes knowing the story, or reason behind something makes the whole experience better. I would also want them to bounce ideas around with me so we can make it a creative experience. I am open to almost anything, and I am willing to try anything to the best of my abilities.

I just love creating. I love the end result, and knowing I have accomplished so.ething that will last a lifetime. Whether it's for personal use or for others. I love creating and making others feel good or a certain type of way. If you can make a mark on the world, and make someone happy, I think that's the key to this thing we call LIFE. I do this part time on the side just for fun and to make some extra money. The ultimate goal is to eventually make this into a full time gig where I can travel the world and create. But for right now, I am just riding the wave to wherever it may take me.

I've always been interested in travel film and extreme lifestyle filmmaking. As a result I started creating things for myself and I realized I was pretty good at it and I wanted to pursue it. I bought nice equipment and decided to go to college for it. I now want to apply my creativity and skills to other people besides myself.

I am young, creative, and have a drive for success. I think with this business, it is beneficial to have a younger guy like myself to do the job. I was born into technology and my mind if full of creativity. I may not have alot of experience but hey, everyone starts off somewhere. Everyone needs to start at the bottom and learn, and grow. With that being said, if you decide to hire me I will do the best I can for you and I will make sure you get what you want.