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I am a psychotherapist, and I offer counseling and psychotherapy, and I have a specialization in hypnotherapy.

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Robert P.

24 November 2014

What an incredible Therapist, just the Best is the easiest way to say it.


Clodagh O.

27 October 2014

Nick was recommended to me  by my Hypnotherapy teacher. I had tried a number of hypnotherapists prior to Nick and fortunately I haven't been disappointed in our work together. Its hard to find a marriage and family therapist that has in depth training in hypnotherapy, or so it seems from my own personal experience.It's really great to meet a therapist that is so grounded, genuine and present. Not only is he deeply engaged, he is also so incredibly compassionate, and yet so humble at times. Apart from his generous ability to nurture and validate me as a client , he also does  a great job of giving direct feedback in a way that continues to  inspire my interest in growth and healing.  I have already given his name to a number of my colleagues and friends and felt inspired to share how grateful I am for his work as a therapist. More...


Jiohn Howard

29 May 2014

I think Nick is the best he helped me through some very difficult times due to loss of family members. I highly recommend him regardless of your issues. Don't waste your time and money on anyone else. More...


Marina G.

2 August 2010

Words could never do my experience justice. Nick is thoughtful, kind and  skilled. He is a fantastic therapist.  I know you will leave his office happier after you've spoken to him...I highly recommend him!


Working with clients. Someone opens up about what is really going on, it is immediately involving, and desire to be of service arises. It is an honor to help people make positive changes through this work.

The freedom to think outside the box. I don't have to fit into a structure I don't agree with.

I'm an experienced, good, professional, and caring therapist.