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Terry Fregly

8 May 2019

Awesome gym, was able to walk right in for open gym and get started right away! Awesome staff and incredible facility. Lots of space and nice equipment! I’ll be back the next time I’m in town. More...


Barbre Berris

8 April 2019

There are few words to describe my experience at Next Rep CrossFit. The all encompassing one is - life changing. I have never been in an environment to where I have been more encouraged, supported, challenged, pushed, motivated, and every other positive word that can be associated with fitness than I have been at Next Rep. The coaches are by far amazing and truly care about you and your experience. I have found a family here - something I did not even know I needed to find or would appreciate as much as I do now that I have it. All fitness levels are welcome - and needed in class. Don't let the fear of "not being good enough" to try the gym or CrossFit. EACH AND EVERY class you are trained on how to do the movements and there are modifications for EVERY exercise if there is something you have not mastered yet. I have tried other gyms and workouts, and this gym has been the best decision I have ever made. I see results, I have gained a new confidence, and overall have become the best version of myself through Next Rep. I wish I could give more than 5 stars on this review! More...


Tatiana Nascimento

8 March 2019

Best choice I've ever made!!!!!! All of coaches are awesome, the place is wonderful and the exercises really do have results. I super recommend Next Rep CrossFit. In only 42 days of the crossfit challenge, I was able to get back to the shape I was in before my first pregnancy (which I had previously not been able to do for more than 4 years). I am very happy with the results! Thank you!!! More...


Jonathan Whaley

8 March 2019

Coach Donita is one of the best coaches I have had the opportunity to work with. Like all of the coaches, she really cares about you and your fitness goals. She strives to keep her classes fun and inspiring as well as motivating you for a great workout. Always positive, always engaging, and always helpful. She will take you from a couch potato to fitness hero all you have to do is show up, put your trust in the process, and give 100%. You will be a new fantastic you in no time!!! More...


Marie Messer

8 March 2019

This gym is so amazing. It is huge and they have so much to offer. The coaches are super attentive and very knowledgeable.


Whitney Manning

8 March 2019

Coach Donita is such an inspirational person! She starts her classes with inspiration for the day and it really puts you in the mindset to get the best out of your workout, day, and life!


Joshua Williams

8 March 2019

Huge facility with great equipment, coaching staff is top notch. Donita, Matt, and Bri are incredible coaches that will show you how to be your best possible self. They will teach you how to move safely and effectively, with proper form and intensity. They break down every movement, every class, so you will know exactly what you are doing. They are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to CrossFit, and are eager to share their knowledge with anyone who is ready and willing to learn. Invest in yourself, and your future. More...


Ryanne Dennis

5 February 2019

Awesome gym with great trainers


Patrice Dent

19 January 2019

Nice folks and nice facility. I'm looking forward to the challenge.


Jami Green

4 January 2019

Great coaches and facilities. Awesome place to get a good workout, for ALL ages.


Marcus Foreman III

29 October 2018

Had my first workout today. Probably should have waited to come later in the day cuz I wasn't feeling my best, but I made it through. I look forward to the workouts to come! Thanks Matt! More...


AJ Kumaran

31 July 2018

The coaches here are very knowledgeable! They go out of their way to get the most out of you, ensure your safety and all while making sure you're having fun. 3 weeks in and I'm seeing major changes to my body and life style already! Love this place! More...