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New York Super Subs, Pittsburgh

Harmarville, Pennsylvania

New York Super Subs, Pittsburgh logo

New York Super Subs, Pittsburgh

Harmarville, Pennsylvania


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Eddie D.

15 October 2019

I am a lover of subs and this place makes a great one.  Plus they use breadworks bread


Nikki T.

14 July 2019

This place is awesome!! To start, the staff is so welcoming and generous and friendly. I had the calabrese meatball hoagie. So delicious. The cherry cheesecake cannoli and the chocolate cherry cannoli were delicious; I regret not getting more!  You must go! More...


Bob J.

28 May 2019

Got subs from here to feed our house moving crew.  Excellent.  Can't give five stars as I haven't set foot in the place but the food was fresh and delicious.  Bread was fresh and just right. Good ingredients.This was a traditional East coast sub and I was not disappointed.Tuna and chicken salad fine but the Italian ones really shone.  A whole sub is pretty huge so be hungry or have a knife handy for sharing and leftovers.Will definitely be back for more. More...


Tom D.

21 May 2019

Ate here for the first time today. Great sub and service Highly recommend this place


Cecelia W.

10 April 2019

My favorite deli by far.  I was a little skeptical when this place opened up near me..I'm thinking in my head like "New York Super Subs," what the heck is that gonna be, just huge subs that are so-so in quality.  I started going here a couple months ago (a few months or so after they had opened up), and this place is subtly phenomenal.There are two workers there whom I remember from having seen them multiple times as I go in, and they are awesome - a lady and a guy, I think maybe both wear glasses, not sure. The guy seems like he might be the owner?  I wish I had gotten their names here so I could give them credit.  I go to a lot of restaurants (you can tell by the check-ins I have at various places here on yelp), but this place has had just wonderful customer service.  I'm pretty indecisive sometimes, and I love that they don't rush me.  And I also love that they give me suggestions when I ask for them.  I typically am annoyed if I ask someone at a restaurant or food joint for a suggestion on their menu and they say something generic like, "Everything is good" or "Whatever you're feeling you should get" - well, the reason I'm asking is because I don't know what I'm feeling or wanting.  But I wanted to say it's not the case here, their suggestions have been good and thoughtful, which I appreciate, especially when I'm in between what bread I want (croissant vs roll), or what kind of sandwich I want (sub vs some deli sandwich like fish or tuna).  I can tell, too, because they tell me WHY they choose it.  I remember one time I asked if most people get the fish sandwich with cheese, and they said sometimes they do, but the worker said they like it without the cheese as it enhances and brings out the fish flavor of the fish sandwich.  Although I ended up going with cheese (because I am too in love with cheese to say no), I appreciated that a thoughtful response was given.  And they sometimes tell me croissants are good because they're buttery and flaky, and they're right, they are good for the sandwiches I get.I don't write reviews super frequently because they take time, especially because I tend to write a lot, but I have to give credit where credit is due.  I just love this place, I like going in, it's clean and bright.  And the people are nice.  And then there's the food. It is really, really good.  And then there's the one day my life changed - I got the fish sandwich (which is offered only seasonally for Lent :( ) but it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  Literally the BEST fish sandwich I ever ate in my life, and one of the best sandwiches (fish or otherwise) that I have ever eaten in my life.  There's food that haunts you, that you think back on months, or even years, later and think to yourself with a chill about how amazing the flavor was, every last bite.  I got a fish sandwich with provolone cheese on it and it was perfection, and I still think about it a month or two later.  That's how much I loved it (and probably will think about it for years more to come).  And it was soooo cheap and filling compared to eating out at sit-down restaurants.  And 10-20 times more satisfying and full of flavor!  I just wish that it was available all year round, because I would eat it all year round.  Seriously, it's one of those sandwiches that are so good that I don't even need to compare it to anything else, because I am THAT satisfied with this one, because I am that confident that this one is the best. That's how insanely good it was and is.Anyways, the bottom line is this place is amazing in more ways than one, and you should check it out if you haven't already. More...


Brad P.

9 April 2019

Very good new spot. Cheesesteak is solid and lobster roll phenomenal. Baked goods good too.


Laura G.

6 April 2019

Fast and pleasant service. Absolutely fantastic cheesesteak. Clean dining room and bathroom.


Alison W.

13 January 2019

This is a cute little place, fairly new. The people are very nice, and the food is generous and delicious. Their prices arent bad, either. They carry exquisite, art piece gift quality chocolates, which are delicious, too.The only reason I didn't give them 5 stars is that they are a bit slow.Go there when you are not rushing to be someplace, or call your order in advance, to pick it up.  Yum! More...


Ruth W.

13 November 2018

OMG! The most amazing lobster rolls ever. You can pick a roll or a croissant and then different sauces/styles. I tried the lemon butter and also the cheese. I can't decide which one I like better. The next time I am in town I will try my taste test again.....and again...and again.....until I can decide. More...


Robert G.

3 November 2018

This place is great: it's well-priced, everyone was nice, and the food was great. The subs are seriously larger than you think. (My wife and I could have shared _half_ of a meatball sub.) Also, they have a great selection of desserts. We had the key lime pie and it was delicious. I will be back! More...


tmara c.

15 October 2018

new place, very recently opened. convenient to waterworks, but on the local side of the shopping area, freeport road across from fox chapel plaza. deli sandwiches, salads, delicious and HUGE subs. made to order. can customize your salad. cute selection of desserts. Breadworks bread. we had steak hoagies and egg and pepper. could eat about a half of what they call a half sub. great for men with big appetites. nice menu. pick up or eat in. More...

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