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My name is Hayley, I am a former 400m/800m runner out of San Diego. I trained insanely hard to achieve a full-ride scholarship to a D1 school, something I never thought was possible. Although I had much success in high school, I failed to compete in college due to injury.


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14 August 2019

Hayley put through an intense workout! I knew once I left I had a work out that was worth every minute of my time. I have an athletic build, build muscle fast however, I struggle to keep my heart rate up but Hayley didn't let me slow down the entire time. Hayley was on the move, she counted, she prepped the next work out area all while watching my technique and called out any moment I wasn't putting in 100%. Thanks Hayley for giving me the push I need during my workouts. More...



10 August 2019

Going to a new gym can sometimes be intimidating but working with Hayley has been the most easy going experience ever. She listens to your concerns and makes you feel so comfortable. She also goes in depth with her work outs and explains why she is having you target certain areas. Love the energy in the whole gym in itself. More...



10 August 2019

I had a great first experience working out with Hayley. She really pushed me to do my best and had a great workout plan for me before I got to the workout.



10 August 2019

Have had such great experiences while being trained by hayley! She definitely takes the time to adjust workouts according to each individuals goals. She has a great attitude and motivating spirit! More...



10 August 2019

The gym has a great open floor plan, so it made working out really enjoyable. I worked out with Hayley and her workout had me gasping for air! I thought I was in shape, but her workout made me think otherwise. She broke down the reason for each workout and helped me break my limit. If you wanna get serious about your health, contact Hayley and have her help. More...



10 August 2019

I’ve had the chance to get in a good work out with plenty of others but Hayley was absolutely my favorite. She’s easy to talk to and very motivating. Though I normally have a hard time getting myself to the gym, working out with Hayley is something I absolutely look forward to weekly. More...

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I train intensely. I combine strength, cardio, and functional technique all in one. No two workouts you do will be the same. You will have the ability to train with a variety of equipment and specialized workouts for YOU. Therefore you will SEE the results you want in a shorter period of time.

Put in the work, trust in your trainer, be committed inside and outside the gym.

I have the ability to work with people on a daily basis, helping them achieve and exceed their goals. I am apart of their journey every step of the way.

I have been an athlete all my life and have a passion for working out, pushing myself past my limits, and exceeding my goals. I am a former D1 Track and Field athlete, competing in the 400/800m. After my college athletic career-ending injury, I was first upset that I could not reach my full potential. Yet, I realized I have an even bigger potential to leave a legacy through the people I interact and train with. This lit a fire in me to make a positive impact on people's lives.

I stay up to date with my personal research, ensuring that I am giving my clients the BEST service possible. I care about their journey just as much as them, if not more. I am not looking to make an easy check, but I aim to develop an excellent professional relationship with each client.


Designed for Student-Athletes looking to take their athletic career to the next level. I work with you to gain strength, perfect your technique, and I help you get connected with college coaches. I will keep the student-athlete, the parent, current coaches, and potential coaches on the same page.

It's time to put in the work. The workout is customized precisely to you and your needs. Whether you are trying to lose weight, get toned, maintain health, prevent injuries, or all of the above, I will create workout plans specific to you and your needs.

This is great for people who love efficiency (like me). It is just as intense as an hour session. We keep your heart rate high and the sweat dripping.