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Welcome to New Motive World Of Creativity, where we help you ignite your brand!

With over 9 years of experience in art, media & design, we are a special UK group who have a different approach in placing our client needs first. We listen to your story, illuminate your vision, and become a life time partner who cares about your growth.



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We believe in great Design, Mobility, Accessibility & Simplicity.

Think of a website as your own home and you always have guests around. You wanna make sure your environment is clean, free of any clutter and mess so people are able to walk about. The design of the home is going to attract more people, because previous visitors will spread the word of how amazing your house (website) looks.

The organization of your home is what makes you YOU. It shows your key values, your services, layout and structure, where your actions speak louder than words but in terms of an website your words match the actions.

What is your budget?
Reason for the project?
What are your brand values?
Who is your target audience?

1. One to one Consultation on project or commission
2. Agreement is made, then project begins
3. Brainstorming to first draft of two initial ideas
4. Chosen draft gets developed with last checks
5. Submission file project complete

- Contact details
- Fill out our Creative Brief ( we provide)
- Deadline & Budget

- Satisfying clients with outstanding work results.
- The actual creation process
- Customer feedback

The lack of respect for creatives and designers that the mainstream companies and institutions give to us from college right until full time employment, I felt they only taught us how to conform to a 9-5 and restrict our creative thinking. I believed creativity should be endless and have no ceiling. That is why New Motive W.O.C was created, to do things the way we wanted to and not the industry standard.

We are not only creatives with skill but we are designers with will. We make sure that your brand is ignited to the fullest.



Logo Design & SloganOnly 1 Mock Up Design All format files An important but a simple package that will have your logo speak for itself and a mock up image to have a tangible vision to show

This will get the engine running when you choose this. With a logo, 2 mock ups and a business card is sure to start grabbing attention of your audience Logo Design & Slogan Only 2 Mock Up Design Business Card

One of our most popular packages. This is without a doubt the perfect kit that will brighten up any room which will push your brand to further heights, online and offline Logo Design Animated Logo Video (5 second clip) 3 Mock Up Design Business Card Letterheads Flyer & Poster

IGNITION PACK This is the ultimate package selection for those that want to seriously ignite their brand and be recognized as a household name. With our latest edition of web design with all the services more free revisions, your revenue and brand awareness will improve dramatically and therefore your audience will come looking for you. All services from Jet Away included Stunning Web Design compatible on all devices More Free revisions