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Professional Counseling Services and Hypnotherapy for adults, children and teens offered. Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Post Postpartum Depression, Meditation Training, Relationship Struggles, Behavioral Issues, Spiritual-Personal Quests, Life Transition Adjustments, and other mental health related issues are treated with Solution Focused and a Mind-Body approach to health and wellbeing.

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AnnaLisa Derenthal

30 October 2018

Having gotten to know Tanya in a professional supervision group over the last couple of years, I like her more and more every time I spend time with her. Her warmth and empathy, combined with her years of experience make her a gifted therapist and a lovely person. More...


Tatiana Matthews

30 September 2018

A bright, warm and skilled clinician who I am proud to identify as a professional peer!


Miriam K

31 August 2018

Caring and competent therapist. I have worked on various issues in my life with Tanya and have found her most professional and caring in our sessions. We all have times in our lives when we need someone to help guide thoughts and feelings and help get through the tough times. I highly recommend her for her decades of experience and her methods of supporting mental and emotional health. More...


Kaeden Hill

31 August 2018

Tanya really helped me through a difficult time. She was open minded and caring. I really liked the techniques she used, like meditation and yoga which helped me see things from a different perspective.


Empowering people to develop better relationships with themselves and others

Desire to work with a wide range of people of all ages and backgrounds

After years of experience, I am well trained in many innovative techniques. I have a natural, empathetic energy that helps people feel safe and comfortable in the work that we do together.