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We are a multi-speciality mental health clinic with highly trained, excellent psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, and a dietitian.

We focus on quality care and superb customer service.

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Tina Lepage

16 August 2019

If you are seeking a therapist, this is a great place to go. Excellent practice! Empathetic and helpful professionals. Top notch care!


Brad Hieger

16 August 2019

New Day Psychotherapy Group is an established and well run practice that's been setup with care and attention to detail, all of which is constructed to provide the best possible therapeutic experience.


Sean Lyons

16 August 2019

Kind, knowlegable and empathetic professionals! Wonderful group! Thank you!!


Chris Bogart

9 August 2019

Superb group of clinicians in an extremely attractive set of offices. I have referred several clients there, all of who received excellent care.


Dave Verhaagen

9 August 2019

This is one of the best practices anywhere. Great staff and outstanding leadership. They provide excellent service and they are trustworthy. Highly recommended.


Theresa Benoit

9 August 2019

They genuinely care about clients.


Antonio Gervacio

22 May 2019

Mental health is a daunting thing to seek help out for, and the therapists I've been calling all haven't had availability. I emailed New Day and was responded to after hours, which I really appreciated. The intake specialist I spoke to asked me a bunch of questions to see who would be the best therapist for me, got my insurance information, and promised that they would exhaust all options to see if they could get me in. I really appreciate that they walk you through and support you the whole process. My therapist is awesome, the receptionist checking me in is awesome. I'm going to recommend this place to all my people. More...


Morayo Oduguwa

8 May 2019

This review is not about this doctor specifically, but rather New Day’s overall service. A friend referred me to New Day, as I was exploring options to find a therapist. The office is clean and the staff, specifically the intake specialists are attentive, polite. Their intake process is clear and takes a few minutes. My questions were answered and they got back to me about my payment options and potential therapists rather quickly. I appreciate their service and would come back again. More...


Katrina Fernandez

8 March 2019

My positive experience with Dr. Sullivan started with the professional office staff. Dr. Sullivan seems generally interested in helping me improve on my symptoms and ultimately, help improve the quality of my life.



8 December 2018

Dr. Sullivan is knowledgeable and professional. She was a pleasure to have as a psychiatrist.


William H Casey IV

28 May 2018

Very clean, Very professional, wonderful comfortable place.



28 May 2017

Dr. Estelle Goldstein is more than a psychiatrist to her patients. She will go beyond all your expectations helping and healing and she does get results you dreamed about. She is not daunted by any problems put in her path and will take on the most difficult case. She will fight for your loved one's good health in all aspects, mentally, physically and spiritually, and also help the family in that journey. Her care goes beyond the appointment times fees to find every free service and agency available to assist you. I've never been so encouraged or seen positive results so quickly. In fact, no doctor before her, in 42 years of suffering, knew how to help. She is a blessing if you are lucky enough to be in her skilled care. She has a kind heart that will melt yours and start healing the pain.. Life is better thanks to Dr. Estelle Goldstein. I believe that the possibilities are now endless....................... Also, Dr. Goldstein's office manager, Shanelle, will give you the best experience possible coordinating appointments and encouraging your loved one to show up to appointments and support you also with everything "behind the scenes" to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. Shanelle minimizes your stress and maximizes your "positivity". Shanelle is pure sunshine. And Dr. Goldstein is the universe found anew. Sincerely, Donna (I'm also a registered nurse, so I have a medical perspective too) More...


Evan Dorn

15 March 2017

Dr Sullivan is fantastic. Extremely professional, empathetic, and knowledgeable. I can't recommend her more highly.