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Andy Joe

30 June 2019

Thanks for the workout while traveling here from NJ! It’s nice to have a crossfit family wherever I go to keep my working towards my goals. Great facility, friendly folks, good feedback as I work, and convenient class times. More...


Dexter Binion

4 March 2019

Never Falter is an awesome establishment. From the ownership, to the coaches, to the folks that leave everything on the floor — it’s truly an incredible community of folks who all share a common interest in bettering themselves everyday.


Garces Linda

4 February 2019

Great atmosphere, Nice awesome people. Really recommend


Javier Fernandez

4 January 2019

Everyone was welcoming and friendly.


TJ Webb

4 September 2018

Dropped in this morning; great workout with awesome people. Will definitely visit next time I'm in San Antonio!


Brandon Sandoval

4 September 2018

Great box! The people were very welcoming and knowledgeable. As soon as my schedule gets back to normal will for sure make this my home gym.


Sarah Hobson

4 August 2018

LOVE Never Falter CrossFit! The work outs are challenging/rewarding and the coaches are completely FANTASTIC! I can't imagine going anywhere else to reach my fitness goals!!!


Manuel Alaffa

4 July 2018

Great friendly place to help you start on your fitness goals


Refugio Rosales

4 June 2018

The coach’s and atmosphere are great.Real friendly CrossFit.I would recommend everyone to try it out.


Javi Fernadez

4 June 2018

When I visit family in San Antonio this is where I Crossfit. Owner is super cool and members take it upon themselves to introduce themselves and made me feel comfortable. Last time I was there they where in the process of moving location, looking forward to checking out new facility next time I’m in town. More...


Stephanie F

4 June 2017

Great atmosphere, one big family! Coaches emphasize good form and the classes are energetic and fun.



4 June 2017

Dropped in on a class and it was great! The environment was awesome and the coaches were very friendly and motivating. I will definitely be dropping in whenever I visit!


Shean Kirin

4 June 2017

Great coaching, friendly group and a perfect place to drop in at. And to the guy who did the sub 4 minute Karen next to me - do you even sweat bro?!? That was awesome!