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NeuroField Neurotherapy, Inc.

Santa Barbara, California, Santa Barbara County

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NeuroField Neurotherapy, Inc.

Santa Barbara, California, Santa Barbara County



We are the leaders of the neuromodulation & neurofeedback industry.

We pioneer cutting edge technology to rehabilitate the brain and the mind.

We push the boundaries of neurofeedback technology and practice.

We help our clients evolve.


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Merri W.

15 July 2019

Neurotherapy, as practiced by Tiff, has been a game changer! I have experienced repetitive traumas resulting in severe PTSD. I found no help from "traditional" talk therapy . . . Sure it was good to spill my guts to someone, but my problems (anger, depression, abandonment, primal fear & self-inflicted pain) would not cease.I searched my area for a different modality; few options were available. Then I saw Neurofield Neurotherapy on the list. I researched their practices and approach to healing and knew that I had found hope.One year later, I am strong, confident, and peaceful. My life is not perfect, but I have the tools now to make solid decisions that are right for me! I look forward to sharing my progress with Tiff and I will be forever grateful for her expertise and gentle spirit. More...


Sid Z.

26 June 2019

I have suffered with issues around anxiety, what I refer to as low grade depression, due to childhood trauma that I experienced.  In addition, in my mid fifties I started to notice a slight decline in mental acuity.As a patient of Dr. Thompson, my experience has been one of profound healing, for myself and for my son.After getting my brain map done, Dr Thompson and I were both able to see how my issues could improve through a combination of Neuro modulation while also having a talk therapy session.Over the course of this past year my overall appreciation for life and general well being has increased, very little anxiety left, and little to no further depression.  Mental acuity has also improved, I feel like I can perform in my work like I did before, perhaps even better now.My son had been labelled as ADD in elementary school.  He did struggle with school, but managed to do pretty well.  In college he was only able to pull solid grades from the film classes he took, otherwise he tended to tank.  He also had a very difficult time holding down a part time job.  When my son met Dr Thompson, she determined that his brain profile did not match up with the typical profile of Adult ADD, but that he had a low voltage profile that could be improved upon.In addition to the neuro modulation that he received, Dr Thompson worked with Adam and got him to find excitement in what he was most interested in and passionate about, which was and is screenwriting.So the proof in the pudding here, is that my son enrolled in a screen writing BFA program four years ago in Los Angeles and in a few months he will graduate with that BFA! He also has had the same part time job for the last couple of years, running an escape room in Hollywood.  Huge progress!  Any parent who has a child that they feel like they are really struggling to function, knows what a relief it is to see them start to thrive!I am very proud of his accomplishments AND I am forever grateful to Dr. Thompson and her team, for finding the path that is allowing this young mans amazing creativity to be coming alive personally and professionally!I have referred my friends to Dr Thompson, and have gotten rave reviews back from them as well.We are very fortunate to have this clinic, Dr Thompson, Dr Dogris, and their staff here in our community! More...


Cameron Dexter

25 June 2019

At first, I was very skeptical, but to prove that brain training was actually doing me good I took Lumosity tests for weeks beforehand to set a baseline. When I began brain training, my Lumosity scores immediately went up!! And with my ongoing neurotherapy, they continue to get better! I feel like I'm "on" more and more often "in flow." More...


Zach Brodsky

25 June 2019

Tiff. You have a real gift, and what you are doing with neuropathy is cutting edge. I wish everyone could experience what you offer, I am so glad I have. I look forward to working with you going forward and continuing to reclaim my life. Thank you. Zach More...


Nick Zee

25 June 2019

It is fascinating how Tiff and Gamma Jam can use brain training to address so many different issues. Whether it is something you are suffering from like anxiety or ADD, or that you wish to improve your function, She can work with you to make progress towards your goals!


François Altwies

25 June 2019

Tiff Thompson and Nicholas Dogris provide the best treatments for your brain, always in advance of the whole field. I just had Chi Healing Massage, HBOT and then Neurotherapy, feeling great


Mike W.

16 March 2019

I did a LOT of Research on Neuro Therapy and even had my son at the time who was 12 years old diagnosed by another doctor. I was not convinced it was the right person and then I found Dr Tiff Thompson. My son at the time was not doing well in school, had a very hard time focusing, and was not very confident. He loved going to treatments and Dr Tiff built a wonderful relationship with my son. Following treatment, my son started thriving in school and gained significant confidence. He is now playing water polo And getting A's and B's in school. If your Child is suffering from any form of anxiety or focus issues, you definitely want to see Dr. Tiff! More...


Bmw Only C.

27 December 2018

After dealing with our sons brain injury for over 2.5 years we tried so many places and have seen some many specialist and neurologist,more then most people would,I'm talking about 7 stem cells treatments,200 hyperbaric,neurofeedback , audio feedback, pemf mat,magnetic therapy,institute of achievement for human potential,neurologists from different countries,3 MRIs, cat scan, list is too big to fill up,so we Finally find a place where proper diagnosis are done at Neurofield with Dr. Thompson and Dr. Dogris , I was impressed and had no idea what proper review of EEG report should like,I'm talking about 15 page report with pictures and comparisons with nationals average,its like a report for a massive presentation prepared specially for one patient. I think if you're in a journey to fix/figure out your brain that's the place to start and mostly reason why is that all other therapies we've done where done on "let's see what happens" basics and some of them should not be done because of specific brain waves present in the EEG. This is not the place that needs review and its popular mostly from researches and referrals from other patients,but if you are reading this review you should know you're in the right place to start!. Great job guys. P.S. also I loved the interior,atmosphere and warm approach from employees. More...


Dhyana D.

20 September 2018

I joke that I should be Dr. Thompson's poster child...  I was diagnosed with ADHD/ ADD when I was 18 and struggled taking prescription meds for 15 years. I always hated the effects that they had on my personality but I didn't think there was any other way to combat my struggle to focus/study/get my work done. After searching high and low for solutions in Santa Barbara, I spoke to the Neurofield Neurotherapy office and booked my first free consultation. Dr. Thompson was so knowledgable and passionate, I committed to the next step... I began treatments in March, and the results that I have personally felt have been remarkable. I feel more focused, more grounded and more steady in ALL areas of my life. They really did shift the way my brain is processing... I am beyond grateful for their treatments. I only want more people to experience the JOY that I have achieved with this holistic approach to healing. More...


Enid S.

26 November 2014

I am 60 years old and suffered with anxiety for decades.  I found it difficult to function because I spent so much of the day trying to figure out what supplement I could take or what doctor I could go see to help me not feel that pain in my heart and stomach.  I  did not find that medication or herbs could make me feel normal. After an intensive Neurofeedback program with Tiff Thompson, I must admit that I feel a lot better. My generalized anxiety is pretty much gone.  I still have worries and emotions that are part of being human, but the extra pain that was not associated with anything in particular is not there.  I still have physical health issues that I am concerned about but since I more relaxed, I can focus on what I need to do more effectively.  Also, people are commenting to me that I am just more relaxed. Sometimes when things change, it is hard to remember just how bad it was. I am glad that I went to Tiff since she is very passionate about the field of Neurofeedback. She is the Executive Director of the Biofeedback Society of California and has all of the latest equipment.  Back in 1967 there was a movie called "To Sir, with Love" starring Sidney Poitier and the theme song was sung by Lulu. The main verse of the song was "How do you thank someone for taking you from crayons to perfume?".  I have been thinking to myself - How do you thank someone for taking you from complete anxiety to relaxation?  I spent many thousands of dollars on every kind of emotional and physical health improvement program that exists.  Most practitioners insinuated that I would get great benefits and I usually did not.  In this case, I got results and found it well worth the investment. More...


Jeff B.

3 October 2014

While I've only gone through the initial consult, getting my brain scanned was really insightful.  Tiff and the technology is great.  I was able to learn which side of my brain was most active, which region and wave length is triggering most regularly, and what activities I might be better or worse at because of the showings.  Despite a couple head injuries over the years, it was nice to see nothing coming up in those regions as problem spots.  I realized I'm more right brain than left.  I'd long thought the opposite, since math and Excel sheets came easy to me.  Now it's time to set some goals and see how the full therapy works out.  So far, I'd recommend at least the consult for all people.(Note that I didn't go because of any trauma or desires for traditional therapy work. I went in out of curiosity of how my brain was working, so this review doesn't address any of those experiences.  See the other reviews for those needs.) More...