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My goal is to help business owners, such as yourself, spend less time working IN your business and more time working ON your business. In the end, you’ll be spending less time working and will be making more money. I’d also like to help you put the FUN back in your business and your life.


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20 October 2019

Working with Andreas Nest of Nest Business Coaching LTD has been a fantastic journey.

Imagine trying to climb a mountain with sandals on. Andreas will equip you with the right tools to reach that sumit you want to climb. He won't do it for you, that's not the point of a coach but he will effectively show you how, so you get there quicker, more efficiently and even enjoy the journey.

Check him out, he's good.

22 August 2019

Andreas is great. He’s got a wealth of knowledge and is very good at asking the right questions and really getting someone to think about their business and where they want it to go.

8 March 2019

I would encourage you to talk with Andreas you will never look back. Every minute spent with Andreas is inspiring, thought provoking, engaging and challenging in the best way possible. I highly recommend spending time with him to improve yourself and your business. When we met I knew his input would be invaluable. His style, skill, experience and encouragement are part of what makes him an excellent coach. A conversation with Andreas will leave you forever changed, challenged and motivated. More...

1 March 2019

Very soon into our first conversation I realised that Andreas is an engaging, knowledgeable and experienced business coach.
We had a great conversation which led to subsequent meetings that have benefited both my business and myself personally.

I would suggest that anyone considering a personal or business coach couldn't do any better than working with Andreas.

24 January 2019

As a start up business I was frankly overwhelmed by the plethora of activities I needed to execute in order to drive my business forward! I'm sure I'm not the first business owner to be in that position but my first session with Andreas was a revelation. He helped me understand how to prioritise what I needed to do and he also helped me to create a short term plan where insead of being in a darkened room I started to see significant light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks Andreas it was a truely enlightening experience! More...

14 January 2019

The ActionClub programme with Andreas has made me work on the business and not just be in the business. I feel more focused, and I am feeling positive and looking to the future. He's personable and understands the challenges of SME business & I have found it a worthwhile experience. Thanks, Andreas! More...

9 January 2019

Andreas has been coaching me for the past 4 months now and I've not looked back. Each week I have clear targets which we work together to set through the quarterly 90 day plan. The Growth club has also been a great part of my coaching and opened my eyes to things in business i would have prior overlooked. I have meet many other likeminded people on these days whom, we have all managed to help each other in different business ideas. Andreas is just what I needed to help me push though some of my limiting beliefs that have been holding me back. I have since quit my job and am now pursuing my lifetime career dreams with his guidance. In just this short period Andreas has helped me find areas to earn smarter and not necessarily harder and I have seen a dramatic incline in clients and my profits. I look forward every session with Andreas and I have no doubt with such a great pier I can edge far closer to my goals this year. More...

3 December 2018

Andreas has helped, supported, inspired, encouraged and motivated me into pushing my business forward. He has given me back my passion and excitement for my business. I am so pleased I have taken the commitment to have Andreas as my business coach. More...

27 November 2018

Andreas has been helping Wave 105 Cash for Kids charity as part of his charitable giving. His teaching and experience have made a massive difference to the way that the charity operates. With so much to do and so many plates to be juggling, he has helped me as the charity manager to focus on what is really important and why I do what I do. This has had a positive effect, not only in the way that I work, but how I can ensure the charity helps even more disadvantaged children in the south. Thank you Andreas for cutting through the busy-ness of life and helping me focus on what is really important. More...

26 November 2018

Andreas Nest is an outstanding business coach.
He genuinely seeks to understand both your business and more importantly, your motivation for setting up your business and is an excellent listener. He also asks really incisive questions that make you think about your problems in a totally different way.
This means that he makes you see where you're just procrastinating or making excuses, helps you come up with a new viable solution of your own and then commit to taking the action you need to move your business forward, day by day, step by step.
At least that's what he's doing for me and my consulting business.
Time spent with Andreas is always time well spent and, if you think you might benefit from talking with a business coach, then do anything you can to connect with Andreas. I guarantee you'll be delighted that you did!

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As a Business Coach, I choose to work with business owners who are determined to make their business work and create the life they dream of. It's fantastic and immensely rewarding when I see my clients finally achieve their lifelong ambitions.

Since I was a child, I always wanted to own a business and even a fulfilling career in the corporate world did not stop me from achieving my ultimate goal of starting my own business.

Since then I've started and owned half a dozen of businesses, some of them turned out be very successful and some were great failures. It's the buzz of being in charge of your own destiny is what keeps me excited every day.

Opening a business for the first time is often a dream come true for so many new business owners. In my previous case it was a restaurant and the idea of welcoming friends each night, cooking great food and creating a ‘night to remember’ was deeply satisfying.

However, for many people this romantic ideal never materialises.

With high overheads, low pay and long working hours, they are often fraught with worry as they watch their business bleed money everyday with no idea how to stop it. They feel isolated, and often, with very little support available.

I’ve seen this scenario play out with neighbouring businesses time and time again. It is not uncommon and if you are in this position, I need you to know – you are not alone and help is available!

I believe my role isn’t to be ‘Mr. Fix It’, but rather to help you transform your business, by working alongside you, so that once our time together has finished, you are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to run your business successfully.


During our weekly, or fortnightly coaching sessions we will be using the proven strategies of the ActionCOACH system, helping you create a profitable, commercial enterprise that works ultimately without you.

A group coaching program that is a mixture of business training and business planning. At the ActionCLUB you will learn everything you need to know to run a successful business.

A quarterly, recurring group planning workshop where business owners create their 90 day business improvement plans, plus once a quarter a 1 to 1 session with your coach to ensure you keep on track.