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Fun and patience :) There are certain elements in photography that show through your pictures. All the while, they can be minor details, but those details can matter through the development of the photos.
And just have fun! Shoots don’t need to be all doom and gloom and too serious... those are never satisfying at all!

What type of style photography are you looking for?
Photographers tend to have this niche about them that they produce through their photos.
Like myself, I have my own niche, so I display my website for clients viewing. To make sure they know what kind of photographer they would be dealing with :)

Creating! I’m intuitive and creative. I love going off other ppls ideas and collaborating! Great minds put together! Can make magic!

I want to work for myself. Starting my own business in photography is my way of expressing my own self identity as well as being able to compose an image that can tell a thousand more. I take pride and love what I do with my work. It is only looking up from here.

There is a lot of work and love and pride that goes into my shoots. I believe my work shows that to the best of its ability. And I’m proud of it. :)