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Nells Jazz & Blues

West Kensington, Greater London

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Nells Jazz & Blues

West Kensington, Greater London


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James Hockley

Avoid this bar. This place is ridiculous. For two small glasses of gin and tonic sharing one bottle of tonic you pay £20.20. Absolutely shameless!


Niels Jaeschke

Great Club an a good sound by the Canned heat.
Thanks for the event👍


Richard Gann

An absolutely wonderful venue with a decent range of drinks and great staff. I had hurt my knee and the manager was very helpful in finding us a seat and a table for the gig. Sound quality and atmosphere was outstanding. We will be back. More...


Kweku Mainoo

This venue is quite an intimate place ,not too big nor too small .just about right for the performers and audience to interact .
The ambiance and sound reinforcement and the decor all contributes to make it a nice venue , I look forward to my next visit


Robert Hoffmann

Great venue, its relaxed, friendly, intimate
Great place to get up close to artist's and enjoy a nite out.


John Cordwell

Great small intimate venue and I made my 4th visit to see Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams it was an awesome experience and I hope you will rebook them in the future


Jai Jai

I saw Dona Onete, she was fabulous! I loved the venue because it's small, prob 300 people max. so I was able to get close to the stage and artists, without feeling squashed amongst the crowd. The place would be even better if it was ventilated, it was very hot on the dance floor and if they sold bar snacks... Also the ticket information said performance at 730 but the did not come on until 830. It was a long wait! More...


Liz Marriott

Perfect size venue for lovers of live music and the reenergising communal experience of joy!


Julie Kempen

Very good small venue. Friendly staff, good acoustics, great atmosphere. We'll return! Love HamsandwicH!


Sharron Stafford

Great venue! Saw The Men They Couldn't Hang last night, wonderfully intimate place to see a band, comfortable seating area, friendly staff, plenty of room on the dance floor and a nice low stage so you're up close and personal with the band...will be looking out for other bands I'd like to see at this great place 😎 More...


Matt Lugton

Really nice event space with a great sound setup. Perfect for "intimate" gigs. Also liked the sign encouraging patrons to be quiet and listen whilst the acts are playing. Wish more places would try that.


Charles Johnson

Our first time at Nells to see the great Steve Harley. Lovely venue to see gigs and get close to the acts. On the slight downside the decor is a bit tired and it was a bit hot. There was also quite a few people talking loudly during the gig which suggests that security was a bit light! All in all though we will certainly be back next to see the great John Otway! More...


Nic Cracknell

Super venue! Looks odd from the outside but it’s the inside that counts! Saw Canned Heat who were fab, looking forward to going back!!


Allan Whitlatch

What a great find. Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel were terrific! Saw them in '75 with the Kinks in Cleveland and was amazed with Harley's command of the stage. Now he lets his songs take command and his emotional singing and phrasing is transporting. Song after song was sheer joy. Definitely worth coming in from Dallas to take it in. The venue itself was fantastic. Intimate and somewhat quaint, the friendliest and welcoming staff I've found this trip and a place I'm going to keep an eye on for any future trips to London. More...


Susan Pidd

Really nice intimate venu. Would have given it five stars but for the pricey bar. Living in London, we are used to London prices but still found this a bit over the top.


Darren Driffill

Lovely little venue get there early if you want a seat . £6.50 for a jd & Coke was a bit over priced . We managed to park just up the road as it’s free after8 pm .


Re Gina

I have been to a few excellent gigs at Nells and it never disapointed. Most recently Stuart Lyon's evening of 50 years of promoting live music with fantastic live bands The Second Sons and Royal Indians and a great drum and guitar duo. If you don't know what to do .. that 's the place.. xx More...


Melissa Halpern

Great venue, good acoustics and we got given a table with a fabulous view of the stage. And Mary Coughlan and her support were tremendous. My only gripe is the appalling lack of organisation getting people in. We were made to stand in the freezing cold for 20 minutes while staff divided us into 2 lines (seated and standing) and then very slowly scanned tickets and eventually let us in. Get it sorted people, very off putting. More...


Marilyn Monlisa

I'm happy that there is a bar called Nell's as I'm the Nell ! Lol

I had the most funniest experience at the bar when it first open . when i introduce myself I said my name is Nell and one of the guys said so you are the owner can I buy you a drink ??? I thought not mate I'm Nell but not the owner of this bar so instead I buy you a drink ! Lol

Beautiful then I had so much fun and I'm hoping to come to gig in august . staff are friendly and it feels so comfortable at Nell's . rating more then 5 * I say fun and with class place to be .


Taimur Sayany

So, over the past 10-20 years London has lost about 40% of the gigging venues and it's not just here it's all over in every city, town, village and Hamlet - we used to just use the fields in between, but Thatcher subverted UK law on the right to assemble and bang, 'Henge 84 was the last full on free festival of it's kind and '85 became The Battle of The Beanfield.

But live music was still across all urban areas in the back room of pubs, town halls, bars and clubs.

We grew up in a time of cultural wealth, plenty to explore, time available to do so, soaking up diverse experiences mainstream to extreme, to talk to those brought together when the doors open as strangers whom we would never otherwise meet, then bonded for ever by shared experience of our unique event and then dispersing, probably never see again, but when we return to our separate homes and friends we'll telling the same stories.

We were free to straddle boundaries that for us weren't there.

How have we managed to leave such an impoverished legacy for our kids?

These 2 - Vince Power (The Mean Fiddler) and Van the Man his partner and friend, older gits, even older than us. :-)

They're making a stand.

They've taken Nells in 2 and a bit years from a clapped out last resort disco of the desparate and, with the exceptional work of 2-3 talented and dedicated guys in the back office production (who I now see every month and greet like old friends), they've transformed it into one of top gigging venues in London, in the right way, up close and personal where the music is everything, without frills, affordable, open to everyone and no distractions to detract from the reason of why they, the muscians and us are there.

They are as passionate about it as we are. They are out on the floor watching it with us.

It's not about the promoters, the concessions, distribution rights - it's not about the money that can be extracted to the maximum from each mug punter that attends.

It's all about the music, our experience in coming together for our event on that night and the memories and stories that live with us and then share, adding a bit of colour and depth to us and the world.

And now they're adding another, resurrecting the iconic and historically significant Subterania.

600 to Nell's 400, same style, same back room team but with more noise and more sweat!

And one more venue in the plus column and I hope for those behind us there will be still more to come.

You have to be out and about!

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