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At NB Physiotherapy, we are a team of highly experienced Chartered Physiotherapists. Whether you need a sport, musculoskeletal, neurological or a Paediatric Physiotherapist, we will have the right clinician to meet your needs. All our Physiotherapists are recruited on the basis of their diagnostic, treatment, and personal qualities.


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Matthew Hancock

I swear this guy has magic hands. Brilliant treatment that no other therapist has ever achieved. His tailored exercise advice has been a revelation. Don't prevaricate, book this guy now! More...


Libby May

Nathen is great, very thorougher. Explains everything well, ensures you understand what you need to do for ongoing treatment. Resolved my back issue. Can not recommend highly enough... More...


Patch Hipwell

I've seen Tara a few times over the last few weeks due to a knee injury I had developed in training for the Staffs Ironman. Following her treatment I was able to complete it on Sunday with a decent time of 5:43, I don't think I would of been able to do it at all without her help. Massive thanks! More...


Hannah Musgrave

Just started seeing Nathan a few weeks ago and couldn't recommend him enough. I went in very pessimistic and with little hope that he could help but even after the first session I felt great.
He has extensive knowledge on the human anatomy so he could solve any problem. I have Scolosis and degenerative disc disease and these diseases differ incredibly between person to person. He took the time to examine me throughly, talk me through it all, make a game plan and gave me a lot of confidence.

I couldn't be more thankful!


Matt Summers

I've had ongoing back problems for over 10 years, needless to say I've seen a few different physio's along the way.

I can genuinely say that nobody else has come close to getting the increased mobility and rehabilitation to start driving me to achieving my goals.

If you want a gentle massage this isn't the guy to go to, if you want someone that will put you through your paces to ensure the best outcome then go and see Nath


Cassie Vecsei

I have seen Nathan probably going on 5 months now. This man is a Legend! Truly.

After failing so badly with every other physio I have seen, I really had little faith in seeing anyone else. I was directed to Nath via my PT and I am very lucky to have the opportunities I have with them both.

I was facing a dark future, my health was in bad place and I had run out of options both medically and personally. I was in pain daily and even the smallest thing such as standing up from sitting caused me pain. He corrected this within the first hour of meeting him. Just one small change can make such a difference. We are now making more changes and for the better. Slow and steady wins the race. He has helped me regain control of my life so that the pain has to take a back seat. He has offered motivation when I have had little. For all of this I am thoroughly grateful. I cannot recommend him highly enough.


Charlotte Young

Professional, approachable, rehabilitating!

I've been seeing Nathan for physio on a back injury for almost a year now. Without fail, every session leaves me with more movement & flexibility than the last.
I clock up at least 400 miles a week in my job & although this is the biggest concern for a back injury, Nath gives me advice on how to combat the discomfort.
He has educated me on not only how to ease the pain when it gets bad but how to strengthen my posture, which exercises to use in the gym & ways I can stretch out the troublesome spasms.

I have recommended NB Physio to many of my friends & family, all of whom agree he is the best they've ever used!


Janet Wiseman

I'm a 63 yr old GP and enthusiastic long distance walker and was devastated when I fell during a walking holiday earlier this year and fractured my left ankle.
I had to have reconstructive surgery and that's where Nathan comes in.
He has worked his magic and a few weeks ago I managed to walk 70 miles in 6 days.
He is one of the most professional and hard working colleagues I have met with a lot of knowledge and also very caring. I would recommend him to friends, family and patients and I cannot thank him enough.


Sandra Sammons

Following a rear shunt in my van I was sent to NB Physiotherapy by my insurance company. They covered the initial visits but because of the work I do it was clear that my work would directly affect my recovery. I can honestly say that Nathan has kept me working for the last 12 months (I am self employed), he is extremely knowledgeable and sensitive but believe me he won't leave a muscle untouched if he believes it will help your recovery. He has since also treated my footballing daughter and is currently treating my husband for an injury that the consultant said would need surgery on the tendons!! If pain is preventing you from living your life then give this clinic a call as you really won't regret it and he isn't the type to treat you to make money he is genuine about whether he can help you. On a personal note, had I not been able to keep working I would have been seriously in debt and totally depressed but Nathan has kept me going. I will be forever grateful to him and I am excited by the latest innovation that he is introducing to monitor your movements because postural problems are often one of the biggest causes of our aches and pains. More...


When we say we’re ‘Beyond the Expected’, we mean it. From a professional career in football to high-achieving physiotherapists in the medical sector, we’re passionate about helping people achieve their ambitions, no matter how big or small they may be.

We established NB Physio to share our passions, expertise and know-how for everyone.

We specialise in ‘hands-on’ physiotherapy providing treatment and advice following injury, surgery or gradual onset of pain and restriction. We can help at any time during recovery, from immediate post injury through to full return to sport and competition and we often collaborate with coaches or fitness instructors to maximise individual goals, whether for sport or general fitness. By combining the knowledge and experience of Physiotherapists, fitness experts and coaches we are able to provide an unrivalled level of service for those serious about their health and sports performance.



We are a team of Physiotherapists who specialise in the assessment and diagnosis of musculoskeletal conditions. Following your assessment, our experienced physiotherapist will discuss with you and then select an appropriate treatment and rehabilitation plan based upon their expert clinical judgement. With advanced skills in managing injuries which affect muscles, joints and soft tissue our aim will be to optimise healing and speed up your recovery.

One of the specialist treatment modalities we are able to offer is acupuncture. Following assessment and discussion, your physiotherapist may offer you a course of acupuncture to treat a musculoskeletal problem such as chronic pain, joint pain, migraines or recurrent headaches. Acupuncture is based on the theory that fine needles inserted into the skin stimulate sensory nerves and result in the release of natural pain-relieving endorphins.

Sports massage can offer many benefits to our patients with acute or chronic pain, injury, or muscle imbalance. We utilise a variety of techniques to manipulate superficial and deep muscle tissue within the body. The massage techniques selected by your therapist will depend on your intended outcome of treatment and can provide many benefits including pain relief, relaxation, reduce muscle imbalance, and promote muscle tissue recovery post injury. Massage therapy may also provide psychological benefits reducing stress and anxiety.