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Naturescape® is pleased to offer Complete Lawn And Landscape Care Programs for you at super savings. The philosophy here is to offer the highest quality programs using the very best fertilizer and weed control products, yet doing it at a price less than the cost of doing it yourself, and guaranteeing the results to your satisfaction.


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Michael H

30 August 2019

All services have been professionally performed and also on time.


Edward A

29 August 2019

They really try to provide the best lawn service for the price. My yard looks great . . . they do miss some weeds on the farthest boarders of my yard. I called regarding the missed spots . . . they came out right away to correct the problem. I have used Naturescape for over 5 years. More...


Carol J

27 August 2019

We have been pleased, they've always called the day before to let us know that they'd be coming. They sprayed extra on some weeds that had appeared in the lawn this last application. We are getting compliments from our neighbors on how nice the lawn looks. More...


Greg R

26 August 2019

Since I left a review on 7/2 they have come twice. The problem has been fixed. I received a personal call in response to my problems. I consider all issues have been resolved. I have every reason to expect that I will return next year. More...


T. G

24 August 2019

Great Job of follow up and took care of issue.


Reeda P

21 August 2019

I give Naturescape (Simpsonville S.C.) a 5 star. Excellent service. They always call head to let me know they are coming and my yard looks great. Looking forward to another year!


Tammy P

21 August 2019

The management has been very eager to assure our satisfaction. We have only had 2 treatments thus far, but our wild violet infested lawn is greatly improved.


Michelle Parker-Katz

16 August 2019

They have taken care of our lawns now for over 5 years. I find them always responsive to questions and giving advice when I ask - whether on the phone or in person. Very good services and company management. More...


Trish Spagnola

29 July 2019

If you’re looking for a company, to control your lawn weeds; NatureScape is a full-service lawn care company. The price is affordable and lower than the competitors. NatureScape also applies a liquid blanket application which I appreciate. If you have any questions or concerns, just call your NatureScape rep. I’m very happy with my decision to become a NatureScape customer. Trish More...


Susanne Sutton

10 July 2019

Mosquito control is great - and price is very reasonable.


Katherine S

18 June 2019

I wanted to thank Brian, Nate and the rest of the staff today who fixed our entire street of lawns today. We had many concerns this year and they made sure everything was fixed due to the standards we are used to receiving. Brian took the time to meet with us, explain the fixes and made good on his promises. Hoping for continued excellent service. Everything looks perfect today! Thank you very much. More...



28 May 2019

excellent service, they call ahead to let me know when they will be out weather permitting. Been a few times when I had to wait because of the weather but otherwise great service. The employees at Merrillville explained what my lawn needs and how to treat it. Lawn looks great keep up the great work! More...


Richie S

13 May 2019

So far so good. I'm a new customer and have tried other companies in the past so was hesitant to commit again, but I am pleasantly surprised. Our lawn is lush and thick and green, and the weeds are withering. We have had issues with invasive creeping Charlie and clover and for the first time in years we haven't had to spot treat our lawn. The location we are serviced by is Madison, and I look forward to seeing our lawn progress this season. More...



3 April 2019

This company went above and beyond to help me with issues I have had in my lawn. They came out in person for an estimate and were attentive to all my concerns.


Rachel Stephen

28 March 2019

Great service and are polite and helpful. They always come when they say they are.


Cindy M

26 February 2019

I live in Omaha, Ne, and this will be my 3rd year with Naturescape. The employees are kind and explained all care that my lawn required. It now looks amazing and weed free with their help. Several neighbors had joined last fall after seeing how great my lawn looked. The pricing was much better that the service I used before. More...


Jessica Wurm

26 February 2019

I had a fantastic experience with Naturescape! The employees are always courteous, efficient and timely. I will definitely continue using their services and always recommend them to everyone!


Jacob Pearson

26 February 2019

I was very happy with my experience with Naturescape. My specialist was very courteous and answered any questions I had. The office staff was also very helpful when I had questions about my bill and took the time to explain each charge. More...


Tom P

26 February 2019

The office staff is very friendly, always willing to help me improve my lawn. There were things i was doing to my lawn I didn't realize was giving my lawn disease like watering at night and never aerating. My lawn looks 10x better now since I have learned a few tricks that not just spraying my lawn will make it green overnight. More...


Christine Moscinski

26 February 2019

Excellent service! I had weed overgrowth and they kept coming back. They did a fantastic job alleviating the problem and getting my lawn back to beautiful!


Jon L

29 January 2019

Naturescape Lawn Care has been taking care of my yard for about 8 years. They do an excellent job! They are prompt, courteous, and my yard looks great! I highly recommend them. Before they started doing my yard it was mostly weeds. Within 2 years it was a great looking yard. I was impressed! Their mosquito control is great too. More...


Tanya R.

4 June 2018

Excellent customer service and response time. It’s been a pleasure doing business as with Naturescape for the last few years.


Laura A.

1 June 2018

We have used Naturescape for the past several years. I have always been very happy with the job they do, the way our lawn looks, and the customer service I have received. If I have ever had an issue with an area of my lawn that I felt needed repeat treatment, I called and someone always came out within a very reasonable amount of time for a reapplication or it was addressed further at their next visit. I have read the negative reviews on this site and can honestly say, that has not been my experience with this company. They always call to let us know when they will be coming, and if we need to delay the treatment for whatever reason, they have always been very accommodating. I would recommend this business to anyone looking for a good lawn service company. More...


Swifty S.

8 May 2018

Very polite and courteous company they did a excellent job on my lawn! I have over 2 acres of land in a wooded area and they took the time to do it right!


Curtis Hammett

8 May 2018

I used to use ******** ******** and they were great in their performance and products. But they just couldn't go low enough in price as compared to NatureScape. NatureScape provides excellent services and friendly customer service. Anytime I need a re-application, they will not hesitate to service it. I am so happy that they found me and I made the change. I've been using them for 3 years now and haven't had one complaint for them. My lawn compared to my neighbors lawns is like night and day comparisons. More...


Jeremy M.

27 March 2018

Great company that takes customer service seriously and works hard to make my lawn look the best it can. I have fescue in the South and it always takes a beating throughout the summer, but NS works hard to do their part and let me know what I can do in between applications. Their prices are very competitive and they are always willing to listen when I call. Thank you Naturescape for a great looking lawn at a great price! More...


Kristin F.

8 July 2017

We have hired NatureScape from the Rockford, IL location for the last several years. I love that they call before the day before they come (if you request on your account), that they offer a prepay discount, and offer many other add on services like grub control and the mosquito spray. Their online payment option is also very easy to use. The lawn looks great and we have always had great interactions when we called in for support. Keep up the good work! More...


Janet T.

28 June 2017

I have been very happy with the condition of my lawn, but I wonder, my tenant has a garden and after you sprayed she claims her marigolds are dying.Could that be? I doubted it BUT?


Lynette S.

19 April 2017

I wanted to share a review of Naturescape, Louisville, KY. These guys are great to work with. It has taken some time, but my lawn is now beautiful. Persistence and patience has paid off and my neighbors are now jealous of my lovely lawn. Highly recommended. More...